ARMLEY MILLS - Saturday 20th April 2024

Armley Mills
Bottom floor under the stairs
Laser, cat balls, spirit talker app, k2, temperature gun

Abbey and the guests settled on the stairs. Abbey placed the lazer on the ledge of the door which was high up away from everyone and was aligned to face under the stairs. 2 cat balls were placed in the dark area. One of the guests had the k2. Abbey started calling out to spirit. All guests were focussed on the lazer, after some calling out miracously the lazer physically moved which Abbey saw in the corner of her eye but was also witnessed by several guests. One of the guests reported temperature changes. The k2 flickered a couple of times though there was no responses through the cat balls. Guests explained they could see gaps in the lazer and flickering. The lazer was up high and away from any interverance. In the distance we all could hear a rem pod going off. We did not have this equipment, also little taps were heard. Abbey had the idea of going completely dark to heighten guests senses however there was some light contamination which affected the experience. Several guests went upstairs and after another few minutes of not interactions Abbey suggested to the rest of the group that we make our way to the cinema room. One of the guests said they could sense a man.

Cinema room
Table tipping, cat balls, candle.

All of the willing guests sat around the table and began calling out to the spirits of Armley mills. Nothing was happening at first but spirit soon gained enough energy to start moving the table slowly. Spirit continued to build energy, one of the guests asked spirit to spin the table, this is something that motivated the group. The guests were fantastic at calling out and continued to build the energy and then suddenly the table began moving alot more and even turned. It was noticed one of the table legs was caught in a delve in the floor once the table was released the activity escalated. The table rocked side to side, turned, lifted up onto legs, was pushed forwards and backwards. A spirit came through named Walter he interacted with the group. The table was active for a long time and then eventually tipped over onto the guests. A guest pointed out the cat ball was lighting up on the piano. Was this due to the table tipping over? Abbey went over to the piano to see if the table falling had set it off. Abbey jumped in for 5 of the piano and nothing happened, the cat ball only went off when the piano was touched. We thanked spirit for an amazing experience and moved onto our next location.

Loom room
Human pendulum, live equipment in the next room.

Abbey took the group on a mystery tour and we found Chris. As we were talking we could hear rem pods going off in the background. Chris suggested conducting a human pendulum. Abbey encouraged all willing guests to form a circle and to relax. Abbey watched the guests and called out to spirit to choose one of them to communicate with us. On eof the guests was chosen. Abbey called out to spirit to choose which way the guest would move for the yes and no answers. Spirit was quite forceful, the poor guest never had any gentle taps, spirit had alot of energy. We found out we were communicating with Walter again. He died when he was 27 and had a supervising role within the location. He did not die at the mill but died of lung problems. When he was alive he did not like his job. He had a wife and no children but he did want to have children. One of the guests asked how many spirits were with us and we recieved 2 different replies of 7 and 8. Abbey asked if there was a portal near by and Walter confirmed this. This could be why we got the 2 different numbers. We thanked Walter for his time and joined Claire.

The area that floods.
Cat balls, k2

The group spread across the room and began calling out to spirit. Unfortunately it was quiet in this area, Claire could see shadows and another guest could sense something in the corner but they were not comfortable to interact with us. We ran out of time, it was time to say good bye to the spirits of Armley Mills.

What an incredible evening we captured some incredible evidence. The table tipped, there was banging, tapping, the lazer moved just fantastic. We may not have had much interactions through the equipment but what an incredible evening. Armley Mills has a lot to offer, what will we uncover next time.

Armley Mills
20th April 2024
Sophie and Colin
Sewing room
K2, Cat Balls, Music Box, Spirit Talker.

Guests made themselves and the team began to call out, a few guest were seeing shadows and felt that there were children hiding in the shadows just watching us, there was some footsteps were heard but they could have come from the team upstairs, with not a lot of activity happening, Colin suggested table tipping, four guest said they would like to do it, after a few seconds the table started vibrating and then started to move, this went on for about 10 minutes but one of the guest had to stop due to her arms beginning to hurt and this made the spirit step aside, with not a lot happening we decided to stop for a quick break.

Loom Room
Sophie and Colin
K2, Spirit Talker, Cat Balls.

The team started calling, Colin placed a few cat balls on the floor and some of the guest said that the room did not feel at active, with not much happening, Colin took some of the guest to the cottage.


Colin and Sophie
Cat Balls, K2, Wendy, Dowsing Rods, Music Box.

Colin welcomed the spirits and asked them to make their presence known, with the guest spread around the room and two guest in the passage, it was only a matter of minutes before Wendy’s lit up, Colin asked if the spirits minded them being in their house, if so light the cat ball up, which the spirit did, Colin continued with asking questions when four bits of equipment went off at the same time, Colin asked if the spirits could tell everyone their story, a male voice from upstairs could be heard saying No, some of the guest started to call out, everyone went silent and just led listened when everyone heard a growl, we was not sure were it came from but everyone was quiet pleased and thanked the spirit, one guest made a remake about how dirty the floor was and within minutes a coin was thrown at her, it went between her and another female guest ( we found out later that the coin was on the window ledge, there was no one standing there at the time ) the coin was an old penny dating back to 1919, this was really interesting, with continued to ask questions and the cat to ball going off to some of the questions, it was really starting to get somewhere with the spirit, Sophie came into the cottage with the remaining guest but as they came in, the atmosphere seemed to change and everything seemed to go flat, Sophie carried on calling out and that she had a few names coming through but wanted to see if any of the guest would pick any of the names up, with not much happening, we decided to move to another location.

Loom Room

Colin and four guest went to the loom room for the last twenty minutes, Colin asked the spirits if they could knock to show where they were, there was two bangs on a information board and then a light that was on sensor came on about three times, Colin tried replicating but could not make the light go on, with time finally running out Colin took the guest back to base room.

Armley Mills what a great location , it was truly an amazing investigation, I do feel this location as so much more to offer

We commenced the night in the conference room, all was quiet untill a guest reported the name Tom, she quickly then had her hand touched. We had cat balls on the floor and as we were rolling the ball the K2 spiked. The guest sat down and had her hair touched.
A guest witnessed a mist moving around the room, a different guest took a photo and captured an anomaly.
Names Ava, Charlotte lilly Ernest and Zachery were sugested. A guest picked up on a child aged 7 however another guest felt the conference room was for adults only.
Colin asked if the child was hiding and Claire asked the child to move after counting to 10, the spirit talking app said “you found me!”.
Some guests reported feeling a cold draft but nothing else occured. We moved to two separate groups.

Claire and Abbey, in the cottage with REM, Bells, proximity bear, Wendy doll, cat balls and Pendulum.
We settled in the kitchen of the cottage with two guests stood in the foyer. A guest heard the door behind her rattle as though someone was coming in from the front room. A guest suggested that there were two female children in the cottage however a male would cause their energies to quieten. The male energy had a white Scotty type dog, he was an employer of the mill. Strangely earlier in the night Sophie had seen the same dog in the mill on several occasions. Claire picked up the name Walter however the pendulum stated the male wasn't him, but this Male became known later on in the investigation.
Guests began complaining of wheezy chests and tickles in their throat. We asked if the spirit was affecting us, and the guests in the foyer heard a sigh. We asked if they were smokers or was it a different reason for the cough. A guest in the foyer picked up the name of Green, and a heavily pregnant woman. We got no interaction from this information. We asked if there was more than one spirit in the house and there was an audible man's voice saying “yes' ' it came from near to the fireplace, a guest could smell leather. The spirit talking app said Viking, a guest began to share some local knowledge of the vikings and Wendy doll who had been quiet flashed, the app stated that they were buried there but when we discussed this wouldn't have been the. Viking way, Wendy doll again flashed.

After a short break Abbie and Claire went to the middle floor to explore the cinema and the underfloor space. We took the Table and the rem light.
Claire’s half of the group stayed in the cinema and undertook some glass divination, the glass moved only on a couple of occasions and then ceased.
We swapped over with Abbie's group to go to the underfloor space. We all could see shadows moving in the darkness, mists forming and one guest reported he saw a pair of eyes. We attempted to encourage the spirit to throw small stones back at us, they didn't. Claire's group moved up into the sewing room. We saw a shadow move further down the room, we went to that space and used the Echo box. Claire stated this was where war uniforms were made and the box said Major. I asked for their full name and he said Joseph Hughes or Hews. He sounded Scottish, when I asked for confirmation he said “Yeah”. It sounded as though there were two people in conversation over the box. We again saw shadows and could hear movement however none of the ‘ghosts’ would interact.

Final 30 minutes in the base floor. The night was drawing to a close, we asked for the energy to make a noise and we heard taps from the upper corner of the room, we tried to debunk the noise but we're unable to locate anything that could be causing it.again we saw shadows and movement from the corner of the eye, but nothing would interact.