Coxhoe Village Hall – 8th January 2022

So our eagerly anticipated return to Coxhoe Village Hall was upon us & after our welcome talk & white light protection was complete we began the evening with our guest’s…. The main hall was our 1st port of call & began to call out to spirit of the building… After an initial quiet start, 2 guest’s picked up on a feeling with 1 guest saying that they were drawn towards the stage which immediately a member of staff took them to conduct a Lone Vigil there whilst another guest picked up on the name Robert, which stuck with us throughout the evening and also the date 1942… A feeling of potential that Robert was to do with the pit mining community took a few guests into the kitchen area which linked to an previous investigations findings but without letting on to the guest’s… In the kitchen area, thumps were heard in the adjacent corridor along with the temperature dropping… One guest picked up on Robert not being particularly happy along with the feeling of a bus trip to cleethorpes was the impression she was getting… At the same time the rest of the group in the hall had heard music & talking but weren’t sure if the talking was coming from external noise along with couple of guests feeling the sensation of unsteadiness whilst on there feet the group from the kitchen then returned to the main group in the hall and processed the information to the group…. Cold spots & movement was being heard over in the back corner of the room. We then split with one group calling out on the stage whilst the other group headed underneath the stage as one guest had been drawn there after being touched quite a few times up on the stage whilst with the main group… We settled in the narrow corridor and immediately the gentleman started to feel icy cold spots along with being touched on his arm… 2 guest’s then started to experience the unsteadiness on there feet again, so much so that the plank of wood they were stood on was actually rocking backwards…. Another guest experienced a sensation of something moving over there feet… After a quick break we then moved onto the office at the front of the building & this took a wayward turn in terms of Robert who we had beleive was in the building at the time with us…. All guest’s got comfortable around the table & placed there hands on the table with the finger tips connecting each other… The same guest who had picked up Robert earlier said that he was annoyed & the word “crazy” kept coming to her… The k2 began to spike then moving onto our proximity bear immediately after which prompted a member of the team to ask Robert to then move it down to the other bear situated at the opposite end of the table which to our amazement it wasn’t the bear that set off but the printer turned itself on… Continual feelings from Robert was that he wasn’t happy & that he was only going to do things when he wanted to as he thought it was “crazy” what we were doing…. The word “creator” was given to a guest which made his think that he had something to do with the town & the k2 & proximity bear confirmed this… Robert continually was telling our guest that he was a powerful man & that he would not allow other spirits of the building to come forward…. We did get the feeling of the lady that has been reported by staff & potentially her name was Christine but she was very weak due to Robert not allowing her to come forward & 1 guest telling us that she was scared of Robert… We then established that Robert may of been part of a gang or cult in the area & made the conclusion that he shouldnt of been there & throwing his authority around… We then decided to try & turn our attention to the spirits of the building that resided here at Coxhoe Village Hall & ventured upstairs… Once upstairs we began to try & communicate with other spirits that we knew haunted this building & not give Robert his attention that he so much craved.. The REM pod then mysteriously had its battery drained & the bear was telling us that Alan a spirit who we had met on previous investigations here was communicating but we weren’t 100% sure that it wasn’t Robert posing as Alan as it went very dark and just didn’t feel like it was Alan.. Movement out on the corridor landing was heard along with bangs downstairs.. Guest’s were also experiencing cold drafts & seeing movement over in the kitchen area but nothing was confirmed as the music box hadn’t been activated along with the clutch of marbles we had also placed on the floor in the same vaccinity… It was then back down to the main hall before we wrapped up the evening investigation & behind the stage one group had felt nothing untoward apart from a guest who felt touches on his head & a icy cold feeling behind him towards the small set of steps… All in all, a very very interesting night, not what we expected at all… GO TEAM COXHOE VILLAGE HALL