Barnes Institute - Friday 10th February 2023


Michaels write up

We started the night with the team members on there walk around, calling out and decided to stand around a table and calling out to spirit. Stephen was badly effected by spirit and had to leave the room and he was angry and very emotional.
Guests arrived at 9pm Chris started the night by doing his talk about LVI.

We all moved into the main hall where we all formed a circle and Chris proceed to do the white light protection, during white light we could hear movement coming from the corners of the room and shuffling.

We already had a Rem bear on the table in the room of when the team were calling out to spirit before guests arrived. Spirit was communicating through the bear with the yes no answer to the question this carried on for about 1hr which was brilliant evidence spirits was still with us. Room went a bit flat so we all joined hands in a circle to try and build up the energy in the room but it was quite still so we decided to take a break.

After break we set up a table in the dance room for some table tipping, and we had about 4 guest around the table and one guest was mirror scrying guest on the table could feel the table twisting one way, Mandy who was doing mirror scrying said her right side of her face was hurting so Steven asked spirit if he died of a stroke to no response Mandy described seeing a gentleman's face with long gray side burns coming through. We then got a human pendulum going but spirit was pushing Steven so he left the circle few minutes went buy and spirit pushed Kathryn to where she left the circle so the one of the guests could be chosen from spirit no one was feeling anything.we had cat balls set up in the corners of the dance room but the didn't go of at any time.

Gym area we used cat balls rem pod and K2 and ghost meter pro calling out to spirit in the gym but had no response so we moved into the smaller gym Michael used the partek on his phone and we got a little girl through called kity who was looking for her mammy, we worked it out that she had lost her mammy in the park were the lake is and she was still looking for her with think this is the big park in South Shields witch isn't far from Barnes institute and we had a male spirit called George came through and Michael's name came up, the portal app was very quite in that room.
We decided to spend the last 20 mins in the main hall bit it seemed very quite overall had a fantastic night and there still loads of stories to come from the Barnes institute. 

Kathryn’s write up 

Barnes Institue Whitburn 10/02/2023.

The team set up the base camp in the cafe area in the ground floor of the building.
Once all the team had arrived they had a walk around and started to introduce themselves to the sprits of the building.

Once the guests arrived Chris gave the welcome talk to everyone in base camp during this time a strong smell of alcohol was picked up on my more than one person in the room.
Then we all headed into the main hall to take the group picture, and Chris delivered the white light protection to the group.
Main Hall
Equipment:Table on wheels and touch sensitive bear.

Chris left to do his live vidoe and the rest of the team stayed in the main hall.
Kathryn began to call out and the strong smell of stale beer/ alcohol was smelt again in the room.
Other people described the sneak as dirty unwashed clothes or really bad breath smell as well.
The groups started to get responces on the touch sensitive bear which was in the middle of the room and sat on the table. We were able to confirm that by touching the bear that was a “yes” response to questions but as soon as we tried to lock down a gender of the sprit the activity stopped.
Since the bear was only lighting up the left arm in the bear the guests asked if we could be swapped for the other bear, which we did, but did not get anymore responces to question on the bear after that.
We decided to do some table tipping to try and get the energy back up in the room.
On one occasion the light in the adapted toilet in the room came on and no one was inside.
As the light was in a sensor we waited until it went out again and then asked if there was someone in there then to make the light come back in again, which it did. A guest decided to brave it alone by sitting in the toilet for while alone and said that they heard “whimpering” from a child, so we put the bear in the floor to see if we could encourage interaction that way as they may have not been able to reach it in the talk table, but it didn’t help.
We had lights going across the wall of the room but were able to debunk this to traffic going past outside and were able to fix it with some bin bags taped to the main door.
There was some taps, bangs, shuffling, murmured voices, and heavy breathing heard around the room by different people at different times as well.
We then decided to take a break before heading upstairs.

Dance studio- Upstairs.
Equipment: Chime bowl, light up candles, EVP recorder, table on wheels and human pendulum.
Well all went upstairs as a group but then separated into different activities.
Chris set the EVP recorder up on the table in the middle of the room, with some guests standing around it asking questions and trying to get the energy going on the table.
Chris used the chime bowl to drum up more energy in the room while one of the guests did some mirror scrying in the large mirror in the studio.
Almost immediately her face changed in the mirror to show a shunken face almost stroke like features on the right side.
Her eyes seemed to shrink and become more beady looking with huge grey mutyon chops spreading across both her cheeks. This feature was even visible in some pictures taken during this session as well.
The rest of the group didn’t get much in the table a few vibrating feelings and we weren’t sure how much the sounds comming from the bowl would interfere with responses to the questions we had asked.
We then tried a human pendulum but Kathryn and Michael being pushed left tel he circle to try and shift the energy to one of our guests and with no one else feeling any definite pushing feelings then we stopped the experiment.

The gym rooms: Cat balls, word generator app and ghost metre pro.
We spilt down again into smaller groups and a few of us headed into the gym room at the front of the building, but any taps and bangs could be debunked by a temporary repair to a broken window in the room.
We then tried the smaller gym at the back of the building where we used a word generator app to ask the sprits questions.
During this time we got the names “George & Kitty& Michael”
When asked what the small room was used for and it gave us the word “play” which would have been a typical room for children in a victorian house.
We then got words associated with a local park, lake, train ect.
When we went down the line of questioning if “Kitty “ was all alone we got the words “eerie & mummy”.
The words took a more sinister turn when Chris joined the group so we stopped and headed down for a quick break, but popped in on the guests in the main hall to see how they were getting in there. There was some movement heard behind Kathryn and a guest at the back of the room where the piano was.

CCTV room
Equipment: phones to record other group in main hall area.
Kathryn and a few guests headed upstairs to watch the CCTV cameras for the last part of the evening while the rest of the guests were down in the main hall. There were some very interesting orbs in the room that seemed to swirl and float around the guests and the room unlike the normal dust particles that would zoom across the lense but no other activity was receorded or detected on the monitor.

We re grouped and Chris and the team thanked the guests for comming to the event.

Thank you to all the guests for joining us and look forward to seeing you all again soon.