Bolling Hall – 16th October 2021

So we arrived at Bolling Hall and the location itself was amazing inside but did it hold energy from its previous occupants…… Guest’s arrived and we began like every event with our white light protection & grounding…. As we made our way upstairs & and settled in the bedrooms, we began to call out to spirit of the building, immediately we heard what sounded like a metal “ting” sound to response to a question….. We tried a few things to see if we could replicate the noise & it sounded like it could of come potentially from a metal frame in front of the fire… We carried on calling out and guest’s picked up on the name “henrietta” and potentially a gentlemen linked to a chair which was placed next to the beautiful bed in the room… Movement on the floor followed by a chest placed next to the window seemed to shake which several guests felt…. Shadows were being seen through the doorway onto the balcony along with a few of the guests seeing the curtain moving from the bottom of it… The window was open & we couldn’t discount the possible breeze from outside…. As we moved upstairs with the group splitting,  Chris took a group upstairs to which they took part in a EVP session. They had a k2 in the room but had no response to any questions but what really threw the guest’s was when they replayed the EVP recording they heard what sounded like a a door closing & squeaking and again what threw everyone was Chris had been tagging the noises that had been heard but hadn’t tagged these noises that had been picked up by the EVP…. Cam had taken guest’s into the “ghost room” and picked up on witches so she decided that all the men should head into the ghost room & do a calling out session….. The gents got comfortable in the room & began calling out and immediately one gent had a really heavy pressure on his chest which actually stuck with him everytime he went into that room for the rest of the event…. A sharp short dart of light as soon as we mentioned witchcraft was seen by 2 guest’s and another guest picked up on a lady being rather aggressive towards Chris…. We left the room & all gathered along the landing where alot had been seen by guest’s and had a spirit box session which produced a very strange noise coming from the spirit box which had never been heard before and movement on the stairs was being heard which staff from bolling Hall were hearing also downstairs…. We then left the guest’s to roam the building & Chris joined one guest who had set up a camera in the kitchen area but the noises that were being heard seemed to be coming either from the stairs or bedroom directly above…. Another gentlemen then proceeded to join in the kitchen as sson as he had sat down, shot back up as movement was heard as soon as he had got comfortable from the other side of the room…. The night seemed to get quiter as we proceeded & some of the guest’s had decided to leave but as the remaining guests headed upstairs with the curator of the building Paul who had worked in the building for 21 years the other member of the team felt pain in her leg which she felt she couldn’t actually move….. As soon as she had been moved from the area the pain disappeared which we couldn’t explain at all… All in all a very interesting place but seemed to get quiter as the night went on… Go team Bolling Hall