EXCLUSIVE Bishop Auckland Town Hall – 4th February 2022

Bishop auckland town hall

We started the night by giving the guests the welcome talk in the cafe area on the ground floor to get the energy flowing for the night.
We all made our way up to the theatre room, we the guests made a huge circle and Kathryn delivered the white light protection, we were also joined by members of staff that worked at the hall, Mark and Laura who were with the group as part of the building risk assessment.
Robbie and Kathryn then began calling out to the spirits of the building, and they didn’t have to wait too long for them to introduce themselves.
A guest gave the group the names of “Helena” who was a young lady/ teenage age, as well as the name “Charles Black”.
These names were then used while calling out to the sprits of the building, and it wasn’t long until Alan and Stephen who joined us this evening as guests, had a penny thrown at them at the bottom of the hall.
Other people in the room saw shadows lurking in corners, and looking at us from round corners.
The guest who gave us the name, gave us the word “courtier” and “pressgang” which the group used in the questions.
There were noises heard from behind one of the locked door at the bottom of the Hall.
We had some spikes in the K2, the group decided to go back stage and spilt up between the two dressing rooms in the second level.
Kathryn took a group into dressing room 1 while the others went with Chris into dressing room 2.
Robbie had the job of going between the two rooms.

The groups began to call out the names given to us previously in the hall, as well as come new names given to us by guests in the room, “Edward” and “Jane”.
the group could not establish if this was the name of one sprit, or the first names of two different sprits.
On three separate occasions the group heard classic music coming through the vent in the room, which was heard by everyone in the room.
In the room with us the group had a K2 meter and a REM pod, which seemed to respond to questions when they were asked out by Colin.
Chris then brought a touch sensitive bear into the room them while the group continued the questions and calling out with the names they had been given, the bear also responded.
This seemed like a good time to go for a break, so the group headed back to the cafe area.
On the way down, Kathryn noticed that there was the name “C Blackett” on the Boer War memorial in the entrance area.
Robbie then later pointed it out if looked more like “G”.

We then all headed back down into the basement, which is now the library.
We made a huge energy circle where all the guests, and Kathryn held hands and around a pryamid bookcase in tbe middle of the room. A guest put “Wendy” our lovely K2 doll on top.
The group used Wendy to establish that the sprit of “Helena” was down in that room, she liked to be seen, she liked to move books.
She was only a young women, held down there against her will, she was of Spanish decent, and was all alone in England, as she kept telling a guest that “she wanted to go home”.
She also gave them the image of a child, and the group established that she died during child birth down in the basement room.
The group temporarily separated, but when the small group that stayed with Kathryn wasn’t getting any responces in the library entrance room, they rejoined Chris and his group in staff room next to the Kitchen.
The group began to call out using the sprit box app, we then discussed the names we had recieved throughout the evening so far and then said that instead of it being “Charles” it could be “Giles” we got the word “Yes” through in the sprit box, to establish this we asked the spirit so confirm what was thrown upstairs at the beginning of the event and he responded with “Penny”.
the group then received the odd “shhhhh” “get out “ and “up yours” as messages on the app.
We then decided to head back and re group with the others in the main theatre hall to try and build up the energy again, and even though we had different pieces of equipment all over the hall we didn’t get any responces.
We decided to go for a quick break as we were heading into the last hour of the night.
Mark said that we were able to go up to the meeting room on the second floor, we did not get any activity.
We decided to head as a group and split up between the two dressing rooms again.
Kathryn room her group into room 1 and Chris and his group into room two.
Robbie had a REM pod in the corridor and went between the two groups.
Kathryn asked the sprit to say chris’ name in the sprit box as well as another random word “Penguin” but neither of them came through.
Kathryn’s group asked as a sprit to move one coat hanger move which they got in video.
This brought our night in this wonderful building to an end.

Thank you to the team and the guests for a great night. 

Go Team Bishop Auckland Town Hall