10 things to know before you go on a Ghost hunt

10 Things to Know Before You Go on a Ghost Hunt

What is ghost hunting? What kind of equipment do you need to go on a ghost hunt? And is it as dangerous as they say?

In this article, here at Lone Vigils Paranormal Investigations we will share everything you need to know about ghost hunting, including 10 must-know tips for preparing for your first ghost hunt.

What is Ghost Hunting?
Ghost hunting, also called paranormal investigation, is the process of investigating locations that are reportedly haunted by ghost's. The word paranormal, as many of our attendees on our events will know isn't just linked to Ghost's & spirit's, it means "something that can't be explained" and that's what we try to do... Try and prove the existence of spirit in this world.

Most ghost hunters try to collect evidence of paranormal activity by taking photos or using equipment that may be able to detect the presence of spirits. But there are many other ways to capture this and your intution is a fantastic way to help spirit communicate with us.

If you are not properly prepared, ghost hunting can be a dangerous activity. We at Lone Vigils Paranormal Investigations are a firm believer of being respectful towards spirit. Many of the TV shows, showcase disrespectful & antagonistical behaviour towards spirit, this is wrong on so many levels. Ask yourself this, if you were approached by a stranger in the street and there mannerism's towards you were one of rudeness & antagonizing, would you speak to them? Of course you wouldn't. And this is how you you treat your Investigations.

Check out the tips below to avoid getting in trouble on your first ghost hunt!

10 Things to Know Before You Go on a Ghost Hunt

1. Never go alone
Always take a friend or two with you when you go ghost hunting. They can help if something goes wrong, as well as be the extra pair of eyes and ears you need to validate potential manifestations.

Ghost hunters joke that it’s not the ghosts they’re scared of, but the real people. Be cautious of entering “abandoned” spaces, which might be serving as encampments for people, or have security alarms in place.

2. Choose accessible locations
Find out exactly where the paranormal activity has been reported and check if it’s accessible to the public. Trespassing should be avoided, and it’s best to get written consent from the owner to avoid any legal trouble.

You should know exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there (and back).

Always ask permission if you want to investigate a private property.

3. Check it out during the day
Check out the location you want to investigate during the day to get a feel for the area. Make sure you know exactly where the haunted hot spots are.

In addition, look for any places that could pose a problem during your ghost hunt. You may also consider drawing out a map with potential hazards, as well as nearby walkways and roads.

4. Prepare carefully
Do your research about the reported hauntings and the entities involved. Some investigators believe that certain entities have the ability to drain fully-charged devices, so make sure your equipment is fully charged and bring extra batteries in your bag. Now alot of attendees on our events will hear us say that we never ever researched any history behind our events due to our intution being mislead by thoughts that could be being reminded by our brain. Bear this in mind when attending one of our events.

Also, make sure your camera settings are correct to avoid tinkering with them during your ghost hunt.

Dress appropriately: wear your comfiest walking shoes and a warm jacket. Tie your hair back and consider wearing a headlamp to light your way.

5. Say a prayer for protection, grounding and guidance
If you encounter a real ghost, you may need a little extra help to make it through. Saying a prayer for protection and guidance never hurts. We ALWAYS offer a white light protection before our events which helps also with grounding yourself to the location.

Depending on your religious beliefs, you can also meditate or simply send out some positive thoughts to the universe before you go.

6. Don’t just charge in
You wouldn’t enter a strangers house and start a party, would you? The same rules of common courtesy apply in ghost hunting.

Don’t just start running around taking pictures left and right. The spirits you are investigating were once people too, so start your investigation calmly and carefully, with a measured and deliberate pacing.

7. Talk to the spirits
Introduce yourself to the spirits, let them know you mean no harm, and ask their permission to take pictures.

Invite the spirits to be in your photos. If they respond, thank them. Again respect is massive and showcases your not here to harm or be disrespectful to spirit. Just think it as "how you'd like to be treat"

Explain what the tools are that you’re using. Ghosts from 100 years ago won’t recognize tools like a spirit box or EMF reader, so a simple explanation can help spirits feel more comfortable.

When you leave, thank them for having you–and ask them not to follow.

8. Follow your instincts
Your intution is a massive tool in the paranormal field. You always find yourself second guessing what your feeling or potentially thinking. Go with that thought, name, numbers.
If you feel the need to take a photo of something, do it.

If it seems like something or someone wants to talk to you, tell them you are open to a conversation.

And if you feel an overwhelming urge to leave, take that as a serious warning that you should not be in that space. We always lay our boundaries during our white light protection prayer and if spirit does make you feel overwhelmed then take yourself out that space and recompose yourself. When upon entering the space you got this feeling remind spirit of your boundaries. Remember not all spirits are "evil" or "demonic" as many of the paranormal field is labelled and this is one thing that really gripes on us at LVI but merely are spirit who, just like in life had choosen a different path and took wrong choices which led to them doing negative consequences within there life. Try and figure out why and not judge.

9. Thank spirit for there time & efforts
Again respect is a big part and energy used from spirit is draining so showing thanks & remorse for there time will go along way with them.

10. Leave the location as you found it
Respect both the dead and the living.

You can touch things, such as walls or tombstones, but don’t move them or alter the location in any way.

In addition to being disrespectful, messing with the scene can get you in trouble with the spirit realm.