EXCLUSIVE APPLEBY CASTLE - Friday 1st September 2023

Appleby Castle Friday the 1st of September 2023

Team; Chris, Colin, Ged and Sharon

Chris completed the welcome talk and introduced the guests to the building in what is now the castles cafe. We moved to the connecting room which was probably the kitchen area where white light protection was completed. Chris then left to do his live feed.

The rest of the group remained in this area using the K2 and cat ball, although we got no response from call-outs some of the guests reported a tingling feeling on their head and one guest picked up on a short-haired dog.

We then moved the group back to the castles cafe and continued with calling out. Again this area was fairly quiet, but after a while we started getting flickers on the K2. After building up trust we established that we were possibly talk in to a child the K2 response was getting stronger and stronger however we weren't really getting any answers to our questions despite the strong reading. When Chris came in the room after finishing his live feed the connection broke, but several guests including myself reported being freezing cold on the right side of our bodies. This was a good time to take a short break.

The group split with myself and Chris taking our group to the now breakfast room. Equipment used was the touch bear, dowsing rods, cat ball and K2.

It was a slow start, with little response to our questions but when we moved the touch bear to an area where the portraits of two children hung the bear started lighting up, in response to our questions. A couple of the group had now moved to other rooms to do their own thing. Those that remained all got the feeling we were being watched and sussed out, but again it was difficult to work out if we were talking to a child or adult, or if they worked or lived in the castle. I picked up on a dark haired male called Richard but nothing more. We got no response from the other equipment used.

The group then moved to Room 4; equipment used was boggle dice, heat sensor and touch bear. We called out to spirit using boggle dice for answers, one guest picked up on the name Ambrose and when asked if that was their name, the dice spelled out the name Rose. The heat sensor also changed from green to red, which we couldn't account for.

The attic was next, taking with us the touch bear, motion sensor and Ouija board. Almost immediately we started getting responses from the bear, and also the motion sensor, however the floor was ver uneven so that could possibly account for that. Four of the guests attempted to use the Ouija board but we got no response whatsoever, but through the bear we knew we were talking to a female spirit who had been shut away in the attic for years. She was happy with our company but it was obvious she was not educated which would explain no response from the board. Suddenly one of the guest felt extremely ill; he felt there was a heavy pressure on him and he wanted to vomit. Chris helped him out of the attic (he reported that he immediately felt better once he was out of there) Through the bear, the female spirit confirmed it was her who had put her impression on the guest. We were unable to establish her name. Time was pressing so we thanked her for talking to us and left.

Finally we went over to the keep. The group stood in a circle holding hands, we called out but to no avail, through the spirit talker app we got the words "should be scared, empire, appear, leave, admire". Again the same male had to sit out as he came over all nauseus.

The night came to an end so we packed up and said goodbye to our guests but not forgetting to thank the spirits of Appleby Castle for allowing us to share their space and talk to them. 

Appleby Castle
Equipment: Rem Bear, K2, Cat Balls.

Colin and Ged Group.
The keep.

Colin and Ged took their group to the keep, we started on the Second floor, as Colin, Ged and the guests entered the first room, Colin put the rem bear on some rocks in the fireplace and within seconds the rem bear went off, it did this a few times, the spirit(s) would not answer the questions we were asking it and it seemed it just wanted everyone out of the keep, Ged started calling out and a few guests said they could see orbs through their cameras.
A few of the guests, Ged and Colin started hearing whistling coming from the door way, Colin went to investigate where the whistles were coming from, as Colin made his way out of the room and stood at the bottom of the stairs the door behind Colin moved and the bolt was moved across, Colin made his way to the group and explained what had happened to the group and a few of them said they heard the bolt noise.
Colin and Ged took the guests to the first floor, the guests settled and Ged and Colin started calling out, the rem bear was placed on a display cabinet and again it went off, there were two guests in the room next door that said they heard a door slam upstairs , Colin and Ged also heard this, Colin went to the two guests and sat with them and again we heard a door slam, Colin went to the foot of the stairs and called up to who ever was up there, the two guests and Colin then heard a set of keys being jangled, while Colin was with the two guests Ged was with the remaining group, doing some calling out and trying to get the group to interact, not much happened so Ged and Colin took the guests to the ground floor. The rem bear was placed on the rack with the skeleton on it and again it went off but again it was going off not to the questions being asked it just seemed it did not like us in the keep and wanted us to leave, Ged and Colin did more calling out but it was just flat, so we decided to move on.

Main room with suit of armour on the mantel piece.
Ged and Colin led the group into the room and the guests spread themselves about the room and Ged placed a rem bear on the mantlepiece has soon as Ged placed it there it went off, it did this a couple of times but again not to the questions being asked, Ged and Colin and a few guests did some calling out and cat balls were placed on the tables but they did not go off, after a while Ged and Colin took the guests to another room where a rem bear was placed on a cabinet, it went off a few times it seemed to be a female spirit, the spirit seemed to like to interact with Ged more then anyone else, a few of the guests said they have noticed that the room was getting warmer and felt very comfortable, after a while the spirit(s) did not seem to want to come out and the time was getting on, so Ged and Colin decided to calling it a night. All in all not much activity but a good group of guests and a very interesting building