EXCLUSIVE Appleby Castle - Friday 13th May 2022


The LVI team consisted of Katie, Chris, Robbie and Alan. The evening started with Alan delivering the event introduction and welcoming the guests to their LVI investigation. Guests generated a great energy in the room from the start before a K2 was even in sight!

Katie completed the white light protection and we started calling out in the main room (Grand Hall).

Several guests and investigators felt sickly during this part, with one guest (Shelley) having intense feelings of anger - so much so it felt like a man was squaring up to the fact there were strangers in ‘his space’. Some guests commented that it felt like the men weren’t welcome!

The K2 EMF meter spiked to orange twice during this period.

Along with this presence, there was a feeling there was a dog in the room and one guest suggested it was an Irish wolfhound. Two guests stated that there was a cold breeze moving over their legs!

Some small taps were heard and it was decided to build energy via a seance with 12 guests. Katie led, with Alan as conduit. Again; this was conducted by the Victorian style ‘power/multiples of three’ and an offering of sustenance (3pieces of bread) and candlelight (3) were laid out for spirit to come forward.

Guests felt vibrations through the table and under the bench seats and Alan became washed over by an immense feeling of sadness; to the point he almost burst into tears, shaking his head from side to side in utter despair. He had an image of a lady with her head lowered and felt that she was in total despair. This feeling was female and that she had in some way been betrayed and experienced a great loss in her life.

One guest felt the presence of a lady wearing Victorian style dress with her hair pulled into a tight bun - although couldn’t be sure the dress style was from that particular period.

After a break, three guests braved a lone vigil in the downstairs storage area, Alan led a group to the Keep and Katie and Robbie took guests to the first floor area and spread the guests across several rooms.

Table tipping in the snug gave some energy and vibration, however, we couldn’t quite get spirit to lift the table.

* chandelier room
3 of the guests where in split in to 2 rooms on the first floor 1 of the guest was calling out in the room and realised the chandelier was swaying so the other 2 guest joined her and kept the energy going room where the chandelier was swaying more rapidly .

I’m the chandelier room, five guests stayed back to do some crystal work and we became aware we were speaking to a female who confirmed that she was Lady Anne Clifford. Lady Anne confirmed that she stayed in the castle to protect it and that she had a great love and fondness for the building - even though she was there alone. Lady Anne confirmed that she had two children and that when they passed had moved into the light making Lady Anne very happy to know where they were and that they were safe. There was a great feeling of warmth and love in the room and we said goodnight to Lady Anne and that we were happy to have spoken with her.

The Keep (Robbie and Katie’s group)

Robbie called out to welcome spirit to our group, footsteps were heard outside of the room with faint taps.

On the first floor the guests joined a human pendulum with Viv in the middle as conduit. The spirit of a teenage female came through, who had no connection to the Keep or the castle, but to the lands on which they were built. She told us that she was killed by soldiers who had invaded the land and that a great number of people lost their lives that day. Viv became a little shaky in the centre so we stopped the pendulum.

Moving downstairs, all guests called out and footsteps were heard above, and then an audible growl in the room which was felt to be from a dog rather than human.

Breaths and a further growl were heard, before Diane and Viv went back upstairs to listen for activity. Whilst up there a stone was thrown at Diane!

The Keep (Alan’s group)

On the ground floor one of the guests used his own K2 (ghost pro meter) which was placed on a Ouija table. This proved to be quite active and the group made contact with a variety of spirits including a small male child and the spirit of a man who had visited the keep hundreds of years ago. Another guests K2 meter gave various hits before the group went up to the first floor.

The group called out in the first two rooms without any activity and it was only when they went to the farthest room and conducted a human pendulum that spirit started to communicate. One of the guests (Peter) was chosen by spirit to act as a conduit and stood in the centre of the circle while questions were asked. The group appeared to connect to the spirit of a young female who told us that she had worked in the keep as a maid/lady in waiting and that it was pre Lady Anne Clifford period. In general, the activity was brilliant! Again, some guests sensed a possible spirit of a dog and then all guests heard a loud, low growl next to the fireplace. This both shocked and surprised the guests and straight after this a high-pitched whine was heard twice in another corner of the room. All guests were asked to stand perfectly still and listen. This was because there were constant multiple taps on the floorboards which went on for about a minute and were heard by everyone in the room.

Castle first floor (Alan’s group)

The group visited a number of rooms including some former bedrooms but there was little activity to be found. There was some activity when using a REM teddy bear and it lit up a few times before the activity ceased. Due to the lack of activity, the group went back down to the ground floor to conduct some experiments.

Lower room next to the Grand Hall (Alan’s group)

This was the final room that the group visited on the night. A guest used a device that apparently draws spirit near while the Ouija board was set up on a table for three of the guests. The Ouija board gave absolutely no activity so it was decided that we would close the board down and use a crystal on a chain over a response board. This proved to be an excellent move as one of the guests got immediate activity and spirit revealed that she was female and spelled out her first name. As the name was quite specific the guest was really surprised as she stated it was the name of her mother-in-law who had passed away a few years ago. Alan asked the guest to ask spirit a question that only she and the spirit knew (number of daughters) and spirit answered correctly. All this can’t be proved conclusively, but the guests had a great experience watching the crystal pendulum moving to different letters and yes/no responses.

The night ended with Chris thanking all guests for attending and wishing them a safe journey home. Appleby Castle, you were brilliant! We can’t wait to go back!