Black Swan Inn, York - Saturday 28th January

Kathryn and Alan’s Write Up

The Black Swan York

Chris, Alan, Michael and Kathryn

We set up base camp in the upstairs room abovethe bar.
Chris welcomed the guests with the talk and then went off into the Stag room to do his Facebook live vidoe.
Alan did the white light protection for the guests and then everyone sat down to begin the night with a seance.
Kathryn and Michael began to call out to the spirits of the building.
It was very quiet at first but then guests started to feel cold breezes on thier legs and others felt pressure in thier hands and arms.
We placed some K2 meters in the table to try and encourage more of an interaction but nothing else happened.

We decided to split up into smaller groups and each take one of the bed rooms upstairs.
Kathryn took 6 guests into the Cottage Room, Alan took 6 guests into the Turpin Room, and Michael took 5 guests into the Stag Room.

Kathryn’s group Cottage room.
Equipment: touch sensitive bear, K2 and cat ball.
In the room guests spread out and sat on the beds and furniture.
One of the guest me went into the bathroom alone and another into a cupboard.
The bear immediately lit up the room. The spirit did not like us being so close to the bear, so Kathryn and two other guest moved away and the responces on the bear came through alot quicker.
Using the the bear as a “yes” answer to questions we were able to work out we were speaking to a little girl who was 6 years old, with a connection to the name Alice. Alice was not her name but the spirits name did be fine we an A.
We worked out that she may have had a doll/ toy named Alice when she was alive and liked the idea of naming the bear Alice.
Chris joined our little group and the energy seemed to disappear from the area.

Alan’s group the Turpin room.
Equipment: Cat ball x3 dotted around the room and a K2.
Alan began to call out in the room and there was a noise in the corner of the room next to the bed.
There was a guest in the bed and he was unsure where it came from. The group asked if there was a lady in room and a cat ball lit up immediately.
The ball lit up 5-6 times in a row in response to questions but the group didn’t get much information from the sprit.
One guest went into the bathroom alone but didn’t hear or feel anything.
Some of the guests and Alan got a strong smell or roses/ rose water that drifted around the room. The energy seemed to go abit flat in the room, so we decided to take a break.

After the break we decided to split down into smaller groups and tackle the rooms downstairs in the bar.
Kathryn took 5 guests into the back bar room, Alan took 10 into the dining room and Michael and Chris took the 3 guests into the Oak room.

Kathryn’s groups..
Equipment: Cat ball, touch sensitive bear, K2 and black mirror.
The small group spread out around the room, with one guest opting to go in the cleaning cupboard next to the fire place.
We started to get responces in the bear, using it to establish that there was a spirit in the room with us but once we asked if we could use the bear to ask them questions it stopped responding.
The cat ball in the table lit up and started to swirl around to the point where it fell off the table but once placed back in we weren’t able to get it to do it again, it just stayed still.
We had no responses on the K2 and the room felt flat so we decided to join Chris’s smaller group in the Oak Room.

Once in there the cat ball lit up on occasion and also spikes in the K2 meter as well.

Alan’s group the Dinning room.
Equipment: K2, rem pod, shot glass, fake candle, trigger bells and touch sensitive bear.
The group conducted and experiment where they were spilt into 3 small groups around 3 seperate tables in the room.
One group got vibrations on the table but didn’t actually move.
The vibrations lasted for a few moments but then stopped.
The group tried glass divination with four members of the group,
at first it was quiet, but then glass seemed to turn a quarter turn anti- clockwise and then stop. The group had not more activity in the room.

Everyone regrouped. Chris and Michael took half the guests upstairs and Alan and Kathryn took the other half into the back bar room.

Back bar room.
Equipment: crystal and board, Wendy, touch sensitive bear and Human pendulum experiment.

We started off with Alan demonstrating and talking the guests through how to use the crystal and the boards.
The guests were happy for Alan to continue using it as he was getting strong responses.
We established we were speak to a lady called Gwen/ Gwendolyn who was a “working girl” in the pub, which was run by her husband.
She was born in 1690 but unfortunately lost her life falling down the stairs at the age of 28.
This information was re affirmed later in the evening when we conducted the human pendulum experiment.
During this experiment we got flashed on the bear and once the energy left the guest in the middle of the circle, we got responces to questions on Wendy.
While in the circle the guest felt as if she was drunk but felt fine once the energy shifter to Wendy.

As we were approaching the last hour of the investigation we decided to have a quick break.

Kathryn’s group The Stag Room.
Equipment: Wendy, sls app and temperature gun.
We spread out around the bedroom, with one guest going into a cupboard alone and then one lying in the single bed.
The rest of us spread around the room with the double bed in it.
In one of the corners in the room dropped a few degrees while we were in there but it was next to the window and it was a chilly night.
The guest who was lying on the single bed had taken off her shoes and had one of her socks tugged off on her left foot, but we didn’t get any responses to calling out or on the equipment in the room, so we headed back to base camp.

Alan’s group The Cottage room.
Equipment: K2, touch bear, vox spirit box app, word generator app and evp recorder.
In this room the group began with the Vox box app.
The group this name a couple of times so they switched to the word generator app and the words “Nancy” “devil” and “knife” came up.
Alan switched in the EVP recorder and upon play back after the second question the was a very noticeable “groan” noise. The group also recorded a high pitched whining noise as well.
There was no other activity in the room, so the group headed back to base camp.

It was an interesting night, and we would love to go back and investigate the pub again!!

Michael B Write up

Black swan Inn York
Saturday 28th January 2023.

Chris started the evening taking group photos of the guest, then he introduced the L.V..I team, we got all the guests to stand in a circle and Chris read out the white light protection, after white light we decided to start calling out in base camp while Chris went off to do his live while calling out some guests were feeling a temperature change under the table on there legs, so the decided to swap seats just incase it was a draft coming from some were Kathryn checked the windows to make sure they were closed and the same guests were still getting cold draft, we decided to put 3 K2 on the table 1at each end and 1 in the middle after calling out there was no response and the room seemed to be flat, so we decided split up in to 3small groups and ventured of in to the bedrooms.

Michael group went off into the stag room and disturbed Chris but Chris didn't mind us joining him so he carried on with his live while Michaels group still in the room devices used we brought teddy bear K2 Wendy doll, Chris was communicating with a lady of the night and she seemed to be responding to Chris's and Michael's questions through tapping on the bedroom and and light the teddy bear up 10 mins went by and the room seem to go flat so we all decided to take a brake.

We regrouped in base camp and we split up into two larger groups and went down into the bar area Michael and Chris took about 8 guests into one of the side rooms in the bar equipment used one guest had her own cat balls so she placed them around the room and we had Wendy doll and rem bear and a music box in the door way,
Michael started to call out to spirits of the black swan to join us for a pint or 2 one of the cat balls started to flash and there was response on the K2, so we decided to build up the energy by getting the guest to sit round one table and join little fingers together,Chris started to call out to a gentleman he was picking up in the room after about 5mins it seemed like the table was pulsating through peoples hands and one guest was picking up a gentleman who could of possibly of been a jack the lad type and would like to arm wrestling for money we were getting responses by nocking and shuffling from spirits, room went flat so we moved on upstairs and went in to the cottage room room we got one guest to sit at the dressing table while doing mirror scrying we put motion sensor lights in the door way of the bathrooms and a cat ball on the bed before we got started one guest had noticed that she had lost her necklace witch had a small bottle on the end with some sort of perfume in it so they went of to look for it and they had found it on one of the stairs leading up to base camp we decided to for a circle and try and build the energy up one of the motion sensors went of leading in to the bathroom and the cat ball was going of on the bed we still had one guest mirror scrying who was picking up on a grumpy old man coming through to him, we left this room and went back down to the bar area and had a guest on the Christel board and we were getting responses and we got a man's names and age through on the board Chris turned on the spirit box but it was flat.
We had about 20 mins left so went into another part of the bar where we started a human pengalum while Chris and Michael were calling out guests weren't feeling anything, so Chris decided to start and call out to a malevolent spirit who was supposed to be in the basement after a few minutes there was a horrible smell coming from the bar like a roton smell the smell keeps on coming and going we had a cat ball set up on the bar and we could hear load thumping noises and the cat ball was going off on response to questions and the funny smell was still lingering we didn't realise what time it was and Allan came in to the room and said it's time to finish lads it's 3:10 in the morning theres some guests ready to go home. Black swan was a really interesting night and the time really went fast.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon