EXCLUSIVE Bishop Auckland Town Hall - Saturday 1st October 2022


So after our opening white light protection in the main theatre we began our nights investigation.

Group call out with couple of the guests picking up on the names which included Eleanor, Anne, Rose & William with potential heart problems & a fire.
Group also experienced movement on the tables, pulling clothing & hair and bangs on response. A few spikes on demand to the name Eleanor were witnessed on the k2 meter. Figures seen at the top end of the hall by different guests including a man showing himself in a long coat & top hat which presented himself a potential undertaker. Lots of cold spots were reported by many of the group.
Small portion of the group headed into the back mezzanine where bangs where being heard and coming back hearing a groaning grunt and movement on the back stairs.

The group then split into 2 to cover the vast areas the building had to offer.


Our group headed down to the crypt library and had to be the most active part of the building with some amazing activity witnessed.

An ouija board was open for the group, with our MEL meter, music box & UV REM situated in different part of the crypt. Once we got settled, we got the shock of our life as the lift display began to show the floors changing and low & behold the lift stopped and opened up in front of everyone's eyes. We confirmed with Mark the curator of the building who was with us that had this ever happened before and confirmed this had never once happened whilst he had been in the building.
We then proceeded with our ouija board session and it provided us with some amazing information.
The spirit of rose had come forwarded and provided us with the date she had died 1927 and was killed by her lover Dominic. Dominic was an officer in the navy forces and they had met in the hotel. We had heard a few voices but what really threw us all was the clear footsteps heard by us all and when Chris checked to see if anyone was in the area, it was vacant to the surprise of us all. This session was amazing and the interaction of Dominic & Rose just blew our minds as later in the evening we actually confirmed a death of a Dominic in 1927 by hanging with links to the church next door.

We settled in the dark dressing rooms and began calling out. One guest felt the name coco and responses were heard when asked if he was an entertainer. The words drag was forced into the minds eye of one guest's, could coco been his stage name?
We then proceeded on all having a mirror scrying session with all guest's at once and one lady experienced her face changing into an old hagged lady which was an reminiscence of a witch. Also there was scarring witnessed which was reminiscent of a burning scar on one side of the guest's face. Could this of been the link to the burning we had picked up earlier on in the evening in the main theatre?

This room had a very different feeling with guests picking up on a force able feeling around there neck, throat & shoulders. It felt like a gentleman was seen walking past the windows in the door by one guest & k2 spikes were witnessed as confirmation that the shadow had been seen.

A writing planchette session took place in the bar area with the group and a lady was seen stood in the door way. Shadows seen across the shutters and loud bangs which frightened everyone as it could of potentially could of been a table being moved. In amongst all this, the planchette had been moving and upon inspecting the paper afterwards, nothing majorly stood out but the word NO was potentially spelt out.

We would like to thank all our guest's for wonderful participation and energy throughout the investigation and some great evidence caught.... GO TEAM BISHOP AUCKLAND