Bo’ness Townhall – 20th August 2021

So after a lovely trip through the rolling hills, we finally arrived at Bo’ness Townhall which once parked up we realised the scale & size of the building….. Once guest’s arrived, our talk & white lighting protection was done in the huge, grand ballroom we began to open up our senses whilst the light outside was beginning to dim down. We began the call out with not much reaction to spirit of the building but 2 guest’s picked up 2 different sensations. 1 guest had a heavy presence on her back along with coldness around her along with another guest smelling a burning smell. We then proceeded to check different guest’s temperature from the lady in question and actually other guests were actually colder. With a few other guests reporting a cold feeling around there legs but other than this we had no responses to our questions…. With it being quite in the main ballroom, we headed upstairs to the danceroom which a dance class had been taken place before we started the evening Investigation & thought maybe with it being quite so far we could use the energy of the dance class previous but unfortunately this did not prevail…. Few noises along with movement in the storeroom & staircase leading downstairs but apart from this, it fell all silent to our questions. We did ask if there was a potential spirit holding other spirits back & one of our guest’s felt a heavy presence on her shoulder once the question had been asked but even going along this route we had no response of significance. We thought we heard a potential kids laughter but weren’t sure if this could of come from outside. What was strange was the security camera in this room & the caretaker for the evening pointed out that all security camera’s had been working as they should be but once we had entered that room it began to lag and assured us this had never happened before & even questioned the team whether we were tampering with the camera as he was astounded by why they were doing this but apart from this Bo’ness Townhall felt very very quiet. We then headed for a break to try & recharge our batteries as with it being so quiet, standing around felt like it was draining us all. We then split into 2 groups, Tim taking his group down below into the depths of the basements & Chris taking his group to the old abandoned caretakers flat…… Chris & his group set themselves up in the caretakers flat & began calling out with a REM bear, music box & laser grid set out and the music box began to respond to our questions which later on we found out that it could of maybe been the group being potentially too close to the box itself. We did however have what sounded like potential footsteps in the next room & we headed into this room as there was a table in the middle of the room with a clipping of an old newspaper on there which was dated from December 1980 & we thought being sat around this clipping could drive up abit of the energy…. Tapping on the table along with rustling of the paper ensued as we asked if the caretaker was here & if this was his family home… What made this funny was we actually had the police visit the venue & outside the caretaker had to explain that we hadn’t broke in & was, in his words a spooky night…. We then headed underneath the stage area back in the main building & began a spirit portal session & had some very strange responses come through the box answering our questions. We had been told by the caretaker that a life had been lost underneath the stage & when we asked if this was true, we had the response ‘in a fight’ and then a response ‘forehead’ & ‘back’ which we linked to how he potentially died in the fight. We had also ’58’ & ‘james’ which was the name of this gentleman’s unfortunate attacker. We then asked if he understood why we were in the building & had an incredible response ‘to find’ which was amazing. It fell quiet with no responses to our questions so the team member Chris asked the question “can you tell us how many people are in the stage above us” as Tim’s group had now convened up on the stage & to our amazement the number ‘5’ came through & when Chris went to Check, there was 5 guest’s including Tim on the stage…. It then fell very quiet on the portal box so we joined Tim & his group up on the main hall & tried to communicate with us all in the room. We spent about 30 minutes trying to communicate by asking for responses but there was absolutely nothing to report which then lead us to ending the evening…. Overall a rather quiet evening but a few things that guest’s could take away with them…. We would like to thank all our guest’s for there energy & participation even though it was quiet & would love to return again….. GO TEAM BO’NESS TOWNHALL