EXCLUSIVE APPLEBY CASTLE - Saturday 2nd December 2023

Appleby Castle

We started the night at the top of the castle in the Tower. On our way to the Tower several people reported hearing footsteps behind them. With one guest later remarking that as we entered the Tower room she had seen two additional shadows on the wall. We introduced ourselves and began calling out. We began to hear knocking in the corner of the room. Several people saw the shadow of a male energy moving across the back of the room, near to the tapestry.
The corner of the room darkened and we heard a cough. A brave guest went to stand in this area to see what she could pick up. She picked up the name Charlotte. On calling out we could hear a woman singing, Claire felt the song was religious in nature.
We could feel the floor vibrating, with one guest complaining of feeling extremely hot. Given the cold night this was surprising! She moved to the opposite side of the room and began to feel better.
We were all feeling the cold, so we descended to the warmer rooms of the castle.
Sitting room, Colin, Claire and Sophie. K2 and cat balls.
We placed the K2’s at opposite ends of the room and began calling out. After a short period the K2 responded to Colin. He asked if he was speaking to a lady and if he had communicated with her before. The K2 again responded to him asking if she was a religious person.
We wanted to check there was no electrical interference from any equipment near the K2, so we swapped them over. The new K2 didn't respond to our questions. A guest reported she had felt something blow on her head while others reported seeing a light and then a shadow move behind her. We returned the responding K2 to its first position but also kept the non responding K2 near. Only the original K2 triggered to our questioning: we were baffled!
With the night pressing on we had a break. However, several guests throughout the night had reported seeing a male shadow moving between the toilets and into the corridor opposite.
After the break all of us made our way to the long hall. We had a variety of equipment. Mainly the REM bear and REM pod, the dowsing rods and K2’s. Chris shared what had occurred during the live feed, as he moved to the centre of the room the dowsing rods followed him. Colin reported seeing a shadow move toward Chris and the K2 flickered but nothing in direct response to questioning. After a period of stillness we moved to the equipment room.
Several guests went to do Lone Vigils, while two others performed the Ouija. On calling out the large wooden bench against the wall made a loud bang making everyone jump! The Ouija was quiet but the K2 was again responding. It confirmed this was Charlotte, she was Scottish, married and could wander the castle. Then 4 people heard a woman wailing outside, the K2 fell silent!
We gathered everyone together for our trip to the Keep. We settled around the table and called out. Chris had the echo box running and we had two K2’s on the table. Sid came through the box and on request he lit up the K2’s. Then the box referenced the oubliette, we asked about the souls that were stuck there and the K2’s flashed red! We expressed they were free to leave, a growl was heard and a large 8 foot shadow was seen down the other end of the room. The box said Demon! The K2’s flashed red!
We said the souls were free to leave and the box said “they're mine!”. The room felt uneasy and on checking the time it was 01:55 am we needed to leave we expressed our thanks whilst saying a prayer for the lost souls.

Thank you to our guests for travelling through the snowy conditions and for helping make it an amazing night. See you all again soon