30 EAST DRIVE LOCKDOWN - Monday 9th October 2023

SPOOKY SEASON • 30 East Drive 15hr sleepover • Monday 9th October 

After conducting our white light protection inside the living room, we as a group decided to start our investigation of the infamous house on the stairwell that had provided the family with so much activity.

Equipment used - Motion sensor, cat balls, spirit talker apps

After getting settled on the stairs and a few guests standing at the bottom, we began to call out. Immediately we had the cat ball responding but once this had settled, we actually didn't get any more responses from this.
The house stood very still and didn't get many responses to our questions. Out of the blue everyone heard a very strange sound that sounded like a notification on someone's phone but upon checking everyone's phone, they were all on airplane mode. This lasted for about 5 secs and one guest mentioned it sounded a bit like an electronic guitar.
Again the house fell silent and Chris then decided to pop next door to get the neighbour to turn off her decoration lights as they were causing too much light in the house and something really strange happened which was a theme for the night.
As Chris left the corridor and out of the house, the mains smoke alarm activated and led to deafening our guests with it's loud pitch alarm. Upon Chris returning from the neighbours house, the alarm was still going and we couldn't turn it off at all.
The only way it could have been turned off was via the mains trip switch RCD board and we took it up on ourselves to do this as the pitch from the mains alarm was deafening.
Once we had settled back down, 2 guest began to hear tapping on the skirting board beside them which began to get louder and everyone could hear the responses to the question of it being Fred, the infamous poltergeist that plagued the family.
It was coming in waves and some taps would be quite pronounced but some really quiet.
Nothing much was making sense on the spirit talker app but the words "Angry lady" & "Watch out he's coming" come up.
One guest witnessed a shadow at the top of the stairs moving from right to left.
With movements and taps coming from above we had decided to split for a break then head upstairs.

Equipment used - Spirit talker app, glass divination experiment

With us hearing the movements and taps upstairs we headed into the middle room and took part in some glass work on our table. Very little happened whilst in the room and the house fell very silent with only really a rumble coming from the wardrobe making a few of us jump but couldn't 100% say it wasnt settling down. The only thing that seemed to be making any noises, was one of the guests tummy, which was nothing like we had heard before.

Equipment used - K2, cat balls, EVP, spirit talker app, Candle scrying experiment

We moved into Phillips room to see if a candle scrying experiment could potentially stir up some activity but again, the house felt very flat. Guests who took part in the candle scrying experiment didn't feel anything and no one witnessed any change in their faces.
We did have a few hits on the cat balls when, again Fred was mentioned and the playing of monks chanting and the Lord's prayer being played didn't change anything and it felt very calm. One guest as we were about to head for another break felt very uneasy and sick and had to leave the room to get some air and once outside actually was sick. This was totally out of the blue and the gentleman in question couldn't explain this as he had felt fine all day.

Equipment used - Proximity bear, cat balls, K2, EVP and Estes Method experiment & human pendulum experiment.

The gentleman who had been sick previously decided to be locked up in the coal shed and take part in a Estes Method experiment. As the group in the living room began to call out and a few hits on the K2 meter began but we could all hear movements upstairs as if someone was moving about.
Within 15 minutes a very strange experience happened to our guest who was taking part in the Estes Method experiment in the coal shed. He felt like he was pushed off his chair from behind and fell to the floor. This shook him up a little and took himself away from the experiment and back into the living room with guests.
We swapped with another guest who jumped at the chance to take part in being blindfolded inside the coal shed. Movements on the rocking chair which sounded like 2 bangs whilst guests were talking amongst themselves. The K2 was then placed onto the rocking chair and we did have responses but weren't sure with them being constant, that the meter was being affected by something electrical.
We didn't have any words come through from the Estes Method experiment that tied in with the questions we had been asking so we all made our way into the living room together.
We tried a human pendulum to drum up a bit of energy but this fell flat and no one was chosen by spirit to come forward And be used as a conduit so we stopped the experiment after trying for 10 minutes or so.
As we settled back down and began to ask for the lady of the house to come forward, we did get a few responses from our proximity bear but nothing concrete.
Again the house felt very flat and seemed to be void of any activity.

With this in mind we ended up chatting amongst ourselves till guests started to retreat to bed and we ended our investigation there.
All in all a very very quiet night but the one thing we could take from it was the theme of the night was something that was affecting the electrical equipment.
The mains alarm going off, Chris live feed and his signal being affected when it's never happened before in the house along with the works phone being wiped of all it's apps when the locked off live being moved and Chris then having to restart the phone and it all being there back on the phone, was something that we couldn't explain.

Thank you to all guests and the fun we had taking the mick out of one lady's tummy which certainly was the loudest activity we had constantly throughout the evening.