Castlegate Centre – 12th June 2021


Cam’s Group

We started the night with a white light protection in the large room which was our lower level of the areas.
After this, the area was large enough for all 3 groups to stay in so we decided on a call out.
It took a while for the energy levels to build. A couple of our guests felt what they described as a bubble of static energy around them.
One area in particular felt very charged. There was no electricity to the building so we knew it wasn’t caused by this.
We placed a K2 meter in the middle of the room but we received no activity from it.
We did however hear what could only be described as a ‘ting’, it was metallic sounding. Cam walked the floor and found screws. She picked one up and dropped it from various heights to see if it was from one of these but we couldn’t be certain.
Cam placed a large nail on a n open cupboard shelf, in an upright position acting as a trigger object, and also placed 4 screws in a small pile next to the lift area.
As Cam was unable to do her lone vigil due to the limited areas, we decided on a live with our guests in the same room.
During this, one of our guests, Ged, was calling out. He used to work at the building but gave nothing away. Lisa picked up on the name John and this was when they and other guests started to feel as if they had been touched, either on the head or on their arm/hand.
Cam placed a rempod in the doorway and we tried to guide spirit from the upper level to the room we were in.
We were certainly getting responses but these sounded like they were coming from the stair well area outside of the room. We later discovered that the room we were in, employees were not allowed in, perhaps this is why they didn’t come into the room.
We headed upstairs to the next floor. Lisa’s group were at the far end of the corridor, Cams group were in the middle and Chris’s group were at the other end.
Chris’s group discovered that the cupboard doors and drawers were all open again in the small kitchen area. We had closed these during our walk around, twice.
Cam set the laser grid up to point down the corridor and placed a rempod in one of the adjacent rooms.
Lisa’s team had a ouiga board and Chris’s team had other equipment.
We started calling out and the rempod went off twice.
The laser grid turned itself off when we asked spirit if they preferred total darkness and suddenly a large object landed next to chris.
Lisa’s team were getting activity on the ouiga board but we had to shut it down.
Chris was getting a lot of audible and physical activity around him.
We decided to break when it quietened down to recharge our batteries, it was very warm too.
After break we went back to the corridor and asked that everything turned off torches, stayed very still so that we could build the energy and hear what was going on around us.
We heard more audible noises and growls, groans. The toilet doors were opened when they had been closed. This happened numerous times.
My group went to the back stairwell where we had felt uncomfortable during our initial walk around. Cam saw a figure on the roof area twice in the same location. This was verified from our guest who used to work there, and we were told this is a regular sighting.
We sat down again in the corridor and heard a few really loud bangs which sounded like a door being opened a closed.
A couple of guests heard the ‘ting’ sound again when they were on the lower level. We discovered it was one of the strips on the end of one of the stairs. Was spirit on the stairs when we heard it at the beginning of the night???