Bolling Hall - Saturday 29th April 2023

BOLLING HALL -- Saturday 29th April

Chris Lone Vigil -- Equipment used Radio Transmitter, REM POD, Cat balls, contact fuse, light sensor & music box

Chris took himself up to the first floor and the 2 bedrooms & war room to conduct his lone vigil. Settled down in 1 of the bedrooms, with nothing much happening at the beginning of the live, he moved himself round to the war room.
This room proved to be very active. Chris introduced himself to the room and immediately as he began to talk about the helmets, there was a very loud BANG. Everyone on the live heard this.
We continued to go down the war route and footsteps were heard on the floor above.
Names of Mary, Armstrong, John and flesher but no responses were made by spirit.
Chris took comfort on the floor and again once started to talk about the helmets 2 taps where heard by Chris and the viewers. A shadow was also seen out his peripheral vision across one of the glass cabinets. Also a male voice was heard by a viewer but not by Chris.
Even though we had a few names coming from viewers we weren't getting much response so Chris decided to introduce the radio transmitter to the live and this really helped interaction. Immediately the word "WEB" came through and Chris asked if the word WEB was linked and clear as day a voice came through and said "YES". Chris thought the name Webster could of been linked to the word. Chris then immediately got the word "MONARCH" come through the transmitter and then when Chris asked "did you fight for the monarch"? And a response came through saying his name "CHRIS".
When talking about the monarchy and the upcoming coronation of king Charles, just before he mentioned Charles, the word "WHO" came through referring to "who was the new king" This came through on the transmitter all within 5 minutes and was some very compelling responses on the transmitter. 2 viewers also at this point hear either a clearing of a throat or possible laugh.
Chris then introduced the contact fuse to try get visual evidence, a woman picked up on with a throat condition brought movement on the other side of the room when asked these questions by Chris. Mary was potentially being linked to the woman and then a loud "BANG" next to Chris was produced.
One viewer then picked up on the name Margaret and what was astonishing was the fact that the white noise produced a man say the name "Margaret" after Chris had asked the name out loud and it came straight after this.
Viewers then were picking up on her being a martyr, possibly being hung or crushed along with taps being heard around the table infront if Chris.

Chris then proceeded to end his Lone Vigil as guests had gone for a break. We had some incredible evidence come through in the radio transmitter and everyone watching heard these audible voices come through.


Equipment used - Senses & Temperature gauge

We all settled in the small space we had in the area and immediately one guest thought she heard someone walking down the stairs. Upon checking, no one was upstairs.
One guest picked up on a lady who had lost something, we questioned if it was a child and immediately a loud BANG was heard in the room. We checked the temperature guage and it had dropped from 14oc when we first arrived in the room to 11oc. We asked the lady to use taps as a YES or NO response and immediately got a 1 tap for yes when we asked if she had lost the child before birth. Movements were being seen from right to left across the windows by guests and definite taps to responses were heard.
The energy then shifted and everyone noticed how dark the room had gone. Whilst this began to happen, Chris did feel like his t shirt was being tugged. One guest picked up on a gentleman's presence and proceeded to use the 1 tap for YES & 2 taps for NO and straight away 2 Taps for NO was heard when we asked if he lived here, then 1 tap for YES when we asked if he worked here. We asked if he was a head butler and a loud 1 BANG for yes made us jump. We proceeded to ask if he wanted us to leave the area and again 1 tap for YES proceeded, making us then leave the area as requested.

Equipment used -- Laser Grid, Boggle, temperature guage, music box & Contact fuse

The group split in between the 2 rooms and ultimately the Nursery seemed very calm and not many responses heard.
The red velvet bedroom proceeded with a lady being felt and a loud bang next to the chair box made us jump. The laser grid was used and we some guests witnessed movements through the lasers but couldn't be 100% Sure that it wasn't our eyes playing tricks. Boggle was used but no words were found linked to the questions we asked but the word DIED was found in the letters. We then proceeded to use the the contact fuse with every holding hands but no activation of the fuse happened but 2 guests did feel a breeze past their hands as they were holding them together.

Equipment used -- Dowsing Rods, Scrying mirror, +/- Lantern, Proximity Bear & Tibetan Bowl

We all proceeded to sit around the table and begin a scrying session. The 2 guests that participated picked up on a Male and Female presence.
The male had sideburns and a very prominent moustache which was strange as during the live, a viewer had picked up on a gentleman with a prominent moustache. Was this the same gentleman?? At the same time a guest who was using the dowsing rods had a YES repsonse to did he work at the Hall and also a YES repsonse at the same time on the rods when we asked if he loved his job. We also had a change in the energy field that picked up on the lantern which changed the light from green to red then back again to green when talking to the gentleman.
The guest who picked up on the lady in the mirror, noticed her nose was very thin and long and also that she could see tears running down her cheek. There was no responses to the lady on the rods or on the lantern.
We moved into the bigger part of the kitchen as we had heard movement in here whilst doing the mirror scrying though once in this part of the kitchen, all seemed very quiet until we went to leave and the proximity bear started to flash. We got potentially children answering to the bear yet as quickly as we had gained trust with them, they disappated and we headed upstairs to the main bedrooms & war room.

Equipment used -- Dowsing rods, cat balls, +/- lantern & proximity bear

We proceeded to start in the war room and gained no response to any questions or the equipment we had laid down. With the remaining time only giving us 20 minutes left of the night, we decided not to spend too much time here with it feeling and being very flat.
We entered the end bedroom and proceeded to try charge the area up with holding hands and asking for spirit to come forward and communicate. We heard what could only be described and foosteps above us and Chris checked on a brave love vigil being done and no movement was being made by himself. What really baffled us was that he mentioned that the our "LIVE LOCKED OFF FEED" that had been placed in the toilet area of that bedroom had mysteriously turned itself off but just before it turned off, he heard a groan.
Back downstairs in the bedroom with the rest of the group, nothing had been reported and as the last 5 minutes was approaching Chris proceeded to see Cam & Paul's group to let them know to close down their activities and when Chris returned for his guests, low and behold our proximity bear and cat balls which had been placed on the bed itself, were activating between the bear and the balls when asked by the guests from the spirit to move from one peice of equipment to another. To have the energy moving from one equipment to another then back on demand is an amazing bit of evidence but unfortunately the clock had hit 2am and we had to thank spirit for their late interaction and close down.

All in all some great activity but also parts of the investigation quiet. We realised also when retreating back to base for the closing talk that we had forgotten to do the infamous "GHOST ROOM"

Thank you to Chris's group for their participation and energy.

Bolling Hall – 29th April
As Chris went off to do his ‘Live’ in the area of the Blue & Green Bedrooms and Civil War Room, Cam carried out the White Light Protection with all guests in the main hall.
Ground Floor
We remained on the lower level and tried spreading out across the room next to the main hall, the staircase and the dining room.
We called out to spirits of the building and introduced ourselves.
A few guests felt very uneasy on the stairs and a couple had reported that they felt there was a female presence with us. We didn’t receive any responses from our questioning. It was quite hard to hear anything as the slightest movement on the floorboards, echoed around us.
A large group of people and very noisy floorboards was proving to be very difficult to work with. The smallest movement even if standing very still could be heard. Cam split all of the guests into smaller groups, and put them in different rooms to start calling out to the spirits.
The Children’s Toy Room – Paul, equipment: Rem-bear and music box
Paul stayed with the guests in the children’s room and they were soon joined by the spirit of a small child. They had a Rem-bear and a music box in the room with them. The Rem-bear was turned off but the music box was next to it and did go off quite a few times.
The Red Velvet Room – no equipment
Cam had taken another small group of guests to the Red Velvet Room and started the call out for them. Cam was popping in and out of this room while she was seeing to the other small groups but one of the guests had reported that they were pushed in the back, more than once.
The guests reported that they were communicating with a female spirit who was looking for something. One of the guests said spirit was looking for her tongue, which had been removed when she was tried as a witch. This information was confirmed by the curators of Bolling Hall during the 1st break.
Main Hall and adjacent room – no equipment
Cam had taken another small group of guests back to the main hall and room which was linked to the left of it.
In the room to the left of the main hall, a couple of guests had picked up on a female spirit. We started calling out but we didn’t receive any responses.
One of the guests who was in the main hall said they were experiencing stomach pains. Cam asked if she wanted to be taken out but she declined. The guests said it was a male spirit who was putting an impression on them. We worked with this. We asked if they had been stabbed, one of the guests said no they were shot in the stomach. As soon as this was said, there was a loud noise which came from the corner of the room. No further responses from these 2 rooms.
Quick break
The large group was split into 2 groups. Cam and Paul took their guests to the side of building where Chris had done his earlier ‘Live’.
We all entered the ‘Blue Bedroom’ but the floorboards were noisy and a group of guests felt very uncomfortable, so we decided to split our group down in to 2.
The Ghost Room – Cam, equipment: Music box and Ouija Board
Cam took a group of 5 guests to The Ghost Room and opened the Ouija board as requested by the guests. We didn’t receive any messages come through the board which were linked to the building but the guests did receive personal messages.
After around 15 minutes, Cam closed the board and we tried calling out to the spirits of the building. Cam had turned on the music box but it didn’t go off. A couple of us did see a shadow figure stood near the bed but we didn’t receive any responses to our questions.
The guests asked if they could try the board again. Cam opened it and again, only personal messages came though.
The Blue Bedroom – Cam, equipment: Proximity bear
We tried calling out in this room and asked if the spirit who had triggered the cat balls earlier on our walk around could step forward. The proximity bear was on the bed but after asking if spirit could come closer, it never went off.
The group didn’t feel comfortable in this room so after about 5 minutes I took them to the next.
Civil War Room – Cam, no equipment
We moved from the Blue Bedroom straight into the Civil War Room. We didn’t take any equipment with us but could hear the motion sensors going off in the next room.
We tried calling out but the room felt very calm and the guests asked if we could move on.
The Red Velvet Room – Cam, equipment: Ouija Board
We moved back to the Red Velvet Room when the others had went for a break. I opened the Ouija board and we got no messages linked to the location, but the guests did receive personal messages.
The Solar Room – Cam, equipment: Rem-bear
Cam and her guests moved to the Solar Room but it was very difficult as we were aware of the locked of camera. We placed the Rem-bear in the doorway near to where the camera was and we tried a call out but we didn’t get any responses.
All of the other guests had been for a break so we headed to the main hall for a quick 5 minute break. Cam spoke to the guests and said she thought the group could work well with the Crystal Pendulum and maybe some table tipping. The guests were happy to try.
The Red Velvet Room – Cam, equipment: Crystal Pendulum, Cat ball and table
Cam explained how to use the Crystal Pendulum and we quickly received from spirit, our responses for Yes and No. Cam explained the guests that we must keep the questioning to only Yes/No responses. The guests works with the crystal and we started to receive responses. One of the guests had placed the cat ball just outside of the doorway. One of the guests said they didn’t like the responses coming through. The cat ball was illuminating too on request. The guest said they felt very uncomfortable and that it was a male spirit who had been following the group around the house. We asked spirit to walk away but thanked them for their responses.
The guests decided to try some table tipping. I explained how table tipping worked and they started calling out. The table did begin to move and they confirmed it was personal communication.
We didn’t receive anything from the building.
The lights then came on. It was the end of the evening. We thanked spirits for their communication and headed back to the main hall.