EDEN CAMP - Saturday 9th March 2024

Chris & Colin
Submarine Hut

Equipment used
K2 meter & senses

Upon entering this hut, you could immediately feel a shift in energy.
As the group spaced out along the hits dark corridors, 1 guest felt a very oppressive and tall gentleman.
This gentleman was very authoritative and began to rush up in the guests face which immediately made her leave the hut to get away from the energy of this gentleman.

As the group congregated in a smaller part of the hut, immediately we had hits of the K2 meter answering the questions about this gentleman. He was a spirit that liked to use his authority and was originally a prisoner of war that made a deal to became of Foreman of the camp. He used his power in a bad way and used to treat the others prisoners badly.
1 female guest felt 3 strokes of her strokes during this time and felt very uncomfortable.
A physical voice was heard by a few guests of YES when we asked the question "Were you a former prisoner of war" and immediately the K2 also lit up all the way to red.

Shadows were seen poking around the walls along with light anomalies in the shadows, which were seen by quite a few different guests.
A smaller group with Colin at the back of the hut also began to hear dragging and footsteps which coincided with our questions towards spirit.
We also had, what sounded like something being dropped on the floor as there seemed to be 3-4 taps of it bouncing and settling but couldn't determine what this was when we tried to look for something that could have made this noise.
Cold draughts were also being felt but this could have been the through straight of the winding corridor of the hut.
This gentleman definitely made his presence felt during this time and was an Italian prisoner of war that had been captured but took a deal to become a warden of the camp, certainly not a nice man.

We then decided to move on as the time was getting on and into the music hall the remaining of the group went.

Music Hall
K2 and Spirit talker

Colin asked the group ( about 5 ) to make themselves comfortable and then started to call out, the spirit talker said some words like, Grace x2 , I am upset, mortuary x2 but nothing to the questions Colin was asking out, the K2’s flashed a few times but nothing in response to the questions Colin or the guests were asking, Colin and the group were in the music hall for about half an hour, it felt very flat, there was a few knocks but we put that down to the wind, nothing really happened that we could call paranormal which is a shame but the music hall felt very flat and still, the group still asked some good questions but there was no response, the time had caught up with us so Colin said to the group to make our way back to base camp, Colin thanked the spirits and then left.

Hut 20,21, 22
Cat balls, K2, music box, proximity bear.

Abbey, Colin and Chris

The group spread out along the corridors and the team started calling out, after a short period both K2’s started flashing and did seem to correspond to the questions being asked. The proximity bear then started to flash along with some of the questions, a few guest said that spirit answering the questions was nurse, who attended the soldiers and was like a mother hen to them. One of the guest ( Rob ) sensed we could have a language barrier with one of the spirits, we decided to move to the uniform section of the hut, One the guest placed the proximity bears on top of the display cases, Colin said to the spirits that we would like to ask some questions and they can use the bears as yes and no and explained that the left bear was no and the right bear was yes, we seemed to communicate with a lieutenant Church who was pleased to answer our questions, just before Chris entered the hut a female guest said she heard a meow from the corridor and when Chris came in he too said he had just heard a cat as well and then Chris referred back to when we were doing the walk round and we heard a cat then, when Chris put on his touch he noticed a poster on the explaining about the animals they cared for, like cats, dogs and pigeons, there did seem to be a noises like a cats meow. We decided to have a break and plan our next move.

Bar and Cinema
SLS, K2, Cat balls

Abbey,Chris and Colin

The guests spreader out and Chris set up the SLS on the bar and the team began to call out, one the k2’s started flashing the guests were asking questions some seemed to be answered, Chris asked if the projectionist was with us and the K2 did seem to spike to that question, Colin asked if he was grounded and the K2 went straight to red, Abbey asked Chris if had closed the door when he came in and said yes, Abbey replied that the door had opened a little, we can not be sure if it was the wind or not, the room did seem to go flat and Chris said about putting on Vera Lynn’s White cliffs of Dover on to see if we could build up the atmosphere , a guest found the tune and played it, nothing seemed to happen, so Chris suggested putting Glen Miller, which the same guest did, this time a an American pilot came across, we did not find out much about him.

Homeland guard hut
Car balls, bender, spirit talker app, phones

Abbey and several guests

Abbey and the guests set up cat balls along the corridor, bender was placed in the middle of the corridor. Abbey called out to spirit, guests also called out. The guests kept saying they could hear tapping, when we investigated there was nothing around to make the noises. Abbey heard the same noise at another area of the hut. As lots of noises were heard in the corner, Abbey suggested moving a cat ball to that area. The cat ball kept going off. Abbey then suggested putting bender around that corner to, to see what happens. When bender was placed onto the ground in the corner he ceased to work, Abbey picked him up and put him back in the corridor to see what would happen, she did this several times and then when she put bender back in the corner he worked, however the front light of his body turned orange. At this point he did not move or make noises. We continued to ask spirit questions. The cat ball lit up consistintly during the questions. We found out he was a male spirit who was called Edwin and he worked for homeland guard. His picture was on the wall behind us. We thanked Edwin for communicating with us and asked him questions about his life. Bender started moving and making unusual noises. Bender continued so Abbey reset him and again to see what would happen Abbey put bender in the corridor, all his lights were blue. As soon as he went back into the corner the same light turned orange and this time as we were asking Edwin questions benders eyes blinked at us as though he was responding. One of the guests said they could feel someone touching her back. We had spirit talker on and a word app. Colins name came through. The guest said the feeling of someone behind her was not going, she then got a response for spirit talker saying standing behind you. She was standing in front of Edwin's picture. We thanked Edwin again for all of his communication and we moved on.

We went into the womens hut and got no feelings, we approached the submarine hut and immediately one of the guests was reluctant to go inside however the other guest wanted to have a look. The guest went in the room and came straight out saying she did not like the room.

What an incredible place Eden camp is, it delivered lots of activity with bangs, animal noises, equipment lighting up etc. We only scratched the surface of Eden camp and with more investigations we will uncover more stories. A fantastic place.

Eden camp.
Sophie and Claire, Vera Lynn Hut.
While Chris was completing the white light protection, Claire witnessed a small female ghost walk in front of the guests at the back of the hut, at the same time Sophie could hear the perspex in the picture frames cracking and popping. Claire spoke with the guests who had been the closest to the spirit, they confirmed they had sensed the spirit too!
We began calling out for the female spirit to make contact with us, and a guest gave the name Catherine. We heard taps on the doors on request.
Other guests could hear bangs and movement at the rear of the hut and they turned to watch the area. A different guest asked why they had turned, he then went on to state he had seen a female spirit peeking around the corner. Hence confirmation for them both that they had witnessed something.
A guest picked up on a male spirit called Kristopher. (not the usual English spelling of the name) The spirit talking app, twice referenced the word “doctor” we attempted to confirm if the male was the doctor, however no direct communication was received.
Several guests went off to do lone vigils in hut 5, 2 and 9. They reported that they received active bangs and taps on request.
Submarine Hut, vibration sensor, cat balls and K2.
We made ourselves comfortable in the centre of the hut. However we all commented that we felt as though we were swaying as though on the water. The vibration sensor alerted us to movement and we heard clear footsteps in the back of the hut. We asked the spirit to come forward and quickly guests could see a male figure behind people. This figure moved around us, sometimes standing behind people and other times standing next to us, we all were able to have an experience of seeing, hearing or feeling this male. When asked to touch someone, he did. When asked to touch the equipment, he did.
We got the name Gregory and he was British, however he failed to give any more data about himself.
Sophie and 2 guests went to do a lone vigil in a hut. After calling out for a while, eventually a cat ball starts to roll and light up. We expressed our gratitude and asked yes and no questions. We managed to decode that there was a British male doctor and he was responding to the name Viktor. We tried to get a video of the cat ball moving however activity completely stopped when the camera was recording. We told Viktor that we would stop.
Claire and Sophie.
Huts 21,22,23. Music box, K2, Ouija board, Estes method.
We started as a full group in the uniform room. We had the white noise radio on and multiple K2’s. We heard very clear footsteps deeper into the hut, but the spirit failed to come closer. Some of the K2’s would illuminate, but again nothing would interact or communicate with us.
We moved to the mine area of the building. We placed a “volunteer” outside of the mine, he had the blindfold and SB7 via headphones on. We called out but the only phrase that came through was “I couldn't do that”, nothing else was given. In the mine guests could see a swirling mist and then a guest saw a hand between him and his friend. We heard footsteps as though they were leaving and all activity stopped. We weren't able to get the energy to interact.
We moved to the Street scene. We performed a Ouija session, nothing occurred and no devices were activated. All guests reported they didn't feel anything untoward and were very comfortable in the space.
We moved to the Torpedo Hut. In blackness we again put a volunteer in Estes. She didn't pick up any words or phrases. We had the white noise radio playing, no words were given. We did experience movement and shuffling, a white light was seen and Sophie witnessed a pale faced, ginger haired head of a spirit walk past her. Nothing in the room would interact.
Eden Camp is a wonderful space. I feel there is a lot to witness and experience, there are residual ghosts but also some intelligent and active spirits. It's a huge area and we have just started to unpick the stories of some of the resident spirits.