Chester Le Street Community Centre - Saturday 26th March 2022

Well Chester le street miners welfare hall .
Ged Write up

The night started off with Chris telling guests
About LVI and after we’d signed in all the guests took the obligatory snaps. We had a quick orientation of the building and carried out white light protection in the main hall.
As always the night started by using our own instincts and awareness by asking out to the spirits of the building and placed a k2 in the centre of the concert hall . Little activity was witnessed at first until we believe a spirit of a male (possibly a soldier ) came through. One guest thought he heard an older lady say hello which as a first timer shocked him slightly.
After a quick break we split into 2 teams the guests i was with used a k2, rem bear and a word generator app. Lots of names came through ,lots of rem bear activity and the word generator appeared to correlate with the questions asked of it (quite impressive).
Chris finished his live and we had a break . We joined the other group in the Jean Curry room (dance room ) guests where quite shaken by activity experienced in there from again correlation of word generator and rem pod activity . All areas were accessed throughout the night and all guests stated they’d enjoyed their night with LVI .