BORWICK HALL 12 HOUR LOCKDOWN - Saturday 17th June 2023

Borwick Hall Lockdown

Cam and Ged Group
We started the evening with a white light protection which was delivered by Chris. There were a couple of knocks on the panelling in the room during this. Panelled Room - everyone We all stayed together as one large group and begun our call out. We heard what sounded like a couple of bells ringing and we also heard mumbling voices. This wasn't anyone in the room. One of the guests, Helen, asked if there was a priest hole in the building. We confirmed that there was some panelling which looked like it did conceal a 'priest hole'. We started hearing noises from in that room so we moved into it. Justice Room - everyone We moved into this room and a number of guests sat around the table in the centre of the room, with their hands gently placed. Helen was stood next to the section we thought could be the priest hole and started to feel unwell. Ged played benediction chants while we were calling out. Chris said he felt something brush passed his arm. Cam also confirmed that during the walk around, her left arm was touched in every room. Another guest also had experienced this. We asked if the spirit was touching the female guests on their arms. We immediately all heard a loud bang come from the area of the room where the priest hole was. A couple of guests reported seeing the colour grey and we associated this with the colour of his cloth. We continued calling out but didn't get anything more after the few knocks and people being touched, so we went for break. Following a quick break, we decided to split into our groups.
Cam and Geds group - Borwick Hall Bar Area (equipment: K2, spirit talking app and rem bear) We moved to the bar area as during break, Cam saw a figure sat in the chair in the bar room. She had also felt a presence following her when walking from there, back to base. Another guest, David, also reported that during an initial walk around, he too had seen a figure walk passed the bar door, when he was with Chris. We all sat around the room and started our call out. The responses were quiet but we all heard a door close. We were the only people in the building. Cam checked the doors on that floor as it sounded close but we didn't hear it again. The room was very still and we were getting no responses so we decided to casually chat amongst us. Soon after, we received 'I'm here' and 'listen' on the app. We did as was asked but didn't get anything more so we decided to move on. Cam and Geds group - Panelled room (equipment: K2 and spirit talking app) We all sat around the panelled Room and placed the K2 device in the centre of the room. As we were talking, Cam said she could hear children talking. Another guest also confirmed they had heard it. We continued calling out to the children and then heard what sounded like a giggle. We were also hearing little footsteps running around. Our guests, David and Lynsey had brought their haunted dolls and thought the little girl running around could be the attachment of one of the dolls. Cam felt a pressure across her nose and sinuses which was quite painful. We went with this and asked questions around the back story of the doll and little girl. The back storey was that the little girl had passed over from being exposed to the elements for days, waiting for her dad to come back from sea. He had died. A couple of guests could see a small figure peeking around the door which was open to the adjacent room. We figured this may have been her. The word 'trust' came through on the app. We all introduced ourselves and explained how we could be trusted. The room fell silent after a little while so we moved on. Cam and Ged's group - The Library (equipment: Table, rem bear, ouija board and K2) We all sat down and started with a call out. We all heard a door close. Again, we checked and we were the only people in the house. We setup 2 groups. We had 1 group doing table tipping and the other on the ouija board. We didn't get any activity on the ouija board but the table tipping was more successful. It was thought that they were communicating with a female spirit, who worked in the group. The movement was very slight but the guests reported the energy through their fingers which they found amazing as they had never experienced this before. After this, we all sat around in a circle and started calling out. Cam reported her arm was being touched again. Immediately the words 'we can touch you' came through on the app. We also received 'he killed us', 'flames', 'ashes buried here' and 'he's here'. We called out further to the man but we received 'bye' straight away. We had a little break and swapped location to the outer buildings. Cam and Ged's group We couldn't get into the conference rooms even though access was fine earlier in the night. The keys wouldn't work. We moved to the Stables. Cam and Ged's group - The Stables (equipment: proximity bear and The Portal app) We sat around on the benches and placed the proximity bear on the floor.  The bear lit up when we asked if we had a young male spirit with us. We then had nothing for at least 10 minutes. One of the guests started to feel unwell and we heard a metallic noise, at which point the door opened. We asked if he had joined us again and the bear lit up. We asked if he knew the young girls who we had communicated with earlier and if he knew who had hurt them. The word 'uncle' and 'aldous' came through. We also received the names 'Charlotte' and 'Harriet'. We called out directly to this person but again were met with 'bye' when we asked if they had hurt the girls. Cam and Ged's group - The Gatehouse (equipment: proximity bear and spirit talking app) We moved into the Gatehouse and everyone sat around. People were getting tired so we done a little call out. We placed the proximity bear at the bottom of the stairs and it went off quite a few times when asked. We asked who we were communicating with and the name 'Charlotte' came through again. She told us she was lonely and scared. We assured her she was now safe and no one could hurt her. After around 20 minutes we went back to the main house as the guests were getting very tired. We retired for the night but some guests stayed up to investigate. A fantastic building with a lot of trust to be gained. We started to get a little bit more as the night went on. Definitely one to visit again.

Chris and Kathryn Group
Borwick Hall 17th June 2023 We welcomed the guests into the base camp room which we set up in on of the dining areas in the bottom of the building. Chris delivered the while light protection to the group in panelled room and then we began to call out. We began to hear taps and knock on the panels around the room and a guest picked up on the energy of being confined in a small space. We weee told that there was a priest hole in entrance room next door, so we decided to go and investigate more. Kathryn and two guests stayed in the panelled room and out a bear in the middle of the room and one of the guest picked up on the energy of a “slave boy” with the name Antheist. We did not get a response on the bear to this line of questioning but we did get responces when asking if we had any women in the room who worked in the building especially in the kitchen area. We deceided to have a quick break before splitting down into our smaller groups for the evening.

Chris and Kathryn’s group. The Barn. Equipment: Touch bear, glow balls, K2, EVP recorded. We formed a energy circle with the bear in the middle of it. There was a feeling of a male energy who was walking around and leaning in and out to see what we were doing. He was described as a large shadow figure who had an imposing energy. There was also the energy of a stable worker who was potentially in a accident were he sustained an injury to his head and shoulder. We got responces on the bear to some of the questions but it was more when we were paying attention to it. We decided to do an EVP session in the room and some of the guests had uneasy/ sickly feeling in this room as well during to the point where they had to move to another seat in the room. The energy was felt as if they standing at the top of the staircase and we got some very audible breaths and sounds when we played the EVP recording to the quests. A guest picked up on the name “Roger” which was related to one of the guests in the group and the investigation fell on the anniversary of him passing away, but we were unable to confirm if that his connection, as we didn’t get any responces on the bear to this line of questioning. The Dorm room/ Conference room. We spread along the corridor and the dorm rooms and spread out the same equipment but we got no responces at all. We decided to go down into the conference room, again we spread out around the room with the equipment, we got a few touches on the bear but it wasn’t in response to questions, so again we moved on. The Gate House. We headed up stairs in the gate house and spread around the room. Chris sat on the stairs and another guest went up onto the second floor of the building. We placed the bear in the middle did the room and for responces almost straight away. We picked up on the energy of a man who had a job to protect the gate/ house. He had also seen military actions against the Scots near the house where he had been responsible for “hurting” people. It was at this point that Chris’s appearance started change, this was noticed by Kathryn and another guest. It seemed as if Chris has grown a big bushy beard, this was also around the time that movement in the kitchen area/ entrance landing. We decided to take a break before exploring the main hall. The Main Hall Chris and Kathryn’s group. Equipment: touch bear, and K2. Guests also used apps and own equipment. Bedroom 14 on the top floor. It took us a while to get up to the top as we explored the rooms on the way around and some of the more regular guests wandered off to do thier own lone investigations, but most of us settled in room 14. we places the bear by the fireplace and began to call out. We got responces straight away and began to communicate with a little boy who confirmed we we were in a female servants sleeping quarters and that he didn’t belong up there. He told us that he was brought to the house to train as a squire and but did not like enjoy his like at the hall. we then met the spirit of a lady who told us she got married and lived in the house but her husband died shortly after the wedding. She also told us that his family didn’t like her and were happy when the marriage was over so soon. The Libary room: Equipment: K2 and touch bear. The made an energy circle in the room with some chairs that weee already set out and out the bear in the middle on a little table. We got some responces on the teddy bear as we chatted and shared stories with each other, and one gues commented that they might be asking us to be quiet as we were in a libary. One guest felt abit agitated and was almost pacing across the room with an odd feeling so the also joined the circle and the feeling went away. The activity seemed to go flat very quickly so we asked if the spirits in the room would like us to leave them in peace and the bear lit up straight away, and the again as a response to us saying “good-bye”. As the night drew to a close we all met back up in the base camp to sort out sleeping arrangements for the night. An absolutely amazing building with a lot more to give in the future!!!