Elmwood Community Centre – 29th October 2021



So we started the evening at Elmwood community centre with the guests in the back room area of the building. Myself, Chris and Guests began calling out. Though quiet at first, once the building emptied and settled some guests started seeing flashing lights coming from under a set of double doors that unfortunatly we were unable to access. Small raps and clicking sounds started to be heard around the room. Some participants felt there was a presence in the room with us, but felt it was watching us from the sidelines.
Part of the group went with chris up the corridoor into the main part of the building, as we followed up one of the guest felt that the spirit of a young girl was putting an impression on her making her chest tight. Once the lady left the area the feeling lifted. Guests had the name of Rebecca or Emily coming through to them in this area.
We then made our way to the upper level of the building, we entered a disused office area and after some calling out we began to get some responses on the K2 meters. The energy in the room seemed to intensify when we joined hands as a group. The K2s were going off in tandem and what seemed to be the spirit of a female house keeper or maid seemed to be responding to our questions. The proximity bear was also lighting up on its left arm, though there was a guest stood fairly close to it at this point.
After break we entered the main hall area of the building, setting up the K2s a REMpod and the SLS camera. Again it stared quiet with no activity on the equipment. There was noises heard around the room and there was a presence felt in the conservatory area that lead into the main hall. Chris used a spirit box app and after getting the name Richard through on a couple of occasions it said “chris” then “allison” three times almost in succession.
Chris then lead some of the group upstairs and i took the remaining group into the stable area. We sat around the table together and had a really good energy in the room but unfortunatly there was no notable activity in the stables.
Myself and the group then made our way to the tea rooms, again we started calling out but had no activity on the equipment. Two members of the group then witnessed what they described as a small child shaped shadow peeking in through the glass looking into the room from the corridor (the same corridor the spirit of a child was felt earlier in the evening) one guest said in her years of investigating she had never seen anything like it.
As the evening drew to a close, the guests said they had thoroughly enjoyed the evening and had felt positive spirits thoughout the building.