Coxhoe Village Hall – 4th September 2021

So we began our evening at Coxhoe Village Hall & what a night it ended up being…. It was nice to have such an active evening with all guest’s experienced activity…. So after Kathryn delivered the white light protection in the main hall we all got comfortable & began to open our senses up with only the k2 as aide for spirit to communicate….. Immediately, spikes on the k2 to our questions & one guest picking up on the name Eleanor/Ellen…. Soon as her name was called out, the door in the corner of the hall began to move which ended up a member of the team & a guest checking to see if anyone was behind which there wasn’t. They then stood in the corridor which the door led to & asked for spirit to continue the noises & they did…. As the group continued in the main hall with k2 spikes, movements, cold spots & physical shadow figures been possible seen by guests, the team member & guest who were scoping the area of from which the noises had come from behind the door asked if spirit could head towards the group & touch someone’s ear….. Guest’s then split up into 2 groups, but as we split, Kathryn our team member spoke out about her ear being all tingly & felt on fire which absolutely shocked Chris & the guest due to them asking spirit to do this from the corridor earlier…. One team headed behind the curtain on the stage & the other headed to the kitchen area where shadow figures had been seen by guest’s whilst stood in the main hall…… The group behind the stage were calling out & had motion sensors being activated along with shadows seen walking past the little stairwell, up the corridor running adjacent to the stage area which were attributed to Eleanor…. Whilst the other group in the kitchen were getting reactions to questions from possible spirit of Tommy, with lights being seen, cold spots on various guest’s, tapping along with movement in the corridor… This then lead to Chris standing out in the corridor to check if any sounds were potentially being heard from outside & when it happened again, he then asked Kathryn who was in the main hall if she could hear them… What really astounded us was when Chris closed the door to head back to the kitchen with guest’s, Kathryn saw a gentleman stood behind Chris as he had closed the door on her & there was no one stood behind him as all guest’s were still stood in the kitchen….. Guest’s carried on asking & felt potentially Tommy could of been a pit worker with a cough due to some guest’s having a tickly throat…. The group then behind the stage headed up stairs with Kathryn & Stephen and the group with Alan & Chris continued down in the stage area which had thrown questions regards possible spirit interaction….. We still found Tommy was present & definite wraps were pronounce throughout the call out session & cold spots were felt…. What we couldn’t get our heads around was what sounded like a old phone beeping & possibly a child’s toy was being heard which wasn’t heard by anyone else when the whole group was in the area….. We recharged our batteries with a quick coffee break as activity began to dwindle & swapped with Kathryn & Stephen’s group who had been upstairs & we headed up to the hall upstairs…… We brought a few prices of equipment with us and as soon as the k2 had been placed on the table, it began to respond to our questions who we beleives was potentially Tommy again who had chest complaints from his mining days…. We tried to recreate some energy by taking part in a table tipping session with the guest’s but nothing prominent happened apart from the k2 spiking on demand & only quiet taps on the table but we weren’t sure if they were or not…… We then tried a human pendulum with guest’s which led to something very strange happening to a member of the team & this wasn’t told by him until the end of the evening once we were packing away & was confirmed right at the end once the whole group were together upstairs….. We proceeded with a guest called Alan being asked to be the lucky one in the middle to answer the questions asked…. We found a gentlemen had passed away due to an accident by heart attack and both team member & a guest who was on the outer circle feeling this impression on there chest…. Constant cold spots & movement was heard along with potential voices as we conducted the human pendulum but the voices, we couldn’t be 100% sure if they weren’t coming from external noise….. We then decided to head back downstairs and into the room where the other group had some strange responses on the spirit box whilst we were upstairs….. We spent about 20 minutes in this room but we didn’t get major responses from our spirit box session but we did have some potential words come through….. So for the last push as it was heading back together all as one group & headed back upstairs and engaging in a brilliant call out session with a guests peice of equipment which was responding to our yes or no questions along with a motion bear going crazy which validated it was spirit talking to us…. We mentioned earlier that Alan our team member told us something at the end of the night and this started with our last question of the night before we left…. We beleived that we were talking to Tommy but Alan threw a curveball question asking spirit if this was someone different and low & be hold answered yes…. Who could it of been?? Alan our team member told us that during our human pendulum session whilst groups were split up, he had a potential mesage from spirit with the letters “A” and “L” which led him to asking the guest calling Alan to enter the middle of the pendulum then when asking the question is your name potentially Alan, the bear & other peice of equipment went absolutely crazy both at the same time which hadn’t happened…. This just blew the team members mind when we were talking about this when guest’s had retreated home and to have such a prominent message given to Alan was brilliant…… We wrapped it up and ensured all guest’s had had a good night and all guest’s confirmed they had some amazing evidence & activity……. We can’t wait to return to Coxhoe Village Hall….. GO TEAM COXHOE VILLAGE HALL