30 East Drive 15 Hour Lockdown - Friday 13th January 2023

30 East Drive Friday 13th January 15hr sleepover

Before guests arrived, myself and our team Michael who was a guest for the night took to a live upstairs in Phillip's room. Bangs on response were heard by all on the live along with a loud noise which came from the bathroom when asked if Joe was with us.

Guests then arrived at what a 15 hours it was. Hear are the main activity we had in each part of the house

We took to the glass on our divination table and Jean made herself well known to us all with clear and concise movement on the glass along with 2 REM pod responses which always blows our mind as the REM pod very rarely goes off. Footsteps upstairs were heard by all the group whilst doing crystal pendulum along with Jean clearly stopping the crystal dead when we asked her too. An EVP was caught in the living room which we couldn't clearly make out but sounded like a clearing of a throat and marbles were found scattered on the rug which blew out minds. One guest who was quite sceptical got a feeling of pressure on his chest. A couple of guests who were facing the glass door which faced the stairwell corridor saw dark figures passing here with there own eyes.

Footsteps were heard at the top of the stairs when everyone was sat either on the stairs or stood at the bottom. Marbles were scattered again on the floor which had been left on the table in the corridor. Guests had experienced seeing what was a mist along with a dark figure seen walking across from the coal shed area. A unexplained light was also caught which we tried to debunk with our torches but couldn't. Slight movement was had on the table as we conducted a glass divination activity and bangs on response came from upstairs in one of the rooms as we called out for Joe. A guest did feel very uneasy as she stood at the bottom of the stairs and started to feel unwell.

One guest braved a lone Vigil inside the bathroom and felt like someone was moving in the room along with witnessing a very strange light come from the stairwell which guests who were in Phillip's room at the time also experienced.

Bangs on response when we asked for Joe and also a cupboard door opening by itself was witnessed by all guests who were in the room at the time not once but 3/4 times. Tables tipping brought us some unusual feelings with the table also vibrating and guests witnessing unusual light phenomena on the stairwell and in the corner of the room near the window. Joe seemed to be very prominent in this area when asked to make his presence felt. One guest at one point "zoned" out and didn't recollect any of this.

Movement on the bed was felt by guests which was described as the bed shaking. A metallic sound was heard by all in the room at the time. This was probably the quietest room or area in the house.

Trigger bears had been set up in this room and had been moved from outside the lines drawn around them. Tables tipping had little activity but definite little taps were heard from underneath. Moving onto glass divination brought us more prominent activity with the glass clearly moving when asking questions about the "Black monk & Diane" then the glass stopped abruptly and brought a loud bang, which seemed to come from the top of the stairs. Breaths and groans heard by guests and one guest again seeing a figure flitter across the stairwell whilst looking out of the room.

We bedded down for a few hours of sleep and whilst all downstairs trying to get some shut eye, we heard banging coming from upstairs, footsteps heard in the kitchen along with clear as day running across the ceiling.

All in all, with our approach of talking to the family instead of focussing on the "Black monk" seemed to bring us better results and Jean seemed to appreciate us focussing on her and her time at the house.