City of Caves, Nottingham

We started the evening with the welcome talk in base camp from Chris and moved into the caves to complete the white light protection.

Main entrance area
Intuition, cat balls and K2

We began calling out and immediately seeing shadow figures and small dots of red light flitting across. We used the cat balls in the corner where the figures had been seen.

Chris moved amongst the group and as he did so saw a face rush towards his face, but couldn't make out any features as it was so fleeting.

Guests had sensations of smelling strong alcohol and then the smell of vomit. A handful of guests complained of feeling tight in the chest area and could feel the presence of a little boy, with one guest feeling the name James was relevant.

We invited the little boy to join us and play with the cat balls we had put down, and at this point a few guests could see a figure peeking from behind a pillar.

Towards the back of the group guests could hear shuffling further into the caves and this was accompanied by taps and a small groan.

As a group we walked through the cave system and placed ourselves in the small cubby holes and along the bridge walkway. Smells of dried lavender were present and there were hits on the cat balls which coincided with taps that could be heard from the other side of the walkway, along with dots of red light once again.

Alan had a feeling of a man who could be seen to sneer and be someone who was unpleasant towards others; similar to Bill Sykes from Oliver Twist.

A quick break and we split the groups.

Chris and Kate's Group
Cat ball, K2, human pendulum and ouija board

We started out by gathering for a human pendulum.

We had information coming through of a woman named Frances who had come to an untimely end after an accident involving her husband. They had lived in the caves, and children were mentioned, although we couldn't elaborate on if these were their children or who they were.

We moved along and tried a group on the ouija board, but this was very quiet and no energy came through so we had a small break.

Alan & Katie's Group
K2, cat balls, intuition, Tibetan bowl, dowsing rods, rem pod, rem bear and crystal board

We walked along to the area set out with World War 2 memorabilia, placing a rem pod in the walkway, K2 on the bench and rem bear perched on the sandbags.

Alan created some energy with the Tibetan bowl and we called out.

A little boy's presence could be felt again and we asked him to join us as we had items he could play with.

Guests had word generator apps running, and the phrase 'i can hear you' came up. We asked if we could hear him, and taps could be heard in the walkway away from the group.

Thinking he might be shy, we introduced ourselves. Katie made a joke towards Alan at this point and the word 'disrespectful' popped up, so she apologised after the telling off!

The rem bear triggered, we had flashes of K2 activity up to amber, but couldn't quite get him to come forward, so we tried the crystal board.

We managed to ascertain that we were talking with a 10 year old boy called Harvey. He told us that he was able to make noises and copy the knocks we were asking him to do, but wasn't going to do it. We asked if someone was stopping him, perhaps the 'Bill Sykes' character, and taps were heard again. We told him there is nothing to be scared of with us and if he wanted to, he could join us in another part of the caves when we moved.

We thanked Harvey and walked across to the opposite side of the caves. We set up the rem bear, a K2 and placed a rem pod along the bridge where people had felt uneasy as we walked over.

We called out and could feel a presence. We felt that it was the man Alan had envisioned before, but he wouldn't do anything with a large group there. Katie asked if he wanted a 'one on one' with him and at this point the word generator came up with 'one'. Needless to say, Alan got a bit spooked!

We moved along for a break to build up some energy for the last hour of the investigation.

Chris & Kate's Group
Bridge End
Pendulum, cat ball, K2, digital thermometer

We called out and the guest with the pendulum started getting a lady through called Matilda, and that she smoked a clay pipe. It was picked up that this lady in her lifetime had brought men down into the caves to kill them. We asked a lot of questions to try and understand what her motive was for doing this, but couldn't get a clear answer. We did get hits on the K2 while this was happening and the temperature dropped by 3 degrees.

It was noticed during this part of the night that Chris' face began to change, giving him a (more than usual) eerie look.

Some guests went into smaller groups for the final 20 minutes of the investigation and we got back together to say goodnight and safe journey home.

Some interesting pieces of evidence from the evening, so thank you to the spirits of The City of Caves.