EXCLUSIVE Appleby Castle - Friday 17th March


Appleby castle: Friday 17th March.
Chris, kathryn, micheal B and colin.

We set up base camp on the ground floor of the hotel in the cafe area.
Once set up there was a shadow seen by Kathryn in the doorway at the bottom of the room by the toilets, before we went on the walk around.
Chris showed us around the hotel while he filmed some footage for the Youtube channel.

We headed back to base camp and greeted the guests in for the night.
Chris gave the welcome talk to everyone and then went off to film his facebook live.
Kathryn delivered the white light protection to the rest of the group and we got the investigation under way.

Base camp. Kathryn, Michael and Colin.
We began to call out to the sprits who at first were reluctant to come forward. We started to get taps and knocks around the piano at the top of the room.
We lifted the lid in hopes that we might get a tune but nothing happened.
We began to ask more questions and we started to get thuds on the door at the top of the room which lead to a small bar area.
Once we opened the door alittle we started to see shadows lurking in the same doorway, this was witnessed by staff and guests in the room at the same time. There was a really strong smell of pipe tobacco which started at the top of the room and slowly made its way down to the bottom.
One of our guests, Charlie, asked if there was a courtroom in the castle, as he was picking up on that in his minds eye, asking with the name John.
we used this name to encourage the spirits to be move active.
It was only when Kathryn called him “Sir John” that a huge orb of bright white light came out of the open door shot across the room and disappeared. This was witnessed by numerous people around the room, which was quickly followed by a loud bang in the equipment table behind Kathryn.
The atmosphere changed and the energy went in the room so we decided to take a break before splitting up.

Castle keep.
Colin, Kathryn and Peter.
Equipment: Ouija board, touch bear, REM pod and K2.
We began to call out on the ground level of the building.
Straight away we got responces on the bear, but then it stopped when we started to ask questions.
We moved up into the next level, again we got some activity on the bear, but it went very quickly, no other responces on equipment to questions.
We went up to the top floor, and made an energy circle to boost up the energetic in the room. There was a loud tap on one of the display boards above one of the guests which was heard by everyone in the circle.
We decided to use the circle to do human pendulum and Charlie went into the middle of the circle. We were able to establish we had a man called “John” with us who fought in the War of the Roses and died in the battle of Ferrybridge in 1461.
During this time we got huge K2 spikes, and used a spirit box app to boost communication.
We got some interesting phrases pop up on the app, about “ bodies being buried” and asking us to “dig down” .
Peter, who lives at the castle, said that there are rumours of tunnels leading from the castle out to a local church. This again caused the K2 to spike all the way up to red. We then asked out “do you want us to leave this room?” immediately the bear lit up, and we confirmed that 5 times with the bear before leaving the building.

We headed back over to the main building and had a quick break before exploring more of the castle.

The Tower.
Kathryn and Colin.
Equipment: Wooden table, LED candles, REM pod, touch bear, Human pendulum, K2 and spirit talker app.
We made our way up to the top of the tower carefully, as the stairs are steep and there are bats up at the top.
We set up table tipping straight away, with two candles and a K2 in tbe middle.
We began to call out, the bear was placed in a small alcove and light up twice, then didn’t again for the rest of the time we were up in the tower.
One of the guests started to rock on the table causing her hands to scrap backwards and forwards across the top.
We decided to take this energy and make a human pendulum as the pushing was quiet forceful.
Mary the guest was picked to go in the middle and using forward for “yes” and back for “no” we were able to establish that we were talking to another solider who has this time fought for the Roylist army in the English civil war. He did not know his side has lost and that they executed the King for treason against his own people. This brought some interesting words up on the app, such as “evil”, “he scares me” and “get out” the energy seemed to go from the room and as we were heading to the last hour of the night we decided to head to another part of the building.

The Main Hall.
Kathryn and Colin.
Equipment: Ouija board and shot glass, touch bear, REM pod, Spirit talker app and K2.

We set up a Ouija board experiment at the very top of the room as guests were able to sit down and be comfy, and from point we were able to see the whole of this grand room.
With four guest on the board the rest spread out around the room.
Charlie immediatly picked up on the image of a trail and the name Thomas Nicholson. He was held on trail for rape. He was convicted and hanged.
These details were later confirmed at the end of the night by searching an internet database. That he was hung at Appleby gallows in September 1814 for this crime.
The guests that were on the board for some very slow activity at first but then it picked up. The spirit wasn’t really making clear responces to questions and we were unable to narrow down a gender of whom we were speaking too.
They just seemed to like pushing the shot glass off the board and going to ther letter “G”.
As it was coming to the end of the night we closed down the board and took everything back to base camp to join the other half of the group.

It was when Kathryn’s and Colin’s group was in the main hall and the four lady guest were just finishing on the Ouija board, Kathryn and Colin both noticed that the light in a room at the end of the of the passage came on, Colin went to investigate to see if anyone was in there, Colin entered the room but it was empty, Colin even checked the other passage to make sure that no one had shone a torch into the room,Colin then made his way back to the main hall and told Kathryn that no guest was in the room, it was completely empty.It was when Kathryn’s and Colin’s group was in the main hall and the four lady guest were just finishing on the Ouija board, Kathryn and Colin both noticed that the light in a room at the end of the of the passage came on, Colin went to investigate to see if anyone was in there, Colin entered the room but it was empty, Colin even checked the other passage to make sure that no one had shone a torch into the room,Colin then made his way back to the main hall and told Kathryn that no guest was in the room, it was completely empty.

Michael’s Write up 

After our first break we split into two groups, Chris and Michael took half the guests up to the old tower, equipment used K2 REM BEAR AND THE YES NO TABLE , Chris left Michael up there with guests while he went of to get his touch, Michael started to call out to the spirits of Appleby castle for about 10mins asking questions if there was any female spirits present with us, but it seemed very quite so Michael asked the group to form a circle around the yes no board and placed the K2 on the board Michael asked all the guest to imagine a bolt of lightning going around them clock wise going faster faster to build up the energetic in the room, while the guest were doing this Chris rejoined the group and asked if any one was picking up on an any thing kirsty one of the guest was getting g the impression of a lady with a deformed face and Chris said that was interesting and one gentleman said he was picking up on the name Jane, so Chris started to call out to Jane and some guest got the feeling that there was something going around them.in a circle on the out side, so michael asked the spirit to go inside the circle and go to wards the green light one guest felt a cold breeze go past there hand and within seconds the K2 started flashing this was great evidence that spirit was with us and after a few minutes of communicating with the spirit Helen one of the guest was getting a strange sensation as if spirit had huged her or passed through her, while this was going on Chris herd a noise at the bottom of the stairs like chains rattling, and the K2 went quite, Chris got the feeling g of a gentleman spirit and thought that he was stopping the female spirit coming through to, Michael asked the question if the was the female spirits farther the enemy in the room seemed to shift, so we decided to move on to our next location,.
MAIN HALL equipment used rem bear K2 OUIGA BOARD. Chris left Michael with the group for a short time so Michael got everyone to sit around a table and join the little fingers together to build up energy I. The room while doing this the rem bear was going of so Michael started calling out to spirits and was aking if there was any children spirits present with us leaving a short gap between question rem beer went of but just before rem bear was going of Michael could see a shadow walking past the white on the fire place and he mentioned this to all the guest that there was a shadow figure walking towards the bear just before the bear was activated Chris rejoined the group and guest were picking up on some one in the door way so Chris called out to the spirit asking them to come forward we were getting response by tapping and knocking. Sally the owner of the castle joined the group and she said that she could see louds of flickering lights and orbs around the door way's and could see a shadow moving in the gap at the bottom of the door, at this point none of the K2 were going of on the tables and while we were taking g amongst our self's the K2 started to go in si k with each other and were going up to red Chris said thank you to spirit and everyone was amazed by the way the K2 were going of, some guest asked how the K2 work Chris explained how they work so Michael showed the guest how they work by switching his phone of flight mode and putting it towards the K2 and all the lights were flashing then Michael put his phone on flight mode and the k2 weren't working ,
We decided to leave this room and go to the room what used to be the chaple Chris opened the ouiga board up and Michael started to ask questions to the spirits and it seemed quite and one guest started to call out aswell but we weren't getting anything so as group we took the ouiga board back in the main hall and within a few minute's guest were getting active on the board and we got the name Jane through and one of the lads said I'm called jake so they started asking questions who the spirit was and it came through as jakes granda so Jane started to talk to his granda and Chris asked if Jane was OK and he said he was fine we got another spirit through and it said mi mi we don't no if this was a nick name and the spirit spelt out mime.
We were don't to our last our of the night so as a group we went to the dungeons with rem bear and k2, Michael started calling out to the spirits and asked if there were any civil war soldiers present with us and the rem bear went of to response to this question, michaelwas shocked and acsedently said oh shit a d some guest asked if Michael was OK Michael said he was just shocked that the question popped I to his head and the bear responded and he stared to get a headache at this point. Last 15mins we went to one of the kitchen storgeage rooms we went total darkness only with the light from Wendy dollchris started to call out to spirits of the castle and Helen one of the guests got a strange sensation the same as she got in the old tower and as soon as She felt this Wendy doll started to go of we ran out of time and thanked spirit for the great activity during the night and we rejoined everyone back at base camp, want a fantastic night at Appleby castle, go team appleyby castleShe felt this Wendy doll started to go of we ran out of time and thanked spirit for the great activity during the night and we rejoined everyone back at base camp, want a fantastic night at Appleby castle, go team appleyby castle. 

Locked off Live Feed -

So once Chris had ended his Lone Live on Facebook he ventured to (what room)? and prepared a locked off Camera and ran a Facebook Live feed for the rest of the event’s duration.

All the Team and the Guests were together away from the Locked off feed to avoid noise contamination (although when moving to new areas they could occasionally be seen and heard which is completely expected).

Chris had placed our Ghostbusters REM on the table close to the camera which also has a temp display, along with a cat ball on the table and a light sensor by the doorway. All throughout the feed, none of the equipment was set off and the temp at start was 15.6. This fluctuated up to 16.9 as it set to the rooms temp then by the end of the live feed it was 16.3. So all in all, nothing really to report with a huge change in temp as this change was over 3.5 hours and was very slowly changing.

It wasn’t long before viewers at home were hearing loud taps and banging in the room along with footsteps. Orbs we’re picked up throughout the feed which if I’m honest Most we’re dust but there are a few we need to look more into that caused a few times a bright flash of light. Towards the end we need to look at a possible moth going past the live feed also just to rule out as something large, shaped and white was seen shooting past.

The theme throughout the live feed was clear footsteps, taps and bangs with creaking floorboards in the room. A clear sniffing noise was also heard. Reports of a spirit that was stood in the doorway peering around along with a spirit dog. Later in the night a dog barking was picked up by a couple of viewers. Again, can’t say this isn’t external noise or paranormal.
A lady screaming was clearly heard and later on in the night a baby crying which was incredible to hear.

Voices, breaths, heavy breathing, humming and running in the corridor were also heard. A few times doors were heard being open or closed and viewers were expecting a group to be heard or walk by but nobody was heard or seen which I must admit was very strange.

A dark mist was also seen along with a dark shadow and was seen standing over the table by a couple of viewers.

So with this Locked off Live Feed - We can’t say everything or anything is 100% Paranormal. I can say that obviously having the team and guests, at times they could be seen and heard and any voices/movement does need to be taken into account that it could possibly be noise contamination by them at some points throughout the night. There are quite a few things that still amazes me, such as the taps and bangs, the loud footsteps, the whispering or voices in the room, the baby crying that was heard also. No equipment was effected nor did the temp change dramatically but it was certainly very interesting to watch an empty room in a haunted castle at what goes on when nobody is about.

Thank you to everyone who popped in and out throughout the feed and to those who stayed on for the duration. You really are our eyes and ears during the locked off feeds. I can’t wait for the next!!

What will you uncover when the lights go out?
An interesting night in all, it felt very much like we were constantly being watched but the spirits of this beautiful building were reluctant to talk to us…. but hopefully on our next visit in April they will be more forthcoming.