Your Questions Answered 

Whether you are joining us for a paranormal experience at haunted houses, haunted castles or haunted stately homes. Please find a list of our regular questions answered below

Are Refreshments Provided?

Yes, our paranormal events include complimentary drinks such as tea, coffee, juice, crisps, cakes. You are also welcome to bring any personal refreshments of your own if you wish. 

Can I leave early if I wish too?

Yes!  You may leave early but this needs to be done at a convenient time where a free team member is available to sign you out for our own safety security and our guests. You may not re-enter again so any leaving during an event is final. This is the case for all our events. Whether it be our haunted houses right through to our haunted jails. 

Do I have to take part in a Lone Vigil?

The answer is simply No! We will NEVER make anyone take part in any activity that you are not comfortable with. For those who wish to take part in a Lone Vigil this will be done where location allows it at haunted places near me.  We allow guests to conduct lone or your group vigils within the areas you are working in. In some circumstances a venue gives strict instruction that guests are supervised at all times, which means we cannot permit lone vigils.

Can I bring my own Equipment?

Yes but you do so at your own risk. We cannot be held accountable for any lost, damaged or stolen personal items.

I am scared and unsure what to expect. How will you help me?

Lone Vigils team are trained to help you throughout the night. We always state that investigations are NOT like you see on the TV. We pride ourselves on helping make everyone feel at ease and support everyone.  

I can’t make the event anymore, or a guest I booked with can’t make the event. What are my options? Can I get a refund?

If somebody is no longer able to attend then it is possible for you to arrange any places yourself to an alternative person. We do require to know about the name change prior or this will result in refusal to the event. Please be aware that anybody attending our events must follow our terms and conditions found on this website. You are unable to transfer to another date and you are not entitled to a refund. We do understand that situations out of your control do happen which mean you cannot make it, we are not in a position to bare the financial loss of any situations that we have no control of. We are unable to refund any money paid for our events or transfer any booked places to another date.

I have paid with a deposit, when is my remaining balance due?

If you have booked your space with a deposit, you will receive a deposit confirmation with all the details set out on how to pay your remaining balance and when it is due. As this date draws closer we will send out upcoming balance reminders for you. 

Your Questions Answered