Castlegate Shopping Centre – 11th December 2021


Alan’s Write Up

We started the evening with our guests taking part in a white light protection session up in the gallery. This would allow guests to open themselves to interaction with spirit and give a good level of protection and boundary setting. Shortly after the introduction, some air-conditioning fans came on which made calling out in the gallery a no-go as there was too much background noise. We decided to take the guests downstairs in the main shopping mall where we would do a calling out session. Chris, along with Katherine and Alan (LVI team members), led the guests in a calling out session. The only equipment that we used at this time was an EMF meter (K2) to see if we could detect and interact with any spirits.

On calling out, there was little activity so we decided to move further down the mall where guests could feel cold spots and many said that their legs were freezing. The only activity we got in this area was one of the shopfront shutters rattled next to one of the guests. As the air-conditioning fans had now turned off, we decided to go back to the gallery and let the guests see what they could pick up. After calling out, we initially got a few quiet taps and knocks. Some of these appeared to be coming from down in the mall with a metallic sound being heard twice as if something metal had been dropped on the floor. A guest thought the sound had come from a nearby café. Another of our guests, Claire, who is a medium, explained to Alan that she could see a large shadowy object over in one of the corners and it was on top of one of the locked rooms. She then said that she could hear the anxious voices of many children down in the mall. This was really interesting as two other guests were busy pointing up at the exact spot that Claire said she could see the shadowy object. On speaking to the two guests (Catherine and Angie) they told Alan that they saw something crouching on the top of the room and could hear the roof creaking!! Wow!

After a short break, the guests headed to the large room next to Mothercare. This turned out to be an excellent choice as the activity was about to be ramped up in the extremely dark environment . Guests took multiple pieces of equipment that included K2 metres, Wendy, our K2 doll, some rubber glow balls along with our touch sensitive trigger bear and a couple of REM pods. One guest was holding the Wendy doll and as soon as we asked out in the dark room Wendy lit up along with a K2 meter that was close by. These were going off at exactly the same time which is fairly conclusive that we had some kind of energy there.

Guests were sensing that we had at least one spirit with us in that room. Katherine mentioned that she saw a large dark shadow at the end of the room, behind Alan.

Claire (medium) then followed this up by saying there was a huge dark mass of energy behind Alan to his left hand side and that this was something unusual. Alan mentioned that his left leg was freezing cold and was told to be wary as Claire could not get a fix on what this spirit was or looked like. It appeared to be a (possibly) male spirit of unknown origin. The Wendy doll was lighting up frequently And we had confirmation of spirit activity when we asked for the trigger bear to be touched and lit up. This happened instantaneously which was absolutely brilliant for all in the room.

Guests continued asking out with Chris asking probing questions to try and get some history behind the spirit. On a couple of occasions there were breathy noises and a deep growl or groan. This only whetted the guests appetite even more. Towards the end of our time in the room, Chris mentioned that he had a pain in his stomach area and Alan quickly stated that he had an image of a man being run through with a sword. This is quite significant as there is some history of stories and other guests stating that they have pictured a man with a sword.

After the final break of the evening the team took guests to the old staff quarters through the underground car park and Alan stayed upstairs with two guests. Not much happened up here with the odd tap or knock.

The final area visited at the end the night was the galley. This area is full of smaller rooms that contain various kitchen equipment, tables and chairs that were used in the café . Chris led a group and conducted a Ouija board session and Catherine took another group. Alan and Katherine then conducted a table tipping session with five of the guests. When we asked for spirit to come forward and to interact with people around the table and through the table there was no activity to be recorded. We persisted for a while, but all was quiet. All in all, a very interesting and intriguing night at Castle Gate shopping centre with the guests enjoying a variety of possible paranormal activity.

Thank you to our guests for helping make the night an enjoyable night. We look forward to seeing you all again soon