30 EAST DRIVE LOCKDOWN - Friday 8th December 2023

30 East Drive
Big Mick (BM) & Lil Mick (LM)

After entering the house to set up we started to get activity straight away with loud taps from the kitchen and cat balls in direct responses to our questions. We had been joined by Jean who come forward to let us know she would be keeping an eye on us because it was Big Micks first time. So we started the night with a bit of reassurance in that. There was a definite heavy feel to the house but not scary.

We completed our live and then invited the guests into the house.

Big Mick completed the welcome meeting and talked the guests through how the night would work, we took the group photo and then he took the team through the white light of protection.

During the protection we could hear loud bangs coming again from the kitchen area and so decided to start the investigation down stairs.

BM left the group to go upstairs and set up the locked off live feed.
LM set a cat ball in the doorway to the kitchen and a K2 in the middle of the room. LM started calling out with the team and it wasn’t long before Ian and Billy started to see shadows moving in the kitchen. The team invited the spirit to join us in the front room and when asked to set the cat ball off in the doorway we got a response.
LM asked spirit to confirm if this was the spirit of Jean again, it was, Jean was also rattling cutlery in the kitchen. Jean was invited further into the room and we got responses on the K2. LM asked Jean if she could let Michael know she was there by making her presence felt upstairs with him.
Jean again wanted to reassure the team that she was there to make sure everyone was safe and protected and that she would remain with the team all night.
BM rejoined the team and explained that while upstairs he had heard a loud banging coming from the room next door.

BM started calling out with the group and further shadows were seen in the corner of the living room and more walking around the kitchen and hallway. We were able to establish that we had been joined by 2 spirits downstairs in addition to Jean however there were more sprints in the house.
BM and Ian moved into the kitchen and the team continued to call out. BM explained that he felt that spirit was putting its impression onto him and the guests explained that there was a large shadowy towering behind him.
LM asked if the spirit seen was negative and there was a response on the cat ball.
We continued to call out in the living room and had responses on both the K2 and cat ball. There was also a lot of movement heard upstairs.
We decided to have a quick break and then move up to the bedrooms to call out.

Phillips room
Cat ball, Dowsing rods, crystal board

As we were moving upstairs Gem explained that she felt someone touch her hair.
We settled into Phillip’s room and BM asked the team to go silent for a couple of minutes so that we could debunk any noise from outside and the houses natural sounds. We then started to call out.
Sprit was making itself seen in light form and there was a lot of movement on the stair case however we didn’t get any response on the cat ball.
Gem explained that she again felt that she was being stroked down her hair and arms.
As spirit had seemed to have chosen Gem, BM suggested that she tried using the dowsing rods. There was a small amount of movement on the rods but this took quite a bit of time. Ian noticed while using the rods Gems toggles on her hoodie were moving in response to our questions so BM explained how the crystal board worked and asked Gem to try this.
We were able to establish that spirit was attracted to Gem, to her blonde hair. Spirit was a traveller to the house and was not tied to the building or the land. It was a male spirit and had communicated with other people in the property previously. The energy dissipated and so we decided again to take a short break and then to split into smaller groups.

BM and the Scream Queens
Living room
Touch sensitive bear

We got settled and set the Teddy on the chair in the doorway of the living room. We instantly got responses. We were joined again by Jean, she again had come forward with a purpose of protection for the group. This was probably because of how many screams the group were letting out. There was shadows seen moving around the entire downstairs area but we were unable to get a contact with any spirits other than Jean in this area

(LM to complete his upstairs teams write up part 1)

BM and the Scream Queens
Phillips room
Touch bear, table tipping, spirit talker

We set the bear in the door way and turned on spirit talker. We were joined again by Jean. Again Jean was concerned and watching over us. We thanked Jean for this but asked if she would step back to allow us to talk with other spirits in the house which she did.
We were joined by the spirit of a military man, he had fought in some sort of war but were unable to establish which war.

The Scream Queens were keen to try some table tipping so we set this up and asked the spirit to move the table. We continued to get activity on the bear and small movements on the table but were were unable to get convulsive answers to our questions. Tina explained that she had seen a shadow move down the staircase. BM went into the corridor and invited the spirits into the room with us. He went into every room to do this. When walking back into the room a loud growl was heard behind BM, by himself and the Scream Queens. After changing his underwear BM took the team into the next big bedroom.
While in the room the shadows could be seen again and the team reported a really uneasy feeling. Blonde hair, guests names and we are watching you came through on spirit talker. The Scream Queens were living up to their name and were screaming hysterically so BM decided this would be a good point to break, reset and get our feet back on the ground.

BM and The Scream Queens
Living room

The team decided to move back to the living room and try to get a bit more cohesive information from spirit so decided to use the boggle to ask questions.
There was 7 spirits with us. The dominant spirit was Seth but we were also joined by Anna, Joanne, Ted and Fred. We asked if spirit was known by any other names and we got the word ‘black’
Spirit explained the house had secrets about death. Sprit confirmed its remains where under the house. When we asked where spirit said harth. Spirit also said it had committed crimes ‘sexpest’ we asked sprit to repeat this answer a further 3 times and each time we got the word ‘pest’

The large shadowy figure could again be seen in the doorway watching us.

LM’s group joined us and we all took a break)

We were apprehensive about East Drive. Is it going to be what we wanted and hoped for and it didn’t disappoint.
The building has such a heavy feel to it and is spooky but what amazing activity we had.
The guests and investigators giggled from start to finish and we were still sat at 10.30am chatting about the night.
Fantastic night and a fantastic team.