39 EAST DRIVE 15HR LOCKDOWN - Monday 11th March 2024

30 East Drive
Monday 11th March

Chris & Colin
Front living room
Equipment used - Cat balls, deadcom app & Oculus

After the white light protection was given, the team and guests settled down what was going to be a very quiet night indeed.

Few guests reported a cold spot around there legs but we debunked this as they were sat next to the glass door and thought the breeze from the corridor may have been causing this.
The deadcom was throwing out a few words but nothing conclusive.
We had nothing on response apart from a sound that came from near the door area, that sounded like something heavy had been dropped, but upon checking nothing was found.
Cat ball up on the glass cabinet went off 3/4 times but nothing conclusive to any questions.
We spent a good hour in the living room with no activity that was conclusive, not even any movements upstairs.
The only thing that we couldn't explain was not once but twice, Chris's Facebook live ended abruptly. Was this spirit manipulating his phone?

We decided to split for a break then head upstairs.

Joe's room
Equipment used - Cat balls, K2 meter, deadcom app and Ovulus.
Estes Method

We then tried the Estes Method with a brave lady that went alone in the coal bunker and all masked up and the sb 7/Ghostvox.

Nothing conclusive came through the ladies headphones but we did have one guest experience seeing a dark mass leave Joe's room into the landing.
The feeling has made he feel that she had stand on the landing due to its overwhelming feeling. We did have a few hits on the REM pod downstairs near the brave lady doing the Estes Method but no equipment was activated and again the room felt very calm and quiet.
Again we had a few knocks towards the boiler cupboard but we couldn't be sure that this just wasn't the boiler inside the cupboard, as the heating was on at the time.

Jean & Joe Room
Equipment used - Music box, glass divination, mirror scrying, Ovulus

We then entered the parents room as one guest had felt an energy shift into this room and the music box had activated twice whilst we were in Phillips room.
We proceeded with a glass divination activity but again, nothing.
One guest went into Diane's room and had his Ovulus on, which in the period of us being in the parents room, said the name Joe 3 times.
3 different guests tried the mirror scrying and 2 of them did feel like they saw a man with a moustache but again, the room felt very quiet and no responses to our questions were being heard.
A few taps and bangs were heard downstairs so we tried to spend a bit of time on the stairs but yet again, the time spent here was very quiet.

Living room(2nd time)
Equipment used - Glow balls, Monks chanting, Cat balls, Deadcom app & Oculus

We decided to coax Fred out with some monks chanting but again the house felt very calm and quiet. We proceeded to use the name Emma, as a guest has heard it being used on other investigation and a few guests did hear the physical, actual word "YES" being said by an unseen voice but apart from this phenomena, the house was as quiet as a mouse.

We then as a team, retreated for our beds and left the guests to their own devices.

This time spent in 30 East Drive must have been the most quietest it's ever been, but it's like we say that we can't make them perform and we'd much rather a quiet night like we had than a fake night.

Massive shout out to our guests who plodded on through the silence of the house and roll on the next time we visit.

Go team 30 East Drive