Cam Write Up

Kielder Castle - whole group         After the white light protection was carried out we went to a room on the lower level and proceeded with our call out. We could hear movement and a few guests including a team member saw small flecks of light and shadows from near the archway. As we were calling out Chris asked Cam to continue as we were getting more response when Cam was asking the questions. We felt we were communicating with a small child. After a while we decided to break into 2 small groups.

Cam's Group - upper level of chopped wood store
The guests used a ouija board and we believed we were communicating with a young male spirit aged around 18 years old. We couldn't make much sense of what we were getting and it went quiet so we decided to then try a bit of table tipping. We got good responses from the table tipping and again we believed we were communicating with an 18yr old male. After around 30 minutes, the table went quiet so we joined the rest of the group in the room below, with Michael.
Michael was using 'the portal' app, and a guest was using an 'ovilus' app. We were getting great responses and when piecing the info together, we discovered we were communicating with a male spirit who was wrongly hung, who was having relations with 2 women. The age 18 was also confirmed.
Could we have both been communicating with the same spirit?

Quick break to warm up

Cam & Michael's group - 2nd floor Osprey Room
We took with us a music box which was placed in the 2nd floor corridor and also a rem bear which we placed on the table of the Osprey Room.
All of the guests sat around the table asking questions whilst again using 'the portal' app.
Upon reaching the 2nd floor, Cam felt ill and was sat on the floor. Donna, one of our guests was also feeling unwell.
From the questions asked we kept getting told to 'listen' and the name 'George' kept coming through. We opened the door to the adjoining room and moved the music box and rem bear in there. Half of the guests stayed in the Osprey Room around the table and the rest went into the adjoining room. We continued with our call out and the music box did go off a couple of times, with also knocks, and even footsteps heard. This was after we switched 'George' to 'Georgina'. Were we communicating with a female spirit? We didn't get much more so Cam took half of the guests to the smaller room just passed the Osprey Room to do some crystal work with 3 more guests in the small cupboard next to it for their own lone vigil.
The guests doing the crystal work were soon communicating with a female who confirmed her name was 'Georgina'. We had also received the name 'Scott' in the previous room. 'Georgina' told us this was her family name. After a further 20mins we had a quick break and moved to the tower area.

Cam & Michael's group - The Tower rooms
A handful of guests carried out a ouija board session in the room where the young female spirit doesn't like her 'book' to be moved. They were quickly communicating with who they believed was the young female spirit, and also confirmed that the book was gifted. The name 'Stacey' was spelt out on the board and also the word 'love'. One of the guests around the boards name was Stacey but we didn't get much more so we thanked spirit and closed the board down.
In the next room, we placed the music box in the doorway and the rem bear on the chair in the middle of the room. The glow ball was also placed on the floor and we all stood very still, in total darkness. Immediately the music box went off. This happened 3 times and when we asked if spirit was happy with the bear in the chair, it lit up, much to the amazement of the guests as it hadn't lit up in the previous rooms. We established we were communicating with the male spirit who is believed to not like anyone in his chair. The bear lit up on request another 4 times.
One of our guests sat in the chair but we didn't get any further communication.
Some of the guests went into the next room with Michael and got some great results.
Cam carried out some mirror scrying with the other guests. One of our guests, Norma, her face appeared to change with male features coming through. We believe this was the man we were communicating with earlier in the wood store, who had been wrongly hung, from the questions which were asked.
It was getting late and a few guests decided to bed down while others carried out their own lone vigils of the castle. We thanked spirits as always.

Throughout the night, whilst trying to sleep, we heard a child crying, female and male moans (all guests were sleeping), loud footsteps from the room above and also what sounded like a ball or another object bouncing down some stairs.
A brilliant night at kielder castle. 

Michael Write Up
Last night at kielder castle when we started in the log room while cam took a few guest up stairs to do the ouija boar I stayed in the log room with about 8guests we had a rem bear and k2 we turned light of we heard something like keys falling on the floor.then I realized that spirit had pulled my my protection crystal of I found the string hanging out of the side f my jumper and the crystal was on the floor so some of the guest started to call out and we had had response on the rem beer.so we decided to open the portal box on my phone guest were calling out and we got response found out that there was coulerd gentleman in the room with us and we think it was him who tried to take my crystal,we did find out the he was wrongly accused of been a pedo and he was hung up in that room and left for dead.
Up stairs room with the chair in me and 3other guests spent quite a bit of time up there near the end of the night we got a negative male sport through and.we had rem beer activity and music box going of we started talking to a female spirit who was called rosemary Simpson and she was a witch in her past life and she had some connections to the forest.overall a fantastic night and loads of story's coming and lots to go of next time L.V.I TEAM investigated keillder castle