EDEN CAMP - Saturday 11th November 2023

Eden Camp Investigation 11-11-2023
Team: Cam, Kathryn, Katie and Colin.

We arrived at the museum and Summer, a memeber of the museums staff, gave us a very warm welcome and some maps.
We set up base camp in Mess Hut 1 and we went for a walk about in the rest of the site.
We went into Hut 7 which is set up like a street and as we wandered down we heard taps on the windows of the shop windows.

As the guests started to arrive we headed back to base camp,
Summer came and gave a health and safety chat to all the guests and Cam delivered the LVI welcome talk to the group.
We decided to go into Hut 6 The Vera Lynn Music Hall where Kathryn delivered the white light protection to the group.

Hut 6: The whole team.
Equipment: A cat ball and a K2 meter.
The guests were seated in the rows of the theatre and Cam played the Vera Lynne song “we’ll meet again” and the group sang along, we placed a car ball in the mantle at the front aswell.
Cam and Katie danced around at the front to the music to try and drum up the energy, and we got responces on the cat ball straight away.
We then put a K2 next to it and we got very strong responces on that device aswell, with most of the hits going up to Orange.
We establish we weee speaking to a spirit that was well known at the musuem for his antics, and he admitted that he was a trickster. He is known as “George” but we don’t know if that’s his actual name, he admitted he is known around the musuem and that he knows the staff member on site, Summer.
He also admitted to throwing something at her and leaving s mark on her leg.
The energy changed and a female spirit came into the hit with us, Colin got the name Agnes, which she confirmed was her name.
She was very strong on the K2 with her responses, we were able to work out that she was a nurse and she was still at Eden Camp looking after the prisoners although she had served as a nurse on the front lines as well.
Cam heard a women’s voice singing and Agnes confirmed it was her but a man’s voice was heard grumbling at the same time too.
On several occasions members of the group heard whistling comming from outside of the building, be we were able to hear this very clearly as the door was open.
Agnes confirmed that this was the POW’s whistling as they were working/ on thier way to work, but it was residual energy and they didn’t know we were here.
Agnes confirmed she could hear us but not see us and at points we had the cat ball and the K2 meter lighting up at the same time.
There were cold spots felt around the room even thought it was already cold in the room, and as the energy seemed to slow down.. we decided to split into our three teams for the rest of the evening.

Kathryn and Colin
Hut 4 : Britain prepares.
Equipment: K2 meter.

We went into the hut and spread out along the corridor, almost straight away three of the guests at the
back of the hut, one of whom, was sensitive to spirit, informed us that they were feeling a “wavy motion/ feeling” like when you stand in the sea and the waves lap up onto your legs.
We began to call out and we got taps and bangs, as we asked questions about the scenes and artifacts in the hut. We placed a K2 meter on the floor where the guests were feeling alittle bit uneasy, we got a few responces to questions about the Motorbike in the room, as when we asked if there was a female in the room with us again.

Kathryn and Colin
Hut 3: The U-Boat Menace.
Equipment : K2 meter and spirit talker app

We moved into the new hut and spread out along inside of the pretend U-Boat, there were some smaller rooms which some of the guests sat in as well.
One of the guests, didn’t want to go very far into the due to an experience on a previous investigation, so they hung back a little bit.
We began to call out and we got some interesting responces on the app, we got “shot”, “he shot me” i didn’t want to die” i’m not aggressive” and fatal”.
The feeling was picked up on that the spirits in the room were reluctant to come forward as they were finally free and didn’t want to be captured again so they were unsure about speaking with us, which is understandable considering where we were.
The energy seemed to so we went for a break warm up a little bit.

Kathryn’s group
Hut 10: POW Life.
Equipment: Rem pod and tempreture box.

We spread out along the corridor and began to call out to the spirits in the hut, this one was set up with how the POW’s would have lived at the camp.
It took a while to build up to the activity but became a lot stronger when Kathryn asked if thier picture was on the wall of the hut, and a guest, who is sensitive, pointed out which picture it was straight away.
It was a gentleman called Alfred Haase, who worked on a farm while he was held at the camp for 3 years.
As Kathryn read out the information on the card, the pad changed from green to blue and beeped alot.
Alfred confirmed all the information on the card was correct and also confirmed there were 5 other spirits in the hut with him.
We started trying to use google translate to ask him questions in German as he wasn’t able to understand Kathryn snd frouo when we tried to speak it,but the only answer we got was to the question,
“Are you happy here?” to which he replied “No”.
The energy seemed to fade and same guest picked up on energy of another man who has finger curly hair, and we began to question this man, th only information we got from him was that unfortunately his picture wasn’t on the wall and he wasn’t remembered.
During this time as well there were a couple of shadow figures seen at each end of the hit aswell.

We decided to go to Hut 1 on the way back to base camp.

Hut 1 : Rise of Hitler.
Equipment: Tempreture touch pad, REM Pod and spotify.

We spread out again along the corridor and placed the touch tempreture box on top of a barrel that was in the room.
One of the guests said they could hear a really loud ticking clock, but only one we found wasn’t working.
We decided to play some of Churchill’ speeches on Spotify to try and drum up the energy in the room, and on several occasions the touch box turned from green to red and beeped.

We decided to go for a break as it was heading into the last hour of the night and we wanted to meet up with the rest of the team.
Eden Camp was an very very cold but amazing experience and can’t wait to go back again.

Katie’s Group

Hut 28 (1944)

Cat balls, K2, intuition

After walking through the displays we settled to call out and asked spirit if they wanted to join us and let us know they were there. A few faint taps could be heard, but overall everyone felt it was very light in atmosphere in this Hut and as we had so much ground to cover we decided to move along as we couldn’t get any clear responses.

Hut 27 (1943)

The smell of coal came in wafts while we were in this unit and we had spikes on the K2 when we talked about the cigarettes and tobacco that were on display. This spirit seemed to pass through quickly and as soon as it came, it went! We spread out the group along the corridor and called out for any other spirit to join us, there was an energy to the air, with one guest getting the feeling we had a child spirit present, who we affectionately referred to as ‘the peeper’. We set the cat ball along the corridor to try and entice them to get curious and step forward to join us. There were spikes on the K2 so we knew they were there, if a bit shy. After promising not to look we turned away from the cat ball and it got a hit! Sadly, we just couldn’t quite get there with any sustained communication, but the evening was already showing promise. As we were talking we all heard the scraping sound of metal against the floor outside, we assumed it was the other group who were in the Huts opposite, but when we came together and discussed it during a break, the other group had heard the same thing and assumed it was us….after a warm up we decided on our next activities, and one of our guests discovered she had won a long vigil, and she decided she would like to do it in the WWI Hut.

Hut 11 (WW1)

Leanne Lone Vigil

Our guest Leanne set herself up amongst the World War I memorabilia with a music box at the entrance and the spirit box to communicate. Katie left her for her 15 minutes (faithfully promising she would be back!) Leanne’s time in the Hut was quiet and not much was coming through and she felt the room was comfortable, but nothing of note. Still, she was brave and re-joined the group to join in with the table tipping.

Hut 12 (Mess Hut) – guest appearance by Colin!

Table tipping, K2, Spirit Box, inspiring speeches from Churchill

Our guests gathered around the table and we placed a K2 in the centre – to get the energy going we played the famous ‘We Shall Fight Them’ speech by Churchill. Immediately the K2 was hitting up to orange with vibration felt through the table. Spirit was extremely active when listening to the speech and she seemed to really enjoy us laughing and asking her about their time at the Camp. At this point Katie went to fetch Leanne back into the group after her brave lone vigil in the WW1 hut. We switched the spirit box on, and from our questioning we understood we were talking to a female who was a nurse at the Camp….it was none other than Agnes who had been with us in the Vera Lynn Hut! Agnes was determined to tell us a story so we asked her to use the spirit box to give us words so we could navigate our questioning to find out what it was that she seemed so desperate to tell us. At this point we got hits on the spirit box with numerous profanities coming out.

At this point one of our guests felt an uncomfortable feeling in her throat, as if she was unwell. This feeling remained throughout the session and at one point she felt drawn to the back of the room and sat where the energy felt strong with a K2. There were clear taps at the back of the room and it was felt that this was possibly the original hospital wing where the wounded were being treated.

Back at the table with Agnes, we were told that she was deeply unhappy with someone in particular, and this was a former lover she was involved with, but we couldn’t get the story through why this was. Agnes confirmed that she was an army nurse who looked after many soldiers throughout the war. The group heard ‘Churchill’ twice coming from the box and Agnes had found him inspiring to keep everyone going during this horrific time. We asked her if she would like us to keep playing his speeches like a ‘greatest hits’ album and the K2 spiked to red! As much as we would’ve liked to adhere to her request we still had so many areas to visit. We asked Agnes if she would stay with us during the night and with a clear ‘yes’ on the box, we asked her what Huts she would like us to go to. The series of ’20, 21 and 22’ clearly came out of the box, which we knew were the huts which were inter-connected. We headed off to see where she would take us….

Huts 20, 21 and 22 (Bevin Boys, Civil Defence and Forces Tribute)

Glasswork, K2, and a lot of intuition!

In Hut 21 there was a display dedicated to nursing, we got hits on the K2 that Agnes was still with us and that she wore a uniform just as that in the display scene. There were photographs and she told us that she was in one of them, however, they were behind the glass scene so we couldn’t point out which one she was. At this point one of our guests had the strong urge that we needed to be in the next Hut along, so we followed the intuition and went along to Hut 22 where there were various military uniforms on display. We stopped in the corner where the energy felt strong and set up glasswork on the table. Immediately we were getting K2 hits and clear answers, and we found out the story Agnes had been so keen to tell us. She was romantically involved with a soldier and she had fallen very much in love with him. She desperately wanted to marry this man, however, she discovered he was already married and when the war was over he went back to his wife as he wasn’t from the area. This devastated Agnes and although she went on to marry a Yorkshireman farmer, who had made her happy and had two children with, she could never get over the hurt this man had put her through, and she had settled for second-best. When asked, she told us his uniform was in the room, we saw the uniform of a man by the name of ‘Church’ and she let us know in no uncertain terms this was him. She was happy that she had got to tell us about what had happened and we thanked her for telling us such personal memories and we hoped this gave her some peace to get it out there. We had spent a considerable time in these last few Huts so we had a quick break as we were going to join back up as a big group for one final big activity and push for energy before we had to leave.

Full Group

Hut 12 (mess hut)

Séance, K2

Our guests sat around the long table and Cam asked them to get the energy going by calling out words that had an association with the war; we called out ‘bombs’, ‘blitz’, ‘spitfire’ to name but a few. We began getting hits on the K2 which confirmed we were talking to someone who had come through during the evening. Trying to work out which group spirit had been in contact with, we asked out and it was none other than the star of the evening….Agnes! We shared the stories that we had all learned about her from the night and she lit the K2 up to yellow and orange confirming all of it. We asked if there were any other spirits with us, such as the man who had jilted her. We got a hit on the K2, although he did seem a little sheepish to come forward and talk to us. We only had minutes left of our investigation, and the evening had gone so quickly, but we had all had some truly amazing experiences in the group and our sub-groups. We thanked all the spirits for their amazing communication and interaction throughout the night.

Eden Camp is a beautiful location with so much energy. From stories of despair to cheeky tricksters, it’s safe to say this place has the lot! We can’t wait to come back to this wonderful place!

Eden Camp - November 11th 2023
Team Members - Cam, Kathryn, Kate and Colin

After welcoming our guests, Cam gave the introduction.
We decided to all head over to the Vera Lynn Music Hall, where Kathryn delivered the White Light Protection to all of our guests.

Hut 6 - Vera Lynn Music Hall

We stayed as one large group in the Vera Lynn Music Hall as it was big enough for us to try and build the energy together, as one large group.
Everyone got comfortable and Cam played the song, ‘We’ll Meet Again’.
We had also placed a cat ball in the middle of what looked like a fireplace at the front of the hut, and a K2 device on the far left side.
As the music played, everyone joined in and were singing the song.
Katie and Cam started dancing, to lighten the mood also. I think it was the Waltz but I can’t be certain what we were actually doing ????.
When the music finished we started calling out to the spirits of the camp.
Kathryn saw something outside of the hut and had also heard a noise. At the same time we had all heard a whistle. It sounded like it had come from the far end of the hut near the door. Everyone was accounted for so Kathryn went outside to do a perimeter check.
When Kathryn went outside of the hut, the cat ball illuminated when we asked if spirit was trying to get our attention.
After a few minutes she came back and as we expected, there was no one outside of the hut.
Colin said the name Agnes had came to him. We went with this and started to get some brilliant responses on the K2 device.
We discovered through questioning that Agnes was a nurse who looked after the injured soldiers.
Following the settling of activity, we decided it was a good time to split into our groups.

Cam’s group

Hut 7 - Street At War

Cam led her group into hut 7 which was designed like a street of mini shops. We spread out throughout the hut and started calling out.
We were in there for around 20 minutes and got no responses, no feelings. The hut was very still, which was strange as when the team members were in there during their walk around, they all heard tapping on one of the shop windows.

Hut 8 - Women At War

We moved on to the next hut, which was named Women At War. There were a lot of pictures, stories, and even letters from Queen Elizabeth thanking the women for their work and bravery during the war.
We moved through to the middle of the hut and went to total darkness. We called out to the women. We asked about the work they would have done during the war. We heard a few noises but they were quite quiet.
Cam decided to play part of Churchill’s speech. We stood silent, just listening to his words. Just then we heard what sounded like either a dragging noise or a heavy door being opened, as if being stuck on the floor. There was nothing in the hut which could have made this noise and we were all accounted for.
Cam continued with her questions and one of the guests said he felt like we had been joined by a prisoner of war. He was Italian, allowed to work on the nearby farm, fell in love and got married. As the guest was talking about this, Cam was getting sharp stabbing pains in her chest. Cam asked if the guests were feeling ok. Another guest said they were having pains in their chest and were struggling to breathe. They said it was as if everything was smokey.
Was spirit allowing us to experience what they had during the bombing?
Cam then decided to see if we would get a reaction and played the sound of an air raid siren going off. As soon as she played this, everyone felt an icy cold gust pass them as if people were running. A couple of the guests were shouting out ‘get to the bunker’s, ‘grab your gas masks’. When the siren had finished the icy cold blast also went.
The outside temperature had started to drop so we went for a hot drink to warm up.

Pre-Fab & Dig For Victory Garden

We started the 2nd part of our night at the pre-fab house which we had been told also had a memorial garden, which contained people’s ashes.
The house was locked so we stood around the outside of it, calling out.
Cam had placed a rem-pod on top of the fence post and a guest asked if they could try using their spirit talker app.
After around 10 minutes of standing out in the freezing cold, we were getting no responses. The spirit talker app was also quiet. The only words that came through as a sentence was ‘I’m still here’. We all asked if they would communicate with us.
Just then we realised that we weren’t even stood at the memorial garden, but the pumpkin patch.
We moved to the other side of the pre-fab to where the memorial garden was. Cam placed the rem-pod on the gravestone. This was the original gravestone of Lilian Eaton. It was donated to the camp by her son, after he had replaced it with another.
Cam started calling out. She asked if Lilian was with us. The rem-pod went off. Cam then asked if she had lost her life during a bombing. It went off again. As Cam continued talking about how Lilian had done what any other parent would do for their children, it went off again. The responses were amazing. Everything we spoke about which was written on a sign next to her grave, was confirmed with the rem-pod going off.
We thanked Lilian. We also told her that it was remembrance day. After paying our respects to Lilian and the other spirits with ashes in the garden, we headed next door to the chapel.

Hut 29 - 1945 & The Chapel

The hut was filled with pictures, stories, and statues depicting life in 1945. As we continued walking through, we arrived at a set of double doors. This was The Chapel.
The Chapel was decorated with poppies, photographs and articles. There were 2 benches, a bit like church pews. The guests spaced out along the benches and we placed the rem-pod on the floor. We also devices to try communicating using dowsing rods.
Cam asked if any of the guests would like to try the rods. One of the guests who was on their 1st ever investigation offered to have a go. Cam showed the guest how to hold them and explained what would happen. At the same time, another guest had also brought their own dowsing rods which they also started using.
We started calling out and the guest with their own rods was receiving activity on his, which we learned was a personal communication to him.
After around 10 minutes of watching our guest working with his dowsing rods with his family member, Cam asked permission for the spirit to step aside to allow the spirits from the camp to come forward. The rods crossed. This was the sign for Yes on both sets.
We continued with our questions and both sets of rods were giving the same response at the same time. We established we were communicating with a male spirit, who told us he was an Officer in the Army who managed the Prisoners of War. We were also communicating with a female spirit, who was the Officer’s wife, but also had a role in the Army.
We asked where they were stood in the room and both sets of rods moved pointing to the corner. Just then we heard movement and the rods quickly moved, pointing at each other. They sat like this for around 10 seconds when one of the guests suddenly threw his rods on the floor. He said it felt like an electric shock came off the rods.
We checked his hands, they were ok but you could see it must have hurt.
Cam asked if she could feel the rods. They were cold but strangely she could feel a warmth pulsing from them. Our guest was happy to continue.
We continued with our questioning and asked if they were standing together in the area where both rods had been pointing. They crossed telling us Yes.
We asked if they had used their energy to cause the sudden charge of energy which caused the incident with the rods. Again they crossed.
The guests asked the 2 spirits if they would communicate with us using a ouija board. The rods crossed so Colin, who had just joined us went to get a ouija board.
By the time he came back, the energy had shifted so we moved to the next area.

Hut 28 - 1944

There wasn’t a table for us to place the ouija board on in this hut so we had to use a flat section which had newspaper articles and facts about life during 1944.
Cam opened the board and a few guests went on it. They were calling out and you could see the planchette was trying to move but the energy was very weak.
We decided to move on as time was ticking by.

Hut 29 - 1943
In this hut there were images of the Belsan Camp and the prisoners who were kept there. It was so sad.
We called out to the spirits.
One of the guests was using his rods and the rods were moving but then they suddenly started spinning. There was movement to the left of the guest and the rods moved, pointing to that direction. We could hear tapping and a couple of footsteps.
All of a sudden our guest stiffened and said he felt like something was right next to him. After a couple of minutes of the rods still doing strange movements, they were visibly vibrating at this point, the guest let out an exhale, visibly relaxed and the rods stopped with the strange movements.
The guest who had experienced this then said the name Helmut. Who was this?

It was now approaching 1am.
Cam said that if any of the guests would like to carry out their own lone vigils, they were more than welcome to. Off they went, exploring the huts.

Cam and Colin headed back to Mess Hut 1 where we had setup base camp and saw Kathryn and Katie were there, with a few of their guests.
We decided to all get together, as they weren’t too keen on doing lone vigils.
We headed to Hut 12.

Hut 12 - Mess Hut

Cam said she would like to try a seance.
The guests all sat round the table and Cam asked each person to take it in turns to shout out a word which would be relevant to the 2nd World War. There were words such as ‘bombs’, ‘Churchill’, ‘shrapnel’, ‘injured’ and many more. We went round the table twice, doing this to try and build the energy.
Kathryn placed the K2 device in the middle of the table and we started calling out to spirit.
The K2 device quickly lit up and the spirit confirmed it was Agnes, the nurse who we had been communicating with in the Vera Lynn hut.
Kathryn and Katie led with the questions as it was their guests who were around the table.
Cam left the hut to check on her guests and a few of them came rushing toward her, all excited.
They had been in the PoW hut and found the ID card of a prisoner who was called ‘Helmut’. Was this who had affected our guest in hut 29?

The end of the night came. The night had gone so quickly but it was brilliant. What a fantastic location to be given the opportunity to investigate. Looking forward to returning.