30 EAST DRIVE 15 Hour Lockdown - Friday 30th June 2023

30 East Drive Friday 30th June

Equipment used -- K2 meters(Standard & Digital) & Good old senses

So as the guests arrived and our standard white light protection was performed, we began our evening of investigating, this foreboding house.
We all got comfy in the chairs, sofa's and floor and placed a K2 in the middle of the floor. Beginning to ask out, we didn't get much responses to our questions itself and the K2 meter also stayed still but 2 of the ladies were picking up on a sensation that felt like issues with their throats, jaws and also throbbing headaches. We asked if the sensation was linked to potential cancer and immediately the K2 spiked with a response. Whilst this was being experienced, 1 guest also was drawn to the corner of the room where the rocking chair was placed. Even though we didn't have any knocks in the cotner, this was quite significant as the group on the previous night had much activity in that corner of the room.
As we began to Sypher the story, we eventually found out that it was the gentleman, Joe who was making these impressions and also with the K2 Responses confirming this with spikes almost up to amber. The digital K2 was introduced next to our standard K2 meter and spikes alongside the questions about "Was he enjoying our Investigating methods of respect" and both lit up at the same time.
With our late guests then joining the group, we split and the ladies who had missed the living room session spent time there.
Immediately a heavy impression was felt by 1 lady with again a feeling of being drawn to the the corner of the room where the rocking chair was situated. 1 guest then sat in this chair and immediately felt the chair starting to rock which made her quite swiftly move from the furniture. The more time we spent in this room, the more the guests started to feel a more darker atmosphere descend upon us and as we asked out this, one of the guests who was wearing a cross on her necklace, felt it being tugged.
With this in mind, we played the lords prayer and immediately had responses from near the TV along with light anomalies which were spotted by all guests.

Equipment used-- Senses, K2 meter & trigger objects

As guests sat down on the bed, nothing seemed to be happening but this soon changed as a loud bang on the dolls house startled us all. The room again seemed to change and bring in more of a darker atmosphere and slight movements from the door were seen by all but we couldn't be sure that it wasn't a draught and concluded that we couldn't 100% say it was paranormal. We split the group down further over Diane's room and the parents room and between the 2, both groups could hear responses like tapping between the walls when asking if this was FRED. Group from the parents room also spotted a mist like form in the corner of the top of the stairwell where the grand father clock and also a movement was heard from that direction. What really astounded us was an movements from the stairs that had some trigger objects including 3 bibles, ping pong balls and REM POD and upon checking one of the Bible's had been pushed over to one side.

Equipment used -- Divination Rods, REM POD & K2 meter

Upon checking the group downstairs, we found the ladies had been interacting with FRED and answering questions via the divination rods. Out of the blue there was a loud tap towards the glass cabinet which then one of the rods the guest was using shit round and pointed too, was this coincidence or FRED showing us where he was?? The guest using the rods felt that he didn't like the lights from the equipment and he wanted to be in darkness so we placed ourselves on the floor in a circle whilst holding hands and switched all the equipment off. This then led to some great evidence of taps, bangs and movement all around the living room whilst we asked questions to FRED and you could see the energy change in the darkness as no one of us could see each other or other parts of the room. 1 guests then asked the question "Are you enjoying the fear of us being in complete darkness" and we could only describe one of the glass doors rattling but couldn't be sure if it was the main one or the one that led out to the stairwell corridor. With one guest feeling very uneasy, she took herself away from the circle as placed the equipment back on to give her some light and immediately all the responses we were getting, completely stopped. This session must of been a good hour/ hour and a half and definitely freaked us out a little so took a break.

Equipment used -- REM POD, Marbles, senses & Solomon App

With the previous group having so much activity, the other group joined us to see if more guests could make FRED come back stronger and the answer was YES.
With some guests forming a circle on the floor again and some sat on the chairs, immediately we had a breath come from the rocking chair corner. One guest placed herself in the chair and we began using the Solomon ITC app which produced some incredible responses. Answers to our questions like "How many people in this circle" "A guests name(Multiple times)" " FREDS NAME" where just some of the incredible responses we had and again the guest who was having her cross tugged on her necklace was having the same experience with every other guest witnessing it. It then proceeded to start tugging and moving her cross on her bum bag also. The lady who was sat in the rocking chair then immediately became overwhelmed and started to cry and had to take herself out of the area to take the feeling off her. During this one if the guests on the floor witnessed on her Night Vision video recorder a light anomalie float above one if the guests on the sofa.
Again everyone seemed to agree that it had got darker in the room and that he didn't like the equipment lights, lighting up the room. Another guest felt a prodding in her spine so removed herself out of the circle and onto the sofa. This, with what had happened in the living room earlier was truly incredible and with he night turning into dawn, we headed up to bed with some guests staying awake all night.

Thank you to all our guests who participated in the night and gave there all with calling out and activities. Go team 30 East Drive

Diane’s Room Equipment:
K2, service bell, Cat ball, Spirit talker.
Colin and 5 guest entered Diane’s room and immediately the K2 spiked and held at orange, we called out and asked who was in the room with us, we had no response, we had a few taps and the door handle rattled. We done calling out and asked to press the service bell, but we got no response, we could hear things being moved in the other room and we also heard a draw being opened in the main bedroom, Colin went to see if there was anyone in the room which there wasn’t and it looked like nothing had been disturbed, we could hear faint taps on the Wendy house, we had a few words come up on the Spirit talker but nothing too much the questions being asked,we stayed in Diane’s room for about 45 minutes and decided to move on to the next room.

Phillip’s Room. Equipment: K2, Cat balls, Spirit talker, Rem Bear.
We entered Phillips room and the 5 guest spread out, within minutes of entering the room, the rem bear started flashing, there is a cupboard which houses the boiler and on a few occasions it sounded like the door was trying to be opened, we had a few words come through on the spirit talker, some did not make sense, at this moment Chris entered the room and asked how we are doing and at that moment the word push came through the spirit talker and Chris was pushed, we decided to stick to the knocks and turned the spirit talker off. Colin asked a few questions, but the rem bear would not answer Colin’s questions, so one of the female guests asked the spirit a few questions but the responses were far and few between, Colin asked if the spirit preferred to answer the questions with knocks, one knock for yes and two knocks for no, within a few moments there were knocks,
Colin asked if this is the spirit of Bernard, the response was no, Colin then asked if the spirit was Joe Pritchard and immediately there was one knock, Colin and the guests took it turns to ask Joe questions. Colin found out that Joe pritchard died in the bathroom and he is not grounded at the home, but he likes to stay there and watch over the which was once his home, his wife jean sometimes visits the house, there are three spirits normally but sometimes there can be 5, Colin tried to find out who the other spirits were but Joe would not say, he would just tap about 5 or 6 times, he was asked if he minded people visiting his home and he replied no, there are times certain people makes him angry
He would not talk about the black monk, the guests asked if he could go downstairs and touch one of the other guests, whilst talking to Joe, Joe said he had been watching us for the past few days and he was pleased to hear laughter in his house again, Colin asked if some of the belongings in the house was his, Joe replied with two knocks, what Colin and the guests established, is that Joe felt that the house was not the way he liked it, the room felt very welcoming and felt very relaxed, The guest were in Phillip’s room for about an hour and half and decided to have a break, Colin and the guest thanked Joe for answering their questions and making them feel welcome.

A great night with a great group of Guests. Thank you all for joining us and look forward to seeing you again soon