Deanbank and Ferryhill Literary Institute – 22nd Octber 2021

So we arrived at Deanbank & Ferryhill Literary Institute with anticipation for what the night was to hold as this location had never been investigated before…..

Tonia’s Write up:

So we began with our white light protection and opening up our senses whilst Chris was completing a live vigil live last night, myself & Robbie worked the guests in the main hall. Myself & Robbie conducted a calling out session with little to no response… we encouraged the group to join in but silence… we decided to move the group into another room to see if we could get any interaction with spirit… Robbie called out and we started getting a feint tapping noise the tables, sounds could be heard from the corridor so I asked if anyone wound like to sit in the corridor and see if they heard the knocking…. 1 guy jumped at the chance and his group of 4 decided to join him. We left them in the corridor and continued to call out in the room…. Flashes/balls of light were seen by myself & Robbie and the feeling of a child spirit was noted. The name Jacques (or Jack) had been with me all day so I called out to see if there were any links with the building and I believe Chris had some responses to this whilst doing the live…
By this time Chris had rejoined the group and we headed the group upstairs…
we got a spirit through on the spirit box upstairs which said there was a lady in the hall way we got the name syd through numerous times then we had a spirit come through and tell us to be patient and after that it said trick.

Chris’s Lone Vigil:

Chris had taken himself off to take part in a Lone Vigil for a Facebook live & movement was being heard whilst a avid watcher had picked up potentially a nurse from the 40s… Chris began to use this information & called out to which his torch had began to flicker….. Gentlemen in uniform was also being felt but to which we had no response…. So Chris then re joined the team in one of the rooms downstairs & a name of jacques was potentially being picked up…. Cold breezes on guest’s legs were being felt with movement in one of the corner of the room…. Children’s presence were also being picked up & a Teddy bear REM had been placed in middle of the room but no responses were made…. Chris in the meantime had popped upstairs to a group that were having exact same feeling of cold breezes on there legs which was very strange with guests downstairs picking up the same….. With the room not giving us much response we decided to head upstairs….. The group then got comfortable in the cafe area with 2 guests being brave & sitting out on the back stairwell where Chris had done his live earlier on in the evening…. Tapping was being heard along with the REM bear going off only once & the whispering off voices…. One of the brave guest’s took themselves into a room on there own & ended up scaribg themselves senseless as there were masks in the room but apart from the room feeling a drop in temperature, nothing apart from a modem could be heard…… The group in the cafe had a couple of k2 spikes & again only once the bear going off to our questions…. The group then split across the top floor & movement in the room next to the cafe were heard but as soon as the group of guests had taken there seats it just went quiet whilst calling out….. Spirit box in the cafe had been introduced and the name Steven, Sid & Chris had popped up along with spirit telling us children were present which linked to earlier on… Also spirit had actually called how many people were sat in the room with the number 11 coming through…. The night was very quiet and as it came to the end we decided to get the scrying mirror out which brought some good evidence…. All guest’s picked up on an old gentleman which even scared one guest to a point of shaking and abit of banter between guests as Chris had put his foot in it telling one guest he looked “very old”…. All in all a very very quiet night but was this due to spirit never being investigated before inside Deanbank & Ferryhill Literary Institute but its like we always say to guest’s we can’t guarantee spirit to come forward on any investigation we do…. But massive thankyou to all guest’s & the team for giving it there all & getting through a very quiet night with some good banter between us all….. GO TEAM DEANBANK & FERRYHILL LITERARY INSTITUTE