EXCLUSIVE Abandoned Park Hotel WEEKEND - Friday 26th - Sunday 28th May 2023

The Park Hotel Weekend 26th - 28th May 2023
Team Members: Chris, Cam, Kate and Colin
Night 1 - Friday 26th May 2023
After greeting our guests and settling them in for the weekend, Chris done the introduction talk and then headed off to carry out his 1st 'live' of the weekend.
Cam, Kate and Colin lead the guests to the cellar where Cam carried out the white light protection.
We started with a call out in the area where the barrels are connected. It took a little while for anyone to experience anything, but we heard what sounded like small objects being dropped or thrown in the next rrom. All guests were accounted for and no one was in the room where the noises were coming from.
A few guests said they felt as though they had been touched. There were also temperature changes.
We continued calling out to the spirits of the building but didn't get anything we could call a direct response at this stage.
This weekend was very different to our usual weekends as we had a special guest. We had a dog with us named Twilight. She was calm throughout.
We moved to the other side of the cellar into the area where the old 'aga' cooker is. Again, we called out but we didn't receive any direct responses.
We decided to split into 2 groups to see if we would receive any responses.
Colin moved back to the other side of the cellar with 5 guests, they were based at the back of the cellar in the beer cooler. A K2 device was placed on the table and Colin was calling out to the spirits. After a few minutes the lights on the K2 started flickering between green and orange. Colin asked if the spirits minded them being in their space but got no reply. Colin then asked if they could take the lights from green to red and after a few minutes the K2, went from green to orange and held on orange for a few seconds. Colin asked if they were male, no reply, then asked if they were female, still no reply. They then started to hear a few taps from a door behind Colin, there were other knocks and bangs but they were de-bunked as being outside. Colin asked a few more questions but the K2 was just randomly lighting up whatever colour the spirit wanted. Colin and the guests were in the cellar about 10 minutes and Colin asked the spirits “if you want us to leave, make the lights go from green to red”, in which they did, so being respectful of the wishes of the spirits, Colin and the guest left.
Cam stayed with the remaining guests in the other side of the cellar, where the kitchen area was. She lead the guests through the other rooms in that area and tried a call out in each room but it was eerily silent.
After being in the cellar area for around an hour and a half, we decided to go for a break, before we split our groups.

Chris and Kate's team: Night one.
Equipment used: small table already in the tower and two mobile phones.
Chris and Kate took their team of guests to the top floor and initially grouped together in the tower room. Chris took three guests into the tower itself whilst Kate was with four guests in the room below.
The team inside the tower gathered around their table and attempted table tipping, whilst the team below them formed an energy circle around their table to build the energy. A lady in Kate's group picked up the name Isobel and a gentleman in the tower became quite emotional as he picked up on the spirit of a person who had either fallen from or thrown themselves from the tower itself.
Eventually, the team split into two, with Chris' guests remaining in the tower and Kate taking her guests to the far end of the same floor. This was so the Estes method with two mobile phones could be attempted.
As soon as Kate's guests got settled in their area, we began to experience a series of knocks which corresponded to questions the team were asking. Chris began the Estes method using his and another guest's mobile phone and he returned to his team in the tower. Three attempts were made to maintain the open line between the mobiles, however after two minutes exactly, the calls would disconnect despite both phones having full 4G signal. During the calls, Chris could hear anomalies on his end of the line, including what he believed to be a heavy breath or moan. After the calls disconnected for the third time, Kate asked out to see if the spirit in the room was disconnecting the calls as they did not like that method of communication. A tap was immediately heard as a yes response (one tap for yes, two for no).
Kate's team continued to ask questions and received very accurate responses over the next 40-45 minutes. The team ascertained they were speaking to a young woman who was called Edwina but preferred to be called Ed. She worked at the hotel and was assaulted by an older colleague, resulting in her becoming pregnant. Ed took her own life in 1968 and was buried nearby. This made all of the team very emotional and two of the ladies were in tears due to what we'd learned. We all agreed that the energy had changed when we received no further responses to our questions and the team decided to take a break to process what they had learned.
During this period of investigation, Kate and Chris both had personal experiences. At the end of the third telephone Estes experiment, Chris thought he could hear someone banging on the front door of the building. On going downstairs thinking a guest was locked out, he found no one there and no one else had heard the noise when asked.
When calling out to spirit in her team area, Kate had caught a glimpse of a shadow figure crossing the end of the corridor. When mentioning this to Chris, he confirmed he had been seeing the same thing when doing his lone live from that area.

Cam and Colin - 1st Floor Bar Area's
Equipment used: Ouija board, Rem-bear and Cat Balls
We took our guests to the bar area where the dance floor is. A few guests had asked if they could try a ouija board, so Cam opened this up for them.
Whilst Cam was monitoring the guests on the ouija board, Colin took the other guests around the other side of the bar to carry out their own little investigation. Armed with a K2 device, the begun by asking questions. A Rem-Bear had also been placed on the bar, but this didn't activate.
After around 20-30 minutes, both of our little groups in this car area didn't receive any responses. We decided to head to the other bar area.

Cam and Colin - Bar Area with Pool Table
Equipment used: K2 device and Cat Balls
We all spaced ourselves out around the large pool table and connected our hands to build the energy.
We placed the cat balls on the pool table, but at different ends. The K2 device was directly in the centre of them.
We started calling out to the spirits of the building. We all heard movement coming from the corridor outside of the room.
Cam saw a dark shadow figure move past the doorway, heading in the direction of the men's toilets. This happened twice.
As we were calling out, one of the guests, Julie, said that while we were in the cellar, they had a few names come to them and they noted it down in their phone. The names were 'John', 'James' and 'Amy'.
We went with this and started calling out to the spirits, referring to them by these names. At the same time, another guest, Jess, was taking photos of guests around the table. Every photo taken of every guests was fine apart from photos taken of the guest who had said they made notes of names that had come to them in the cellar. Their face was either missing or disfigured on the photos. This wasn't blurring caused by movement as the guest hadn't moved and nothing else in the photo looked this way. Was the spirit we were connecting with trying to show us that they had a facial injury?
Colin was asked by a male guest if he would go into the cellar with him and do some calling out, to use some equipment. Colin and Tom (guest) were exploring the cellar. Colin did a few call outs but got no response. The Rem pod was placed at the foot of the stairs.
Colin and Tom then went down a passage when the K2 held on orange. It was like a ball. It was from knee height to head height and was about 1 meter in length, Colin tried to de bunk it but the was no power outlets nearby. At the entrance of the passage, there was some electric metres and at the other end, just around the corner, there were some more electric metres. Between the meters and the ball there was no interference on the K2. Tom asked Colin what it could be, Colin replied I am not too sure, it could be a portal. Colin asked Tom would he like to come back tomorrow evening and see if it was still there, Tom agreed. Other than the energy ball there was nothing else that had happened.
Saturday 27th May
We had a busy day filled with a History Tour for the guests, lead by Emer Jay. This was followed by lunch and then the viewing of Paranormal Lockdown UK - The Park Hotel episode. Following this, we held a 'Paranormal Quiz'. Our guests were also welcome to free time to investigate the hotel on their own or explore the surrounding area.
During the quiz, one of the guests, David, who had been with us at the weekend event Nov 2022, went to the Parlour Room to carry out his own little investigation with an Alice Box.
He was communicating with a female spirit who gave the words, bride, white dress, flowers, blue and corner.
In the corner of the Parlour room, there was a blue chair and a picture of a lady in a white dress. Just then, the female spirit said the word 'ride'. There was an exercise bike next to the blue chair so David rode it and then asked if she could show herself or tell him her name. At this exact moment, David saw a white mist on the stairs. Twilight the dog, who was in the base room with the other guests doing the quiz, darted towards the stairs and barked. She had been quiet and well behaved all weekend.
Did Twilight and David see the 'white' lady?
After our fun packed day, it was time to continue with our investigation.
Chris headed off for a new 'live' while Cam, Kate and Colin lead the guests back down to the bar area with the large pool table to carry out a victorian seance.
We lit 6 candles and placed these in a line running down the centre of the pool table. One of the guests placed their IR camera on the bar behind us, pointing towards us.
We all spread out around the pool table and connected our hands to build the energy.
Cam lead the seance and had an EVP recorded directly infront of her, on the pool table.
After around 15 minutes, the EVP recorder turned itself off. When Cam noticed this, our guest, Kane, who had set up the IR camera said it too had been drained of energy. Both devices had brand new, fully charged batteries.
We started to follow up on some of the information a few of our guests had picked up on the night before, and earlier in the day.
We were calling out to John. We started to received responses when Emer Jay was calling out so we asked if she could continue with this. Cam and another guests saw a shadow figure move past Cam's right side.
Just then, Kate said she had the wors 'Kippers' come to her and felt it was a strange thing to come out with. She also said her left leg was unusually sore.
Cam went back to base to get the SB7 spirit box in the hope that spirit would speak to us through the device. She came back with the SB7, turned it on and it began sweeping. Around 1 minute had passed and the SB7 fell silent. The device still had power (just) but the speaker box was fully drained. Another device drained of energy.
Cam left them room again to change the batteries and when she came back, a spirit word app was in use. We received the words 'mountain' and 'hat'.
We started to use the Portal app and the name 'Cyril' was mentioned many times. The phrase 'we are one' came through too.
We asked Emer Jay if this meant anything and indeed it did.
Emer's father, John, used to drink in the Park Hotel, in the bar we were stood in. The hat was his crash helmet which was still in the bar. Kippers was what he used to eat every year on the Isle of Man. Also, he was a twin, and his twin brother was called Cyril.
This blew us away. Amazing.
We thanked John for his communication and also Emer Jay as this was very personal to her. We headed for a quick break as everyone was feeling very drained.
After our break, Colin and Tom (guest) returned to the cellar where the energy ball was, but the energy ball had gone. The K2 flickered a couple of times but the was no activity whatsoever. Colin gave Tom the Dowsing Rods and after a few moments they started spinning. These were the Dowsing Rods with the cuffs on. Colin said to Tom, "let the Rods lead you". Tom walked up and down the passage but they were stronger where the energy ball was, they explored for a while longer but the was not much happening, so we made our way back to the base room.
Cam was 2 of the guests in the cocktail bar where they were using a spirit word app to communicate with a spirit called 'Mike', who was referring to them as 'wench'. The word 'glasswork' kept coming up so Cam said that they should try doing some glasswork. This was setup and they started asking their questions. It took a little while for any responses to come through but eventually they received the words 'ocean', 'wench' and 'drown'.
Was this confirmation of the story of the sailor who had drowned and was brough to the parlour room of The Park Hotel, but sadly lost his life? The parlour room is next door to the cocktail room.
We thanked spirit and joined a few other guests who were sat around in the parlour room.
Kate also joined us. We placed a proximity bear and 'Wendy' the doll (with the built in K2 device) on the floor.
The guests were calling out based on what information we had received over the weekend but we didn't get anymore responses.
After around 20 minutes we moved to the 2nd floor and sat on the landing/stairs. We called out but by this point everyone was so tired that we decided to call it a night.
Another fantastic weekend at The Park Hotel.

A massive thank you to all our Team and Guests who made this weekend an unforgettable one.