30 East Drive - Saturday 1st April 2023

Event 30 East Drive, Pontefract. Cam and Michael B.

Before the guests arrived, we carried out a live feed with just the 2 of us locked in the house.
During this, Michael carried out a mirror scrying session and the results were very interesting.
We called out upstairs and after hearing noises from downstairs, we moved down there. We carried out another call out in the living room and were greeted with noises and orbs.
A nice little bit of interaction to get the energy going before we were joined by the guests.

Our guests had arrive so we brought them in and locked the door. The waiver for the house was signed by each and we took photos of them in front of the LVI NEPI banner.

Cam carried out the introduction talk and then a white light protection for everyone while we were in the living room.

We stayed in the living room and Michael started to call out to spirits of East drive, and ask them if they could come closer to his voice, and join us in the living room. At this point we heard some taps coming upstairs, so we carried on to call out to spirits and some guests could hear noises coming from the kitchen, as if spirit was checking us out, so we decided to set rem bear up on the middle of the living room floor. A few guests had their own equipment so they dotted a few cat balls about the living room.
We asked spirit if they could light up the bear in the room and one of the cat balls started flashing. Then the proximity bear, and the other cat ball lit up at the same. This was amazing evidence. Spirit had joined us in the living room.
It appeared from the questions being asked that we were communicating with a girl called ‘Emma’. Whenever we asked a question, all of the cat balls, and the proximity bear would light up. They stopped when we asked them to stop.
One of the guests started to call out to ‘Fred’. The cat ball in front of him started to flash. The guest then asked ‘Fred’ to light up another ball. Another ball did indeed start to flash. We had 3 cat balls dotted around the room. The guest then asked Fred to light up the rem bear, the cat ball next to the bear lit up first, and then the bear did. The energy was amazing and everyone was starting to get excited.
We continued with our questions and the responses we received to our questions were just amazing. We were hearing a lot of movement from upstairs so we thanked ‘Emma’ and ‘Fred’ for their communication and moved upstairs to Philips room.

Philips Bedroom
Everyone, equipment used: Cat Balls, Spirit Talker App and The Portal
We all settled in the room. Some were sat on the bed and the rest were sat on the floor.
One of the guests had a spirit talker app which they placed in the middle of everyone.
We started called out and a few of us could see the door was moving. To be certain it wasn’t just our eyes playing tricks, we placed a cat ball against it.
We asked if the spirit we were communicating with could move the door. Immediately the cat ball which was placed against the door, went off. The door was moving. There was no draft and no one was moving so it wasn’t caused by vibration. We thanked spirit.
We thanked spirit again for their energy and continued with our call out.
‘Emma’ came through again. She told us using the spirit talker app that she was a child, and that we ‘couldn’t hear her’. As we were asking the questions, we all heard an audible female moan. Was this ‘Emma’ trying to communicate verbally with us? Michael asked if the stories were true that after she was attacked, her tongue had been removed. This was confirmed. Is this why we could only hear moans and whimpers?
The atmosphere changed and one of the guests asked if we had be joined by ‘Fred’. We asked if he was in the house all of time. If he was proud of his crimes. He confirmed he was. We asked what had happened to him and received the word ‘bones’ and ‘floorboards’ on the spirit talker app.
We decided to try ‘The Portal’ app and the responses we received matched the responses we had received earlier. We asked how many spirits they were, we were told 6. We asked how many victims, we heard the number 8 but then also the number 13. We don’t have this information so we can’t confirm if there is any truth to this. We then asked for the names. We then heard the names Dylan, Thomas, William and Alison. Is this true?

After about an hour and a half, we decided to take a break.
Cam set up the locked of camera in Philips room.

Joe and Jean’s Bedroom
Everyone. Equipment: Glass Work, K2, Cat Ball, Proximity Bear and Rem Bear
After our break, we regrouped and decided to investigate the main bedroom, Joe and Jeans room. We placed a proximity bear on the landing and a rem bear behind the door in the bedroom. Michael started calling out to spirits and asked if Joe was out on the landing. Some of the guests and Cam could see what looked like a shadow figure peaking in through the door. Like it was checking on us. The shadow was moving backwards and forwards. The rem bear behind the door didn’t go off though.
We asked the guests if they would like to take part in some glass work. 4 guests took part. We placed a cat ball inside the glass and put a K2 underneath the table. When the guests started to call out, the glass did start to move it little bit. One of the guests called out to ‘Fred’ and the K2 did light up a few times. One of the other guests said she felt ‘angry’ but didn’t know why. She found this very uncomfortable so Michael took her downstairs.
We moved the table we were using for the glass work in to Diane's bedroom. We didn’t receive much activity.
Some of the guests stayed on the landing. They could see a shadow figure moving about at the bottom of the stairs.
Michael then asked if anyone would like to do a ‘lone vigil’ in the coal house. A few said they would.
Adam went in first and it didn't take long before he started to feel someone pulling on his hair. He spent about 10 minutes in there. The others also said they too had felt their hair being pulled.

Living Room
Michael and a few guests. Equipment: SB7 Spirit Box, Cat Ball, Paratalk app
After the coal house ‘lone vigils’, Michael took the guests into the living room where they set up the SB7 spirit box and placed a cat ball on the floor. They also used the paratalk app.
Guests started to call out and asked spirit how many spirits were in the house. They received the response ‘7’. They then asked spirits where they were. The response was ‘East drive’. This stunned everyone in the room. They then heard ‘30 East Drive’ come through the spirit box.
It was thought they were communicating with ‘Emma’ again but received no more activity.

Joe and Jean’s Room
Cam and 4 guests. Equipment: Mirror, K2, Spirit Talker app
One of the guests decided to try mirror scrying. We called out and after a while it did look like his face had changed.
The atmosphere of the room was very light and calm.
We were also using the Spirit Talker app as a form of communication as they K2 was constantly lighting up.
From the questions asked, we believed we were communicating with ‘Joe’. We asked how he had passed over and received the work ‘Arrest’. Could this have been ‘Joe’ telling us about his cardiac arrest/heart attack?
We stayed in the room for about 20 minutes and continued with our calling out before we rejoined the rest of the guests downstairs.

We had another break and Cam turned off the Locked Down camera in Philips room.

Philips Room
Everyone. Equipment: 2 glow balls, 1 rem pod
We placed the glow balls outside of the door way. It did look like the balls were moving but we couldn’t be sure so we placed a rem pod next to them.
We started again with our call out and we were greeted by a different kind of energy. There were knocks, one guests leg was touched which freaked him out. A knock came from the cupboard door when we asked where they were.
We had a lot of laughter in this room.
As the activity had started to quieten down, we decided to bed down at 3:45. A few of the guests were still carrying out their own little investigation in the room they stayed in.

It was a fantastic night and our guests brought great energy to the house.
Go Team East drive.