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Are you ready to join the most Established, Award Winning and  Popular Paranormal Events Company in the North East
We are actively seeking Paranormal Investigators Volunteers within the
 North East and Teesside Area. Do you have a passion for haunted places? 
We are recruiting to join our ever expanding team of volunteer investigators... Join the biggest paranormal team in the North East & Yorkshire with access to some of the most haunted locations....Are you passionate about the paranormal?? Confident in talking to like minded individuals?? If this sounds like you, then please drop us a message, email us or contact the Facebook page...Full training will be given... What will you uncover when the lights go out


Somebody who is 18 years or over.

A dedicated team member who can offer a minimum of TWO NIGHTS per month on a Friday, Saturday or both & a possibility of during the working week also.

Somebody who can get themselves to a location – on time making time keeping an essential asset & using their own car but are also willing to car share with team members to keep down costs for our guests. No team members should be allowing any guests enter the location before times on there booking confirmations & also giving lifts due to putting Lone Vigils Investigations at risk of preferential treatment to guest’s.

Somebody who is reliable and must understand that not turning up for an event or being unavailable would create problems for there team mates– We need people who we rely on all the time, not just some of the time.

The right candidate will understand that on occasion long distances need to be covered aswell as possible sleepover events with late night traveling.

You must understands that working on a Lone Vigils Investigations ghost hunting event is not to be treated as “going on a free ghost hunt” and that it should never be seen as this. You must understand that you are there to help our paying guests & even if you have already visited the location before you must be passionate about the venue and the event taking place with Lone Vigils Investigations.

You will be somebody who enjoys life, has an egoless personality, and enjoys sharing fun times with strangers. The right person must be very approachable & very friendly & respecting all guest’s views & beliefs whether you agree with them or not.

To have a healthy interest in the paranormal but also to be able to debunk things on our investigation as not everything is paranormal & attendees should be made aware of these debunking methods.

Our right candidate will understand that our guests are looking for a genuine experience but also not to be scared by stories of demonic possessions. You will understand that as team your goal is to allow the guests to experience their own night without any negative influences from you.

Ideally you will have already attended a Lone Vigils Investigations ghost hunt or similar investigations. You will understand how our events works and be familiar with how it should run in an organised and timely manner. A suitable candidate who has previously worked for a third-party team will understand that each company is different. Lone Vigils Investigations has its own ethos & should be embraced as we want to be very different to other third parties, so our new team member should be able to easily adapt to the Lone Vigils Investigations methods of event running & giving our guests what they want but with freedom to highlight areas of improvement when seen.

An understanding that the position is voluntary and that being a part of the team who are equally as passionate as yourself is an extension of your paranormal hobby or interest.

The right candidates will be confident enough to work well on their own once training has been provided and will work well also as a team member. Also be able to work quickly on there feet before & after events to help set up & close the event down & must understand that you take an active part in the investigation, leading guest vigils, calling out & taking part in the investigation. All staff members are required to take part & not stand back & allow other members of the team to do all the leg work as this not what we require from our Lone Vigils Investigations team members.

You’ve to understand that Lone Vigils Investigations follows strict rules and guidelines along the lines of health and safety, data protection and standard operating and staff uniform protocol. The protection of our guests is paramount, and health and safety is paramount in all that we do.

Being a member of our team shall not cost you anything, but nor shall you make anything from it. It is your passion for the paranormal field, not money that motives you to work for Lone Vigils Investigations.

You understand that if found to be faking activity you will not be permitted to attend further events aswell as also being able to have the confidence in spotting any faking of activity by our guests as we do not tolerate this at all & will be able to confront any guests in a manner deemed acceptable or ask those in question to leave.

A three-event probationary period will apply where you must show you have willingness and dedication to be a team member. You understand that just because you love the paranormal and this position sounds thrilling, it doesn’t mean you have what it takes to be part of a very successful and hardworking team. If you lack the dedication to be a team player, friendliness and only wish to apply because you see this as an opportunity to have a free ghost hunt then this opportunity is not be for you. An attitude and desire such as this do not deliver the guest experience we strive for. We cannot stress enough that being a host is not the same as ghost hunting yourself and is an observational roll.
You will understand that you will be asked to leave the team to make way for a more suitable candidate if you become a passenger rather than an active team player within the team.


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