Majestic Theatre – 12hr Lockdown – 22nd May 2021


Well it’s been a long time coming but we all got there and we’re back out doing what we all love.
We started the night on the stage where team member Kathryn done our white light protection.
We were unable to all hold hands due to the current restrictions so we ensured our guests remained only with their bubbles.
After the white light protection we done a call out on the stage.
We all moved within our bubbles and sat on the seats as if waiting for a production to start. Team leader Chris remained on the stage.
We saw many light anomalies but we saw the most amazing manifestation when calling out to the lady. She appeared as twinkly lights and moved from right to left across the stage. We saw this with our naked eye. There were also many bangs and other noises which we couldn’t debunk.
Chris went to do his lone vigil which can be seen on our Facebook page and we took our guests up to the attic. We took a K2 device with us and were able to communicate with a spirit, not associated with the building, but with Team leader Cam.
We asked a number of questions with the flashing of the lights as a sign for Yes.
We asked If the spirit was from the theatre, no response. We asked if spirit had come with a guest, no answer. We asked if they were with a team member, lights flashed on the device.
We went through each team members names but they only flashed for Cam.
After the attic, we moved to the changing rooms. Many employees have seen the lady in white here. We didn’t encounter any activity but team leader and medium, Lisa did pick up on a young girl.
We went for a break as it was getting cold and we needed to recharge.
After our break, we went to the soft play area where 1 bubbled group carried out a Ouija board session.
A young girl came through who told us she was a ballet dancer, with her mother, from a travelling family. Was this who Lisa  had picked up on earlier?
We found that we got more activity from the young girl by playing music from Swan Lake. We witnessed doors open and close when requested by this young girl. The young girl feared a ‘man’ in the kitchen area. We couldn’t go into this location but there are sensor lights in there and they did come on.
We saw a couple of little shadows towards the end of the night running around where the soft play has been built. This was the original stage area.
For those of us who stayed the whole night, we didn’t get much sleep, footsteps, strange noises and heavy rattling of doors as if someone was trying to get in were experienced.
The curator of the building confirmed these would not be ‘normal’ building noises that he is used to when we queried them.
Brilliant place, beautiful building and lots of activity. I think there’s more to learn from here.