30 EAST DRIVE 15 HOUR LOCKDOWN - Monday 2nd October 2024

30 EAST DRIVE • Monday 2nd October
We began as ever with our white light protection inside the living room and as ever things had started to happen to guests whilst this was being done. One guest had experienced a feeling in being touched on her right leg, one guest who had sat out of the protection ritual experienced a few odd taps on the glass panelled door directly behind him and also one team member senses a burning sensation on his knees.

Equipment used - Old school senses & K2 meter

We began then our first call out session with thuds being heard from upstairs in the bedroom directly above us, a few taps in the TV corner with spirit lights being seen by a few different guests. Along with shadows being seen pass the glass panelled door that led to the stairwell corridor.
We had seen some lights towards the glass cabinet corner but this turned out to be a carbon monoxide alarm. DEBUNKED.
One lady who was sat on the sofa got the feeling of being touched on her leg which linked to other guests earlier feeling a sensation on their legs at the time.
A K2 meter was then introduced and immediately after asking the question "Did you have something wrong with your leg" the K2 responsed. Shadows were being seen on the back wall along with a guest hearing someone walking down the stairs.
One guest then got the image of a family sat in a room celebrating Christmas, in her minds eye and once asking out this question regarding Christmas, low and behold the 2 panelled glass door that led to the kitchen opened up on its own accord. We continued along the Christmas theme and played a few songs and continued to get a response by hearing tapping to our questions. Chris then headed upstairs to set off the "LOCKED OFF LIVE FEED" and when getting into the small bedroom noticed that the phone had been pushed over by unseen hands.
The room then seemed to get lighter and we decided to go for a break before heading upstairs where constant bangs had been heard.

Equipment used - Table tipping, K2, glass divination and Estes Method

We then decided to try the Estes Method as majority of guests had never seen it done before and we had a very strange response to one of our questions we asked.
Some questions and answers could have linked up but couldn't be 100% sure but one link really stood out and shocked our team members.
A question had been asked about "What happened to Joe in the bathroom" and the lady who had been blindfolded and listening to the spirit box answer through the headphones had 3 words come up one after another RUN, BATH & DRINK.
This tied in with our previous investigation here that Joe had been a big drinker and apparently Fred had attacked him whilst he was in the bath and he nearly passed away when he lost his breath under the water whilst in the bath. This was truly remarkable.
The lady also got a lot of words through about a little girl needing help and this would link in with another Estes Method experiment later in the evening.
We tried a table tipping experiment whilst asking the questions for the Estes Method but the guests didn't feel the table move at all so we then moved onto the glass divination experiment which gave us some more incredible results.
We had noticed whilst calling out that the glass, even though it wasn't moving quickly that it had moved towards the middle of the table from the positioning that the guests started it in. What truly shocked us afterwards was once Chris had been down to get the guest who was doing the Estes Method from the coal bunker, that it had been then moved by some unseen hands from where they had left it and it had moved back towards the edge of the table.
One guests then thought he had heard movement out from the stairs so headed to the stairwell and immediately heard a growling noise which other guests heard too.
One guest who felt very uneasy in this room, took herself out and into the adjacent parents bedroom which felt very calm. A couple of K2 spikes and taps on the wall which couldn't be explained.

Equipment used - Proximity bear, 2 cat balls, laser grid, Boggle, Paravox & spirit talker apps, Estes Method.

Chris then took another guest who wanted to do the Estes Method down into the living room, whilst guests called out some questions. Again he was getting the same as the last guest who took part in the experiment, with little girl seemingly coming through again asking for help and her screams. The word water well came through also which could of been linked to the story of the well and the black monk. No questions linked together but later when we took part in a Boggle experiment the name Carly was spelt when we asked for the little girls name and during the Estes Method experiment, the gentleman who was taking part heard the name Carly. This again was truly amazing.
Before the Boggle experiment we asked for the little girl to come forward and after it being quiet on all the equipment in the room, the bear lit up immediately along with the cat balls.
One guest has noticed that the red laser grid has been blacked out by an unseen shadow, was this the girl named Carly?
We continued with the Paravox app whilst doing Boggle and the words Joe came through that we all heard, we also asked how many people were in the room and it clearly said 9 which everyone shocked reactions meant they had heard it but also during the Estes Method, the guest had also heard the word 9 come through.
Boggle experiment came up with a guests name, murder, Fred along with Joe being spelt also. Whilst we were doing the Boggle, we had K2 spikes along with the cat balls being activated but what truly astounded us was the fact that the proximity bears batteries had been completely drained and wasn't working anymore. Was this the little girl using the batteries energy?

Equipment used - REM pod, cat balls, trigger object board

This room was very very quiet and very little happened which then led us all to head for our beds for the night and get our heads down for a few we'll earned zzzzzzz's

Thank you to all our wonderful guests who made the night what it was and the energy they brought us which helped spirit tremendously. GO TEAM SPPOKY SEASON 30 EAST DRIVE