EXCLUSIVE BOLTON CASTLE - Friday 16th February 2024

Castle Bolton
Chris, Alan, Michael and Colin

We welcomed the guests into the Castle and we settled into base camp.
Chris took tonight’s team through the welcome talk and set expectations of the evening before leaving to complete his lone vigil.

Alan, Michael and Colin

Alan ran the guests through the white light of protection and then the team spread out around the room and we started calling out.

One of the guest had a K2 and Night Vision camera out which gave off quite a bit of light.

Within a couple of minutes a presence could be felt in the room. There was shuffling and a cold breeze felt moving throughout the room past the teams faces and body. Each person in the team reported this feeling at some stage.
There was two presences felt in the room a child around 13 years old and an older gentleman that could be seen by Rob (Guest team) which was hiding around the shadowy areas of the armoury.
We asked spirit to choose how it would prefer to communicate. In response a stone was gently dropped at Colin’s feet. We asked sprit to confirm that it had dropped the stone and again another stone gently dropped at another guests feet. The little boy had worked in the armoury.

Twilight, a guests support dog, had been unusually restless through the session and was drawn to the room just off the armoury. Michael took a four of the guests into the room as the team felt there was an energy within the room that had been spotted by Twilight. Unfortunately there was no activity in this room with the smaller section of guests.

Whilst Michael was in the other room Alan asked for all devices to be turned off so it was pitch dark and continued to call out to the little boy and it became a lot more active. Breaths could be heard and stones continued to be gently dropped hitting guests feet.

Michaels team joined the rest of group as this activity could be heard from the room adjacent.
A strong breeze was felt coming from the closed door and the energy in the room became a lot heavier. Alan picked up a hand full of stones and threw them asking spirit to copy. Within a minute of asking this a number of stones could be heard being aggressively thrown. Alan repeated this and again the stones were aggressively thrown and could be heard hitting the cannon at the other side of the room.
We asked spirit if it was unhappy we were all in this space and again sprit responded by throwing stones.
A couple of the guests became uneasy and we made the decision to break and regroup.

Michael and Chris
Touch sensitive bear/Dowsing rods

We all joined around the kitchen table, one guest sat off the table and used the dowsing rods. Michael placed the bear in the serving hatch and started calling out. We instantly received responses on the bear.
All responses on the bear were matched by a cross on the rods. This was identified as our yes answer. Our no answer was identified as the rods moving out and no lights from the bear.

We had been joined by a young maid. This was the part of the castle she worked in and often spent a lot of time alone.
Sprit was seen moving around the kitchen and when asked if she was making herself seen, responded yes.
Sprit seemed unsure about sharing her story. She did confirm that she was ashamed and had been shunned by the people of the castle due to an abuse of power from the lord which had hurt her.
She stayed in this area since death as she was happiest when she was cooking.

Michael and Chris
Touch bear

We joined hands around the pit and started to call out. After a while noises/voices could be heard. As we had quite a bit of noise contamination from some pigeons near by we struggled to believe that these were actually voices and not the hoots from these.
Other than this the room didn’t offer any activity

Michael and Chris
Corridor off base camp
Ouija board

We set the guests up on the ouija board and Michael and Chris started to call out. The energy on the board took a while to build and when the planchette started to move this was extremely slowly.
We were able to confirm we had been joined by someone who practiced the dark arts. They were drawn to a guest, Dillon and were more responsive if Dillion directed the questions.
They had not used the magic for good and had set out to hurt people whilst alive. They had also made their presence felt in other areas of the castle to previous team members and guests.

Michael and Chris
Solar room
Human pendulum

Michael asked the guests to position themselves in a circle and started the experiment . Julie had been chosen.
The spirit communicating through Julie was that of a monk. He had with him a further two monks.
He had not died in the castle and had been moved somewhere else to pass but chose to return.
Spirit confirmed he had been making his presence felt around the castle that evening but he spent most of his time around this area.
We asked about the failed exorcisms in the castle and spirt explained he had attempted to complete these. This led us to believe the spirit that was communicating was trying to trick us and play games. When we called this out Julie explained the feeling she had and the pulling session had left her body.

Mary Queen of Scots Room
Ouija board

The team was split into male and female groups. Chris took the men to the lords room and Michael took the ladies to Mary’s room.
Michael set out the ouija board and encouraged the guests to call out as they would receive stronger communication if they led the board themselves. We had been joined by a female spirit called Mary. This was not Mary Queen of Scot’s however had died in the castle grounds. She had been shot.
Mary didn’t have much energy and struggled to move the planchette and after 30 mins we were joined by the men and decided to move to the last room to close the night.

Michael, Chris, Alan and Colin
Grand Hall
Table tipping/REM Pod

We placed all of the guests around two tables. Abby and Ian sat in two chairs and set a rempod up in front of them.

We started calling out inviting spirit to join us however received no response. We talked about the banquets that may have been held in this hall but there was no responses on the tables. Chris started to play medieval music and we received sporadic responses on the rempods but we were unable to pinpoint any information so decided to end the investigation here.

Our exclusive location Castle Bolton never fails to surprise us. Some of the bangs and stone throwing last night was some of the most powerful displays of paranormal activity the team have witnessed.
The guest team were amazing and brought loads of energy along with them and the night definitely converted a couple of these guests from on the fence believers to fully fledged Scobby Gang.

Thank you Castle Bolton. You were amazing 

Castle Bolton

Colin and Alan’s group

Lords Strope’s Bedroom
Equipment used: REM pod, MEL meter, cat balls, K2, touch bear

As the guests spread around the room, we placed a Rem pod next to the curtain for the latrine and a Mel meter in the opposite corner, next to the bed. Cat balls were placed in various parts of the room and a Touch Sensitive bear was placed next to the chessboard. 2 guests also had K2 meters.

As soon as we started calling out, the bear lit up and continued to cycle through with legs flashing. We discounted this at first as the flashing was consistent. Various guests tried different questions and the one that hit home related to the drinking of alcohol. As soon as this was mentioned, the Rem pod next to the latrine was triggered. One of the guests continued the questioning and asked if this was a gentleman who like to drink, and again, the Rem pod went off. He asked “did you like to give the ladies a drink” and again the Rem went off. The Rem was triggered every time the guest asked if he enjoyed getting the ladies drunk and this was a common theme. The guest then asked “did you also enjoy giving young men drinks to get them drunk?” and the Rem gave a long blast. It appeared that spirit in question enjoyed the intimate company of both men and women. Just after this interaction, a high-pitched whistle type sound was heard in the room but we could not work out if it was male or female. As part of an experiment, we asked the female guests to go to the room below (Mary Queen of Scots room) and for the gentleman to stay in Lord Strope’s room to see if we could trigger some further activity. After about five minutes with no activity, the men joined the ladies in the room below.

Mary Queen of Scots Bedroom
Equipment used: human pendulum (guests), cat balls, K2, rubber glow balls

With the equipment set up, we conducted a quick calling out session just to check for a reaction. With no activity, guests formed a circle ready to perform a ‘human pendulum’ exercise.

As we ask spirit to choose a person to communicate through, one of the female guests was seen to be swaying slightly forward and then backwards. Both Alan and Colin noticed this and in the silence both pointed out the lady in question. As she was happy to continue with the experiment, she stepped into the circle and the experiment began. Immediately, spirit identified as a young female who had worked at some stage as a lady in waiting. Although when questioned further, she had not worked for royalty but instead, someone of importance. She told us she was aged between 25 and 30 years old and had been married with two children. Through questioning, she told us she had worked there in between 1450 and 1500. Earlier in the evening, Alan had a brief image of a young girl with long strawberry coloured hair. He decided to check by asking spirit if her hair was dark and the answer was no. One of the guests immediately said “did you have red hair?” and there was a strong yes response. She explained that she had the urge to ask about the red hair as that was the impression she got. Spirit told us that she died of an illness or a disease but we could not get the specifics of this so we thanked spirit and ended the exercise. The guest who was chosen was completely taken aback by what had happened as she said she felt that she was being controlled gently forwards and backwards and was surprised at how things had gone.

Equipment used: Tibetan bowl, table (for tipping), candles, cat balls, OUIJA board, crystal and board

After a quick session using the Tibetan bowl to raise the vibrational energy, guests were seated around the long table, and three candles were lit and placed on the table. We had decided to try and get spirit to come forward and put their energy through the table in the form of vibrations, table shaking, table moving etc. Guests encouraged spirit to use the energy and give us a sign through the table. The room was very dark and extremely quiet. After about five minutes, some guests sensed the table may have been moving ever so slightly but after a lot of encouragement, there was no further movement. We then decided to try a Ouija board session and four guests placed their figures on the planchette after it had been safely opened. Again, there was no movement at first and then very slight movement on the planchette but no amount of encouragement could bring the spirit forward so we ended that session. As a final communication method, we switched to the crystal and board but the crystal failed to move after we asked any spirit to come forward and let us know they were there. As it was so quiet, we decided to regroup in the dungeon. None of the equipment used was triggered.

Equipment used: EVP recorder

We arranged guests around the grate that covered the oubliette and started recording close to the opening. Various questions were asked in relation to possible spirits that were incarcerated there. Questions such as “were you a soldier?”, “were you treated badly?”, “what year did you die?”. These didn't initially trigger anything on playback but we then captured two excellent pieces of activity. The first was when Alan asked “What side did you fight on?” There was a breathy reply that sounded like ‘control’ or ‘don’t know’. On playback, guests could clearly hear this and everyone got really excited. Further enhancement may reveal what was said. The other EVP we received was really clear. A guest asked “are you now at peace?” and the response was an immediate and clear ‘no’. Wow! This was a brilliant response and all guests agreed it was clear when we played the clip back. No further EVP’s were captured so we headed to the Great Hall to join the other group for the final part of the evening.