The Lone Vigil Paranormal Experience Do you have what it takes to take on a Lone Vigil? This is like no other Paranormal Investigation

Dare you brave our Brand New, immersive and challenging, Paranormal Experience?

Will you survive being locked inside our haunted location? Broadcast on our Facebook Channel - Do you have what it takes to take on a Lone Vigil? This is like no other Paranormal Investigation, This is YOUR Paranormal Experience 

Investigate Alone or up to 6 People of your choice
9.30pm-1.30am OR Sleepover Option available 
real, immersive, haunted location
our location

elmwood community centre

Dating back to 1870's...With tragic past events occurring to the owners of this once family home, no wonder this building holds many unrested souls. Some even blaming the house for their misfortune.
Elmwood has been used for a wide range of things - A Hospital, a research unit, Children’s accommodation and a Hub for the community, with even smells of the previous hospital being present by staff & guests alike.
A tale of a woman suicide told regarding an illicit affair, after she was found to have hung herself within the building and still resides here looking for her love.
Footsteps have been heard wondering around the empty building. A lady has been heard crying and screaming out for help.
The sound our children have been heard laughing and running around and even seen.
Smells of perfume, smoke and TCP have been documented along with uniformed spirits that lost their lives here.
A secret, dark entity has also been picked up who has a very dark history that will do ANYTHING to keep all the story’s of this historic house a secret.
Growls, snarls, guttural groans, an evil laughter, coughing to name a few verbal sounds have been heard by many.
Reports of being grabbed by unseen hands, drainage of batteries along with many shadows have been seen.
With a plethora of activity, It’s no wonder that Elmwood is one of our firm favourites. Only with us can you investigate this haunted location. What will you uncover when the lights go out on Elmwood Community Centre.