30 EAST DRIVE 15 Hour Lockdown - Thursday 29th June 2023


Living Room Equipment used - K2 & Spirit Talker app
After Chris had delivered our welcome talk and the white light protection, all the guest got themselves comfy and began their 15hr stint inside the infamous 30 East Drive. We had spikes on the K2, which weren't interacting with questions asked. One guest who was sitting on the sofa felt a breeze behind her and a tickle/feeling on her arm. We all clearly heard taps/bangs upstairs but couldn't be sure whether they were external noise, but one prominent noise was foosteps heard across the landing. One lady who was sitting in the rocking chair had an uneasy feeling of something that stood behind her and had to move from the chair itself as it made her feel uncomfortable. The spirit talker app was throwing out some words but nothing relevant to the questions apart 60's which could have had relevance to the family in the 1960s when the activity started. One gentleman sat next to the TV heard a dull thud on the built in TV unit. One of the main bits of activity was when we asked out for them to whisper something in someone's ear, Chris had a massive breath of air blown in his ear. The room then fell quiet and flat and we moved upstairs and overall very very quiet.

UPSTAIRS - PHILLIPS ROOM EQUIPMENT USED - Black mirror scrying, K2,REM pod, Table tipping, EVP recorder, So we decided to try a guest to do the scrying mirror whilst other guests were on the table tipping session. The lady who did the mirror, didn't see her face change but did have tears in her eyes but with that didn't actually feel emotional. One guest on the stairs did feel his t shirt being tugged whilst in the landing. Couple of guests including Chris got a sweet smell which kept coming and going. The guests on the table felt no movement and we split down. Again very very quiet.

SMALL END ROOM - DIANE'S ROOM Estes method With it being so quiet, we decided to perform an Estes method experiment. The guest who was blindfolded felt like the words coming through was a strong male voice but also she felt there was a female voice in the background that she couldn't hear. Some words linked up which were - "TIME" - guests asked spirit to tell the time and also they asked to tell us what they threw down the stairs, which could have linked in with the grandfather clock - "MAN" - They had asked if it was a man or woman - "FIVE" - the question was asked how old the kids we're. Even though the word didn't come through, the guest experienced her right foot being pushed down and the question was asked for her to be touched on her left foot. Whilst Chris was writing down the answers, he did notice her breathing getting deeper as the experiment went on. Few guests during this period spent lone Vigils for 20/30mins each in the coal shed downstairs but nothing happened to each guest.

JEAN & JOES ROOM Equipment used - Cat balls, K2 & Spirit Talker We spent 15/20minutes in this room and had absolutely nothing happen even on the spirit talker app DOWNSTAIRS - LIVING ROOM Equipment used - Cat balls, K2 When we called out there was a few responses from the rocking chair which led to a cat ball being placed on it which in turn did respond to the question "WAS THE OLD LADY WITH US" also one guest sat next to the glass cabinet heard a few taps on responses and also a cold breeze between the 2 guests on the sofa. A noise then was heard by the glass cabinet which inturn when checked, the picture of jean had moved and was crooked. Slight movements from the glass door but we couldn't be sure it wasn't the frame settling. Again very little but the picture frame being slightly moved was very interesting so we moved to the stairs.

STAIRS Equipment used - Portal app, REM POD, K2, Slinky trigger object Again as we spread across the stairwell nothing major happened but we did have the question "HOW MANY ARE SITTING ON THE STAIRS" and everyone clearly heard the number five come through on the portal app. An unusual light was witnessed by all that looked like a blue flash of light which we tried to debunk with car lights maybe coming through the windows but at the time we didn't hear any cars passing by. As we wrote this write up, our coin trigger object that had been left out over night whilst we slept, one coin had moved over night.

All in all a very very very quiet night with a few inconclusive things that we can't say was paranormal but 2 things that stood out was a breath in someone's ear and the picture frame moving on the glass cabinet. Fred and East Drive was as quiet as a mouse but it's like WE always say, we can't make spirits perform.