EXCLUSIVE Appleby Castle - Friday 21th October 2021

Appleby Castle - whole group
We started the evening following our white light protection in the large ground floor room. We called out for quite a bit and a guest also used their K2 but we didn't get any responses.
Chris had went to do a live in another area of the location so we continued.
There was another room adjoining the room we started in so we split the guests.
Robbie was with the group of guests in the adjoining room and I stayed with guests in the bigger room. We tried calling out but even with the big doors closed, we could hear each other. We decided at that point we needed to move into our groups.
Robbie took his group of guests to the large room with the knights armour.

Adjoining room - Cam and Matt (trialist)
As we entered the smaller room, a guest said she felt drunk, as if she had been doing shots and just wanted to laugh at us. She was fine to continue so all guests sat around a table. The guests placed Wendy, our haunted doll, on the table. They all had their hands flat on the table with fingers touching to keep the energy going. The K2 in Wendy started to light up. At the same time, a guest reported the feeling of her fingers being touched. We added a music box to the end of the table. The girl who felt drunk started laughing.
We continued calling out and heard a couple of childlike whimpers from the other end of the room. Reports of cold breezes from the guests.
Cam noticed the girl who said she earlier felt drunk, change how she was sitting. All of a sudden she was upright as if authoritive. We started to hear constant tapping. The girl who Cam was watching was moving her head side to side and she had her eyes closed, her fingers were tapping a lot. We were asking if she was ok and all of a sudden she burst into tears. At the same point the music box was going off.
We asked the guest how she was and she said she could hear us asking if she was ok but couldn't reply. She also said the tapping was a sing she felt she needed to tap out. The guest didn't like what had happened so Cam took her out of the room to calm down while Matt continued with the guests.
After a quick break, Cam and Matts group moved to the small room upstairs.

Small room - Cam and Matts group
We took a proximity bear and Wendy the doll with us.
We placed the doll on the fireplace and sat the bear at the end of the table.
We started calling out and immediately the bear lit up. A few guests were shocked because it hadn't lit up when they were with Robbies group earlier.
We worked put through questions and the responses from the bear that this was a child.
Cam used the Portal app and the names 'Alice/Alison and Emily' came through.
Upon further questioning and the responses, we worked out we were communicating with 'Emily'. One of the guests said she got the number 6. We asked if Emily was 6 years old, the bear lit up. Emily didn't want us in the room. When we asked if she wanted us to leave the bear lit up immediately. We waited for it to stop and as soon as we asked if she wanted us to leave, it lit up before we could finish the question. We respected spirit and left the room.
Our earlier guest who had the experience in the small room downstairs was scared to continue so she went back to base.

Large room with knights armour - Cam and Matts group
We setup the laser grid, pointing at the other end of the room and placed the Wendy doll at that end of the table. We sat the bear at the top of the table and started calling out.
We were joined by the property owner and we received K2 hits when she was asking the questions. We didn't get anything more in this room other than there was spirit with is but we didn't know if they were male or female so we moved into the room next door, which was the Chapel.

Chapel - Cam and Matts group
The guests carried out a ouija board session but nothing came through.
Chris joined us and began calling out. The responses were coming from the proximity bear. Chris had communicated with this spirit before. We didn't get much more in this room so we moved to the Keep.

The Keep - Cam, Chris, Robbie, Matt and guests
We went to the 1st floor and called out but didn't get any responses. With not much time left of the nights investigation, we went to the ground floor and carried out a human pendulum.
We were communicating with a male spirit who had been imprisoned for a crime they never committed. Just then Chris noticed the name Robert Atkinson on the wall. Chris is doing an event at the Robert Atkinson Centre the following night. We asked if spirit had links to the North East and there was a loud bang from the level above and the bear started flashing. We were all accounted for so what was the bang. A few of us also heard a breathy moan but nothing more.

For the last 15 minutes were went back to the castle where guests tried a ouija board in the little room where we our guest had their experience. Nothing came through on the board but a few words came through on Robbies paravox app.

We thanked spirit for their communication through the night and ended the evening. We would like to thank all our guests for giving such good energy through the night and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.