Bishops Manor - Saturday 30th July 2022

So Bishops manor : GED’s Write up: 

Chris and i arrived early and set up awaiting our guests who where full of energy and fun which certainly helped the night when as sometimes happens things slowed down .
Chris carried out the introduction to guest’s who’ve never investigated before with LVI . White light protection was carried out and whilst Chris carried out a love Lone vigil i lead the guests in using their own intuition and getting a feel of how things can be picked up without the use of modern technology .
A few K2 indications personal sensations   and general conversation of how we were all feeling helped the group settle into what we hoped was going to be an active night . All the guests moved upto the top floor and using a K2 got some interesting responses to questions asked and people picked up on personal names. Rosie a guest who was appearing to have a-lot of responses when she spoke out Simultaneously jumped out of her chair as Mike another guest stood to the side if her said he felt the floor move next to him Rosie shot up into the air screaming she’d been touched whilst the K2 meter lit up fully! We spent a good while playing Gregorian /latin chants to try and draw in the spirits of past clergy with a little success. Shadows were seen noises heard in the corridor and some interesting photos taken. After a short break and splitting up into 2 groups my group visited the cellar second floor and attic floor area again . K2 activity noises shadows and laughter carried on throughout the night so yet again a great night with great guests make everything worth while met some
New and old guests who we hope to see again thanks to everyone who participated keep looking for your paranormal goals !!!