Elmwood Community Centre – 17th December 2021



So we began our evening as ever with our group photo & our white light protection and once done we all settled down in the main hall beginning with only a k2 for company and our senses to see what we could sense from spirit… Chris began to call out to spirit with questions linked to the family that lived here but no response whatsoever… There was 1 loud bang that sounded like it came from the main corridor and when Chris went to check nothing could be explained for this… He bagan to ask about what the building had been used for previously & for spirit to give any smells to guest’s but again the silence fell so still… So the group then moved onto the main corridor where 2 groups split themselves into the 2 rooms off the corridor whilst Chris & the rest of the group sat in the corridor & asked spirit associated to that part of the building to come forward but again apart from the odd noise coming from the stairs & behind the shutters it felt so silent & still…. We split further down the corridor & had a few taps on response to question of the spirit upstairs but again on request for confirmation the building felt so still…. Quick break brought hysteria from some guests as the tap had turned on its own in the toilet… We moved upstairs with a range of equipment including REM pod, proximity bear, light sensors, music box & k2 and a few indications from the music box went off but we couldn’t be sure as the room was quite small & may of been picking up movement of the guests legs…. The portal app was brought out to see if spirit would respond to this but no questions were answered but Chris did think he heard a sentence that said “a girl was missing” but upon asking about this nothing else was given by spirit…. No responses on all the equipment so an EVP recorder was brought out & used to maybe hear spirits voice but again absolutely nothing was being given by spirit… We then headed back downstairs into the back meeting room and Chris tried to use the story about what the part of the building was used for but again spirit was not playing & was deadly quiet with no responses from any of the many equipment we had out in the room…. Quick break & the last push allowed guest’s to go off on there own for some alone time but guest’s again reported nothing with the equipment they had taken…. We say it all the time to our guest’s that we cannot make spirit perform & tonight was a prime example… All in all an extremely quiet night but would like to thank guests for there participation… Go team Elmwood Community Centre