Armley Mills - Saturday 18th June 2022

We began the night at Armley Mills with Kathryn giving the welcome talk to all the guests in the cafe area.
The group then headed into the Burton room, where Alan delivered the white light protection to the member of the group who wanted to take part in it.
We began to call out to the sprits of the building and one of our guests Paul picked up on the energy of three young ladies/ teenage girls standing in the corner of the room, looking down at thier feet, only looking up every so often to see what the group was doing.
Another of our guests Rebecca picked up on a injury to her right arm. Paul then pointed out one of the girls had a cut in her arm aswell. He also picked up on the energy of a crowd or group of people standing by the doorway the the stairs at the back of the room.
We decided to go down into the cinema room, the guests and team spread out across the theatre and we began to call out, we had some taps and bangs and clicks.
A lady across the room from Alan saw an impression of a man put upon him, where he had hair, mutton chops with a moustache and beard on his face.
Another guest picked up on the name Nell or a Neil.
We went with the name of tbe name Neil because of the impression that was put onto Alan.
There was a feeling that he worked there and his job was to check/ inspect some part of the mill, potentially the cinema room was once his office.
He was frustrated as he was unable to finish his job.
There was movement seen around the back of the room and witnessed by staff and guests.
We cashed if he was unable to finish his job due to a fire, as Kathryn reported seeing a steam or smoke like mist appear i front of her face with the smell of burning. There were taps and knocks to confirm this statement .
We then headed down to the Power House, which was full of engines and turbines.
We began to call out and the energy of a lady called Elizabeth was picked up on by some members of the group.
There were taps and knocks and bangs around the room and the door.
We decided to take a break before splitting into three groups.

Kathryn’s group

We spread out around the room and placed a music box at the back and front of the room, and a touch sensitive bear in the middle.
We began to call out and the music box went off a couple of times by itself.
the whole group also heard what sounded like lots of footsteps pacing around in the ceiling up above us… which is odd as there wasn’t another floor above us and the roof is flat with no space for an attic as we checked with the staff who work at the museum after leaving that part of the building.
Rebecca used a voice app on her phone, and we got the name Francis who was possibly a nurse.
We decided to leave the area and go back to the room we originally started in as we wanted to see if we could pick up on the girls again, we didn’t get anything at all in this area and the atmosphere seemed lighter than before.
We then decided to rad back to the cinema room and we set up a portal box at the front of the room.
The boxes rhythm changed to sound as if the Mill was up and running again, even to the point where you could hear the change in pace of the machines when they dropped a thread.
It was amazing to hear, as the change in pace was explained to the rest of our little group as she had previously worked in a Mill.
We all then heard a really loud blood curdling scream over the noise of the portal box, it was so loud it made us get up out of our chairs and run out into the corridor to check to see if anyone was actually hurt.
Kathryn met Chris outside on the staircase as the other group had heard it too and we’re coming to check on us to see if we were ok.
To them it actually sounded like a cry out for “Help!”
As we were approaching the last hour of the night we decided to go to the cottage.
Alan’s team were still investigating the main floor so Kathryn took her group downstairs to the cellar.
We got immediate responces and activity on the touch sensitive bear and even a music box going off on the staircase.
We also got the sound of footsteps walking down the stairs too.
We got the energy of a little boy who unfortunately hurt his arm in the Mill.

Alan’s group

The group started our investigation on the middle floor. We moved through the various rooms and used a variety of equipment including a EMF meter, a child’s k2 doll (Wendy), glow in the dark rubber balls and a rem pod. There was little activity encountered although we did get some taps in the room adjoining the clothing exhibit. Rather than pursuing this further we decided to re-visit the cinema. The first thing that we encountered was a dog-like whine from the small corridor next to the projection room. After about 10 minutes of calling out, we started to receive very quiet but very quick multiple taps. They seemed to move around the room and there was even tapping under one of the guests feet as they sat on a cinema seat. None of the devices were triggered so we moved to the weavers cottage.

We set up our devices and started a calling out session. We were the only group in that building and at one stage one of the guests sensed there may have been a child or children with us. As we were calling out, there was a loud knock from the closed off room above us. This was unusual as there was nobody else in that building at the time. To try and engage spirit further, we conducted a communication session using a crystal and crystal board. After Alan had showed the guests how to use it, one of the guests did her very first crystal session. After asking some yes or no questions, it appeared that she had connected to a male spirit. Spirit attempted to spell out his name but this was confusing so we stopped the crystal and started asking out again. This time spirit told us that they were a female child and was seven years old. After asking if she died at seven years old it responded no which again was really confusing. The guests were watching attentively at this point as the crystal would move to different letters and different numbers in response and the guest who was using the crystal was quite happy with the results. The group concluded that sprit may have been playing with us. Not bad for a first attempt though!. We then headed back to the main building and decided to go to the top floor and conduct a séance in the large meeting room. Guests joined hands around the table and while we were calling out, there were tapping noises coming from the far end of the room. This then appeared to transfer to the table with guests mentioning that the table was vibrating slightly. After encouraging spirit to come forward, the table started moving back and forwards in response to questions and it appeared it was a male spirit although this could not be confirmed. The group encouraged the spirit to tip the legs of the floor but this didn’t happen. With the night drawing to a close, we headed back down to the main group.

This brought us to the end of the evening, it was a great night and hopefully we’ll be back soon!!
We look forward to seeing you all again soon