CLEVELAND IRONSTONE MUSEUM - Friday 3rd November 2023


We started the night in the main part of the museum. We were centred around the old ambulance. In the call out guests got the name Simon and George, we heard faint taps but nothing in direct response to questions.
A guest agreed to sit in front of the ambulance doors, she reported feeling tingling on her back. Another guest stood in the same spot and was seen swaying. On looking into the ambulance a shadow occluded the small window at the front, we tried calling out but no response.
A guest reported seeing a small shadow in a room opposite, similar to a small animal. The room was filled with museum artefacts. The corner nearest to the door got very dark hence she was brave and went to sit in the energy to see what could be picked up. Whilst sitting there she saw a small child in-between the wall and the ambulance. At this same time other guests stated they had seen a face in the ambulance. And one guest reported feeling her leg be poked.
We switched on an ITC device and the names Arthur, Joseph and Sue were suggested. We asked for a "family name" and the ITC device gave us Clark and later Williams. One of the museum staff said that Clark links to a current member of staff at the museum!
A few guests reported being able to smell horses and at one time a member of staff and a guest experienced chest pain as though having a heart attack, we called out but no response to our questions.

Ventilation shafts leading to the Mines we took, rem, cat balls, vibration sensor, dowsing rods, infrared camera and transistor radio. (I wish we had taken the bells!) Oddly it was a calm environment, we could hear faint whispers and shuffling in the ventilation shafts. We blamed the dripping water however on looking down the bottom was dry!!
We began to make jokes and the vibration device triggered, trying to debunk this as laughter triggering the device however it was not! We continued with the lighthearted banter and the device would trigger when encouraged to keep the device alarming the spirit would.
I saw a disembodied foot walking across the ventilation shaft toward the door hence we followed. We used the transistor radio and a voice came through which sounded like "Tally" only later did a guest put 2+2 together and identified the spirit may have been referring to the Tally cabin outside! All was quiet hence we moved to the Tally Cabin.

Tally Cabin, Ouija board, Wendy K2 doll and light changing lamp. The board was quiet with no activity however on2 occasions the table felt as though it jerked. Nothing else occured. We moved back to the warmth of the museum with Wendy K2 and the light changing lamp placed on the ambulance….. nothing it was all quiet, we moved up to the mess room for a short burst again all quiet. There are times when nothing happens, at LVI we respect the building, the spirits and our guests and if nothing comes then so be it we had lots of laughter in an interesting venue.

Chris group
North drift Miners clock in room
Equipment used - Cat balls, glow balls, table tipping, our senses

So we split down into our group and headed to the small room that was outside the entrance to the North drift.
We all took a seat and began to call out. A feeling of a gentleman was being felt by guests along with one guest having an impression of heavy weight on their chest. With us asking the question, the cat ball on the far side of the table lit up on demand. One question of "did you have a family" lit up the other cat ball which we presumed as a NO answer.
We then could feel the energy building so all guests decided to take part in a table tipping session which ended up bringing some incredible results.
One guest who had the feeling of heaviness on their chest, sat on the chair still and could feel an energy in the corner of the gentleman. We asked if the gentleman was drawn to her and immediately the table shit over to her and resulting in the table being pushed right up against her.
We then played a mining song about working men and this really helped the energy with the table being pushed rather strong. We asked the far side of the room to be a NO response and the side of the room associated to the guest was YES.
The questions/responses we asked were as follows
Did you work here - YES
Did you pass down in the mine - YES
Did you have a family - NO
We're you in your 20's when you passed - YES
Was the guest who you were drawn to, remind you of your girlfriend - YES
Did you want to marry her but didn't get the chance to - YES
At this point, as the music continued to play we noticed the table was being pushed towards the ladies on the table and pinning them back down into their chairs and at this point a couple of the ladies on the table had cobweb feelings across their faces and a radio walkie talkie from the volunteer from the museum, was pulled from her trousers.
The table kept moving around the room and a loud bang was heard by everyone.
We asked the question "Did you die in an explosion in the mine" and the table response was "YES".
We then noticed the table seemed to be being pushing the ladies down back in their chairs and pinning them down. We asked if he liked the ladies in the room and enjoyed them being there and the table went round every single lady and pushed tightly against them.
We then took a punt on that he pinned down ladies and the guest who had the chest feeling started to feel very uneasy and the room seemed to darken a little. He wasn't a nasty man but enjoyed being dominant towards the ladies of the room.
The energy then seemed to dissipate after asking this question and the table stopped being pushed but felt like his energy was standing now in the background.
We thanked spirit and headed for a break before heading down into the mineshafts.

Equipment used - Cat balls, proximity bear, dowsing rods, circle work

Once we got settled in the shafts, we then formed a circle to gain a bit of energy. One lady was drawn to the far side towards the tools and cart as she and other guests had seen shadows darting across the back part of the room.
As we called out a few shuffling noises could be heard but nothing concrete as the dripping water was making it hard to distinguish if it was Paranormal.
We headed up to the top part of the room and used the cart as a trigger/table experiment.
The guests proceeded to hold around the cart and ask our questions along with placing a cat ball in the middle of the cart on top of the stones. A whistle was potentially heard along with the feeling of being watched. Again due to the water dripping down into the ventilation shaft, it was hard to distinguish if it was Paranormal.
A lady was picked up on which linked to when Chris was on the live feed as a viewer had heard a lady. We asked questions to try and get any responses but no responses either from the equipment or the environment. We proceeded to move into the fan room.

With time now dwindling down and the last 15 minutes or so we found ourselves circled around the vent we had opened.
Guests then picked up on seeing a shadow black out the crack from the door.
The shaft areas seemed very quiet and nothing concrete could have been distinguished due to the conditions.
Time wasn't on our side and we had to end our investigation there. Thanks to all our guests in the group that took part and made the energy great by calling out and having fun throughout the night.