EXCLUSIVE - Appleby Castle Saturday 22nd April 2023


Michael B and Chris group - Michael B write up
The Old Tower.
Equipment: REM bear, K2, Spirit box, Wendy and glow/ cat balls.
Chris left the group to investigate a light turning on downstairs and Michael began to call out with K2 spikes.
Asked if there was any female spirits as chris rejoined the group.
We made a circle and Chris set up the spirit box in the middle of it.
We got a man, possibly a solider, who had his legs crushed in an accident involving a horse.
There was bangs around the room.
Chris’s name came up and the word “stairs” and at that point a shadow figure walked into the room from the staircase, wnd into the guard robe, which made a few guests jump and break the circle. He is believed to be looking after the disabled girl who was kept up there.
A guest has thier hair played with and CHris had his bum touched a couple of times.
One guest felt cold breeze in her face and another was getting pains in her left leg.
Also the name Nancy came through on the spirit box aswell.

The Chapel.
Equipment: The PAra-tech app, glow balls/ car balls, Wendy, K2, and REM bear.
In this room the guests called out a lot and figured out that it was used during the both world wars as an office to make decisions in.
On the app they got phrases “like x marks the spot” but got no responces on any other devices.

The Keep -Second floor.
Equipment: REM Bear, automatic writing and paper, K2 and glow/ cat balls.
It seemed quiet at first but then calling out to the spirits started to work, as taps were heard by the windows and the steps.
Michael put the portal app on his phone and we had a lady called Nancy, but she didn’t stay long..
A scottish solider came to talk to another guest who is also scottish and K2 was spiking at the same time to correspond to questions.
the groups asked “what year did you died?? and everyone heard 1678.
wa then moved into the banquet hall, a guest used the spirit box app and got the name “Nancy”
and a guest worked out it was another guests relation.
None of the other equipment got anything whike they were there.
We packed up and headed back as it was the end of the night

Kathryn and Michael F Group 

Chris gave the guests and welcome talk and then Kathryn delivered the eight light of protection to the group.

Base camp
Kathryn, Michael B and Michael F
Touch sensitive bear, cat balls and glow balls, K2

The group formed a circle and joined hands and Kathryn started to call out. We started to hear tapping from the piano area and the members of the group explained that they seen movement from the same area.
A guest got the name Anne so we started to call out to her. The taps continued so the group asked if we could place a bear on the floor in that area.
The bear instantly lit up. The group moved closer to that area and we continued to communicate with Anne. The activity through the bear was consistent so much we had to keep asking spirit to move away from the bear so we could ask another question.
We gathered that Anne was late 20’s early 30’s. A guest explained that she had an image of a girl with blonde wavy hair that was attached to the building. Anne liked the piano however was not allowed to play it and we established that she was waiting for someone to return from the war. We were unable to establish who.

Due to how much the bear was working the group decided we should move the bear and replace it with another piece of equipment. We placed a CAT ball on the floor and moved the bear to the piano. Along with two glow balls. Once we moved the bear the activity dissipated.

A guest felt that there was someone watching us from the other end of the room. We placed CAT balls in each corner of the room and one on the middle table.
We again formed a circle and joined hands. The CAT ball that was placed in the corner of the room where we were being watched from instantly lit up. We again started to get taps throughout the room. We then got some spikes on the K2 and CAT ball in the middle of the circle. A guest noticed a shadow figure between Michael F and Julie. As this was shared with the group Julie started the rock and felt unwell. We asked spirt to take their impression off Julie and spirit moved on.
We then decided to take a short break.

Kathryn and Michael F
Keep, ground floor
No equipment

We formed a circle and joined hands. We introduced ourselves to the spirits of the Keep and started to hear footsteps from the ceiling above however there was no other activity so we decided we would head upstairs and investigate further.

2nd Floor
Automatic Writing, Touch sensitive Bear, Dowsing Rods, Spirit talker app.

We spilt the group down into two smaller groups to complete 2 different experiments.

We took a seat around the banquet table and Michael explained to the group how the dowsing rods worked.
We put the spirit talker app on and started calling out. The rods, although slowly at first started to move. The rods seemed to responded more to Lou, one of the guests questions so the group decided that she should use the rods. When she took the rods we got the name Joyce come through on the app. We started calling out to Joyce however the rods would spin and point back towards Lou. Lou explained that a family member who passed a year ago was called Joyce and this may have been her coming through. Joyce seemed to move on and activity stopped.

Kathryn joined the group. We decided to try a different experiment and placed the bear in the doorway of the room. Katie one of the guests went to place the bear in the doorway and was rushed by Spirit and she heard a loud hissing.

We then got the name Alexander through in the spirit talker app. Alexander was extremely responsive through the bear and answered yes by lighting the arm of the bear and answering no by lighting the leg.

Alexander was executed in the tower along with his brother Robbie after a battle. Alexander kept referring to his head which lead us to believe he had been beheaded. Alexander also did not know where his body was.

Alexander explained his grandfather was Bill but we were unable to establish what connection he had to the castle.

We also established there was a secret passage that lead from the keep passing through the woods to a house.

We attempted some automatic writing in the adjoining room but there was no activity from this.

Spirit Box, K2 and Spirit talker app

We turned on the spirit box. The group formed a circle and placed a K2 in the centre.
We started to communicate with a French, female spirit.
We got the countess through but we’re unable to find out exactly where in France she was countess off.
The spirit was more responsive to the men in the group so each of the men introduced themselves to spirit at which point we started to hear footprints walking around the circle.

We then got the sprit of a man called Tom that had violated a lad but would not explain how or why. This was accompanied with a few thuds and unexplained creaks.

With this we ended the night and moved back to base camp.
Great investigation and so many rooms still to explore next time.