Elmwood community centre
Clare, Cam, Clare, Abbey

Welcoming guests base room

Clare 1 and Cam greeted the guests whilst Abbey took the photographs and Clare 2 directed the guests to the base room. Clare 1 welcomed all of the guests, she went through health and safety and the welcome talk. We had 2 guests who had never been on a paranormal investigation before.

Main hall
Cam, Clare 2, Abbey
Cat balls, table for table tipping, rem pod
Cam conducted the white light protection whilst Clare 1 took our subscribers up to the experience rooms to do the live feed.
All team members called out to spirits to come forward. It was quiet though figures and shadows were seen in the back right hand corner doorway leading towards the old base room. Temperature changes were felt when spirits were entering the room. Two cat balls were placed on the floor to entice any spirits to come forward. We did not recieve any responses. Cam said she could see a lady in the door way. She was dressed as a maid. We encouraged spirit to come forward but she stayed in the door way watching. Children were present, so it was decided that we would play hide and seek. Cam counted to 10 and we encouraged spirits to make noises so that we could identify where they were. Cam has a feeling something was next to the table leg so Abbey put a cat ball in front of it. We got soem responses to the questions asked as the cat ball lit up. When we communicated with the maid we encouraged her to knock once for yes and twice for no. She responded to most of the questions with an answer by knocking. Whistles were heard and an unusual sound like a hissing of a fizzy drink. This was heard by Cam and several of the guests. As we were not getting many reposnses table tipping was the next activity to try. Several guests joined in the table tipping however the table only slightly moved, one of the guests asked if we could use the bigger table because he had heard that last time the table moved alot. There was no interaction with the table so it was decided to have a quick 5 minute break.

Room with red carpet
Clare, Cam, Clare, Abbey
K2, Robs music boxes

All team members called out to spirits. Harold is the ghost who recides at Elmwood came forward and communicated he wanted Rob in the corridor. The music boxes went off. Clare 1 suggested that Harold may like another person to do a lone vigil. Alan had gone in the basement and then into the dolls room to do his lone vigils. We were again.ot getting much interaction so Clare 1 suggested we did a human pendulum. The lady who was chosen to go into the middle was one of the ladies who has not been on a paranormal investigation before. Spirt chose forwards for yes and backwards for no. The lady in the middle found it difficult to keep her self composed, she felt as though she was compelled to move into the direction that the spirit wanted to. The guest was getting overwhelmed with all of the questions, she asked if we could stop, she then began to feel dizzy. Clare took her out of the room.

Main hall,
Clare, Can, Clare, Abbey

Table tipping
We tried table tipping with most of the group, and the table moved ever slightly. All of the team asked spirits questions Cam and Abbey tried really hard to get a Harold to come forward but he wouldn't. Again the table tipping was not successful. There was a tiny bit of table movements.

It was time to thank the spirits for there hostpatilty. Even though it was a quiet night regrading equipment it was still a fun night and I can't wait to the next investigation.