Castle Keep - Saturday 4th March 2023


*Castle Keep*

*Chris's Lone live || Chapel*

Glow Balls
Light sensor
Radio Transmitter

So Chris ventured down into the depths of the underparts of the Keep and into the chapel and with the activity that had happened previously with the team, a little apprehension was felt. A K2 was placed on the pew, an automatic light sensor in the door way and glow balls dotted around on the chapel floor.
The live was up and running and once viewers were on Chris began to call out for a father Thomas who had been interacting with the team previously. As before the k2 was responsive to his name. Chris then felt his head become "swimmy" which was an unusual feeling he had never felt before. An tightness around his neck made him feel very uncomfortable and upon asking the question "was this Thomas putting this impression on him" the k2 responded to his amazement.
One viewer had an impression that the feeling Chris had in his throat, was that father Thomas had some form on throat cancer in his life, and that had taken his passion away from the clergy. The "lords prayer" was recited in English and Latin by Chris and this seemed to ramp up the activity with audible voices being heard by Chris along with the viewers on the live which was incredible. Upon asking the spirit of father Thomas if he had lost his life to some form of throat cancer, again the k2 spiked to responses to the question.
Moans were picked up as Chris continued to communicate with Thomas along with a laugh which threw Chris a little. When the k2 continued to respond, clear footsteps were heard by Chris and the viewers along with shuffling on the main staircase.
The name of William then came to Chris and it felt as if the atmosphere had shifted a little and when the name was called out by Chris, the k2 responded immediately to the shock of Chris. The question of "Where you imprisoned here" again the k2 responded immediately and a feeling that he was a Scotsman, again K2 meter immediately responded.
Chris then decided to introduce the radio transmitter to try and communicate with either father Thomas and William and whilst the k2 responded to the questions, nothing was coming through the white noise.
Then whilst talking to the viewers on the live, Chris then thought he heard something come through the white noise on the transmitter but was sure what had been said as he had been talking to the viewers. One viewer even though they heard an audible voice say "YEAH" but Chris didn't hear this and hopefully our live picked this up and will be able to watch this in our YouTube episode.
The time had flew by and Chris had to return to the guest and team. The activity he had witnessed was truly incredible and the fact that the activity was exactly the same as what the team had, had before Chris went live, made it more credible. What truly amazed Chris and this wasn't picked up unfortunately on the live as he had ended it already to go up and meet the team, was that when turning the k2 off on the pew, the automatic light sensor went off. Chris was a good 12ft off the sensor, so it definitely couldn't of been him. Was it father Thomas leaving the chapel or some other entity entering Chris's space.

After hearing constant movement away from the chapel, Chris broke away with 4 guests to try and figure out where the noises where coming from. We got ourselves settled in the darkness and began to call out. Again movements where heard by the group and coldness was felt around one lady. Our cat ball that had been placed on the stairs leading up to the back of the base room had been quiet but upon asking the question if this was still father Thomas, to our amazement, it light up and made the group jump.
We then formed around a table in the middle of the room and the guests took part in a table tipping experiment whisky Chris stood back and watched. One guest felt coldness around her and tugging of her clothing. The table then felt like it was being moved by unseen hands and a number of "3.8" had spiked on our digital K2 which we then realised it could of linked to a answer we had before that the father was an age of 38 when he passed. Again the table began to rock and loud footsteps were heard by all, which truly shocked us all. During the time on the table our cat ball hadn’t responded to the questions and had been quiet as it seemed that father Thomas was concentrating all his energy on the table with some great and unbelievable interaction seen by us all.


Chris started the evening by introducing the team and giving his speech about L.V.I, we then headed into the main hall where we took group photos, before conducting the white light protection all guests had a tour of the castle. We then met up back in the main hall and Chris went off to do his live. Everyone stood in a circle while Alan conducted the white light, after white light Alan went of to do his own protection, everyone moved about in the main hall and Michael started calling out to spirit and reassured spirit that we weren't there to harm spirit or be disrespectful to spirit. The main hall seemed quite Michael asked all the guests if they were picking up on any presents and straight away one lady was picking up on a gentleman called James and she had seen him watching us over the balcony. We set some equipment out to try and make contact with James, cat ball and rem bear and a K2 was used. Michael started to call out to James.  Alan then started to call out to spirit and it didn't take long before we had activity on the K2, we worked it out that this could of been a softish soldier who was imprisoned in the cells, two lady's of the group went and sat on the steps and they were picking up on the soldier and he was intrigued why we were there. The room seemed to go flat so we took a break.
2nd half of the night Michael's group went down into the chapel area. The equipment used voice recorder ouija board K2 boggle rem bear coffin music box, Chris opened the board up and went of with some other guest who didn't want to do it Michael started calling out to spirit to come forward and communicate with us through the board 30 mins by and the board was quite. Chris came back in we then joined hand and made a circle to build up the energy in the chapel we could here movement from the other room like a shuffling noise and taping so we all went to investigate as we were doing this the music box went of and everyone was startled and a bit on edge it was like spirit was playing games with us, so we split into two small groups and asked spirit if this is what he was trying to do, Michael set spirit box up to see if we could talk to spirit but it was quiet so we decided to play boggle and it didn't disappoint, questions what we ask clarified that we were talking to father Thomas and he was there because he was in love with a female and he was looking for her and we got the females name on boggle as eve and Thomas was stood there, we were that he was in love with eve and back then it would of been a sin for a priest to be in a relationship with a lady, we ended the night in the one of the cells and Chris rejoined us we formed a circle to build energy up and Chris started to call out to spirits and it wasn't long before the whole group heard a lady's voice like a sigh or someone in pain, Chris got the shock of his life when he saw movement in the corridor where the toilet was in the cell and it was only a guest. Chris jumped a mile and everyone was laughing at him it's was time to call it a night we all went back to base camp and we all thanked the guests and spirit for a great evening.

Thank you to all our guests for keeping the energy going. We always say we can’t guarantee activity and last night really was a quiet night. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.