Bolton Castle 01/06/24
Chris, Clare, Colin, Kathryn, Kate, Michael & Sharon.

We began the night in base camp where Chris welcomed the guests to Bolton Castle and gave the introductory talk. From here, the team and guests moved out into the courtyard area and Kathryn delivered the white light next to the gallows.
Feeling it to be a good place to start, the team assembled in the armoury after Chris and Michael had taken some of the guests to join them on the Live.
The evening began quietly and spirit appeared reluctant to engage with us. Two guests reported seeing what they believed to be brief glimpses of shadow people near one of the cannons and also at the back of the room, though they seemed unwilling to engage with us at this point. We wondered if this may be due to the fact it was still quite light outside and spirit preferred to communicate with us when it was dark.
we moved out into the barracks and guests chose to use cat balls and an EMF detector. We did get a very minor spike on the EMF detector at one point and another guests caught what appeared to be a human form on his Ghostube SLS camera. We weren’t getting any direct responses to the questions being asked, and we wondered if spirit felt intimidated by the large number of guests in a small area.
Kate and Sharon took a smaller group of people out into the dungeon and attempted some EVP work over the oubliette as we have previously had excellent results in this area. Two of the guests used the voice recorders on their phones and we recorded for quite a while in this area, though no voices were captured at the time. Several of the guests said they felt quite uneasy in this area though they weren’t able to pinpoint exactly why.
As the daylight was beginning to fade, everyone agreed it was a good time to take a break before we split down into smaller groups and explore the rest of the castle.

Kate and Sharon's group

Dungeons......The group settled themselves and we started to call out to the spirits and one of the group fastened a voice recorder to some string and lowered it down into the dungeon. Unfortunately we got no response from calling out and we captured nothing on the recorder. One of the guests did think they saw a white mist but was unsure if her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Archers Garrison....equipment; cat balls
Despite calling out from the whole group we got no response, do we decided to take a break.

Monks Room....equipment; K2 and cat balls.
The group settled in the small space and a couple of the guests started to sway, we all felt there was an energy present but we got no response to our questions and no response on the equipment. We did however see a shadow the appeared to move amongst the group, as if checking us out, and on a few occasions the shadow "got in our face" including Kate's and myself.

Monks Writing Room.... equipment; K2 and cat balls.
Despite calling out we got no response in this room, but a couple of guests could smell a sweet perfume aroma.

Kitchen...equipment; K2, cat balls and spirit box.
No response to call outs and no interaction on any of the equipment.

Cafe... equipment; K2 and cat balls
After no response to call outs we decided to try table tipping. All the guests gathered around the table and we tried to build up the energy. We laughed and talked amongst ourselves and invited spirit to join us.....but yet again we got nothing. Feeling a little bit disheartened we decided to take another break.

Following our break we went to the following rooms with a K2 and music box.
Banquet Room, Solar Room, Mary Queen of Scotts Room then finally Lord Scropes Room... We got absolutely nothing from any of the rooms despite every single member of the group calling out. We took another quick break then continued to the Gallows in the Courtyard then back into the Kitchen...where we got nothing.

It was a very very unusual night, and when I say nothing that's exactly what it was, not a tap or a bang... nothing at all.

Our group was fantastic but unfortunately despite our best efforts the spirits didn't want to play, so we thanked them anyway then got our heads down.

Castle Bolton
Kathryn and Colin
Cat Balls and k2

Guest and team spread themselves around the Dungeon, with the room in darkness and very silent, the team started to call out, inviting the spirits to come forward and introduce themselves to their guest, there was not much to start with but then Kathryn said it felt like someone had hit her on the back of the head, forcing her head forward, this put some of the guest on edge and it was not long before we had a small stone thrown into the Dungeon, this hit one of the guest which made her very apprehensive, e continued to call out and again more stones were thrown, they did seem to be thrown from outside into the Dungeon, with some of the guest wanting to move on to somewhere else because of the stone throwing, we gave it a little longer in the Dungeon just to see if the spirit would do something else but after a short period of time, the team decided to move to the next location.

Kathryn and Colin
No equipment used

We entered the armoury and spread ourselves along the wall, once everyone was ready, Kathryn started to call out and asked the spirits to come forward, it did seem like a long time before anything happened but once Kathryn started talking about religion that was when we got stones being thrown from the far side of the armoury, they were very constant, Kathryn asked if this was the monk and within minutes the stones started again, Kathryn tried reassuring the spirit of the monk that we were to talk to him and to make fun of him, we wanted to be friends with him but he did seem to want to be left alone, we all went silent to see if we could hear him walk towards us but from the corner of the room where we all were came a growl/breath which did scar a few guest and this did make the guest very on edge, with everything happening and the guest wanting to move to another location, the team decided it would be for the best.

Kathryn and Colin
Candles, Table Tipping, Ouija board, Wendy.

The team organised the guest around the table and explaining how to put their hands on the table, Kathryn and Colin took it in turn to call out but nothing was happening, the kitchen seemed very still, a few guest said they thought they could see shadows moving across the room, the team continued to welcome the spirits but nothing seemed to happen, so Kathryn suggested the Ouija board and four guest said they would do it, Kathryn opened it and Colin started asking the spirit to use the energy from the guest and spell out something or if they could not read or write go to the numbers but nothing was happening, we tried for a while longer but there was nothing coming forward, so Colin closed the board, with the kitchen being very still the team decided to move to the next location.

Monk’s Rooms
Wendy, Rem pod, Cat Balls.

The team investigated both of the monk’s bedroom, we were in the upper room for a while, with no responses and the room feeling calm, the team decided to go to the lower monk’s room, Kathryn put the rem pod in the font and we made our way into the bedroom, there was some faint tapping but we debunked this, the tapping could have been the flag pole rope moving, with the only noises being made by the foxes and birds we were about to call time and make our way to the base room when the door closed it’s self, no one was near it and there was no breeze, it did seem to us all that spirit was telling us to leave because they wanted to be left alone, we waited for something else to happen but that did seem to be all the spirit wanted to do, so with that the team said thank you to the spirit and made their to base room.

Kathryn and Colin’s group.

Lord Scropes bed chamber.
Equipment: Wendy, cat balls and music box.

We all settled in the bedchamber with everyone choosing to sit in the floor but spread out around the room.
We began to call out to the spirits of the room. We heard a few taps and knocks which we used to establish we were speaking to a female spirit.
Kathryn tapped three times on top of the equipment box and encouraged spirit to knock back, which they did with our fault at least ten times. The knocks were so loud that everyone in the room could hear them.
This then turned into shuffeling footsteps, on the carpets and wooden floor, which could be heard around the room as if the spirit was walking around us.
There were huge spikes on Wendy went Kathryn and Colin explained to the guests why the Lady might still be in the room after all this time.
At one point there was a huge flash of red light that lit up most of the room and gave everyone a little bit of a scare as we were unable to figure out where it had come from.
We were able to hear a female boise crying/ sobbing and moaning coming from the back corner of the room where the guarderobe once was.
Through out all this the footsteps and knock continued around the room as well as spikes on Wendy as well.
We asked the Lady if she was able to move a chess piece on the board in the room but nothing happened and it seemed to go very calm, so we moved into another part of the tower.

Mary Queen of Scots bedchamber.
Equipment: Music box.

We settled down and the guests again sat in the floor and Colin place a music box on the bed in the room.
As soon as he was back with the rest of the group on the other side of the rope, it went off.
This only happened once in the time we were in this area.
The guests stared to talk amongst themselves not only about Mary but the period of history she was from and what it was like, at this point several guests said they stared to feel uneasy and not welcome and wanted to leave the room.
So we headed down to the lower floor of the tower.

The Solar room:
Equipment: Wendy and a music box.
One of the guests, who had been holding onto Wendy the entire time, kept her while we were in this room, and we placed a music box by the door.
We naturally seemed to form a circle in the middle of the room, and we got huge K2 spikes on Wendy straight away, even to the point that we checked all the guests had their phones on flight mode. We took the spikes as a “yes” answer to questions during this time in the room.
We even swapped Wendy with another guest in the other side of the circle and the spikes continued.
Using Wendy we were able to establish that Mary Queen if Scots had followed us down from the bedchamber and remembered us from a previous investigation. She remembered us all dressed up last Halloween, and how we reminded her of court jesters, which she still found funny.
Kathryn asked all the group to bow and curtsy and say “Good Evening your Majesty.” as it was only right we should address her properly.
Max one of the guests was from Scotland and she like hearing a familiar accent.
She confirmed she waited until we were down in the Solar room to talk to us as it wasn’t proper/ right for us to be in her bedchamber, which we aoologiesed for.
The responses started to slow down and we thanked her for comming to see is again and welcoming the new guests to the castle.

We then headed back down through the Great Hall to have a break.

YouTube Live - Lord Scropes Room
Chris & Michael
YouTube subscribers Rob and Michelle
Cat ball, Music box

We placed cat balls throughout the rooms in the known areas where previous activity has been witnessed.
We also placed two music boxes at the entrance of the room.

We settled and became accustomed to the natural noises of the building. We then started to call out directly to Lord Scrope.
We asked questions about previous investigated information to try and encourage the spirit to come forward but we were not receiving any responses.

Rob then noticed a figure show itself from the door way and then move back. We discussed the possibility of this being a servant as they would not have entered a room without invitation, so invited the spirit on the stair case into the room.
We got confirmation spirit had entered through the music boxes as the spirit moved across the room and then set the cat ball of on the chess board.

The spirit was male, we were able to find out that a woman he loved worked as maid. This same woman had suffered abuse at the hands of Lord Scrope.

There were tales and sounds heard through out the live however not responsive to our questioning.

Chris & Michaels group
Cat Ball/K2

We started with no equipment focusing on our own intuition and senses however we were not getting any responses to questions that we asked.

Guests however did feel there was a dark shadow/cloud moving throughout the room but mainly around the large cannon. They felt the energy was not strong enough for spirit to form and communicate with us.

We placed a cat ball on the cannon, formed an energy circle with a K2 in the middle of us also and called out again. There was no responses to our questioning other than a couple of short spikes on the K2.

We decided to move on to the dungeon.

Chris & Michael
Cat Ball/dictaphone in a bag

We all gathered around the oubliette, placing a Call ball and dictaphone into a bag which we then fed down into the oubliette.

We started to call out, we believed we were joined by a man that had been in prisoned and left to die alone. He had committed the crime he was charged with. This was confirmed by taps throughout the room.

Chris then started to feel as if his wind pipe had started to closed. As if being strange led but with no sensation on his throat.
This became intense for Chris so he left the room.

There was no further activity in this room so we left for a short break.

Chris & Michael
Table tipping/dowsing rods/music box

We placed the music box in the door way and all sat at the large table and started to call out. One guest was trying to communicate through the rods at the same time.

The music box went off as spirit entered the room and vibrations from below the table started to be felt.

The team believed we were joined by a cook who worked with her family however we were unable to get any further information.

Chris & Michael
Crystal and Board

We set up the experiment and started to call out. We instantly got response. We were joined by a spirit called Enid. She was a 20 year old maid how had been abused by the castle owner.
This had happened to her multiple times throughout her time there and was tied to the castle due to the trauma she had suffered.
Enid was happy to speak with us and agreed to follow us to our next area.

Throughout this experiment the female members of the group were describing an ache in their belly’s and an overwhelming feeling of sadness and a lack of hope.

This was a very sad area.

Lord Scropes Room
Chris & Michael
Cat Ball/K2/Music Box

Walking into this room there was a really great feeling.
We placed equipment throughout the room and again a music box in the doorway and started to call out to Lord Scrope.
We lead our questions around the information we received from Enid and we started to get loud taps and shuffling around the bed area.

We could see shadows moving around the bed area consistently and when each shadow was pointed out by a member of the team a cat ball or K2 would activate.

We were definitely joined by the Lord of the castle who was annoyed by us questioning him around Enid’s story. His interaction was an attempt of intimidation everyone in the room could feel this.

We invited Enid to join us so we could support her in confronting the Lord and we had instant response on the music box. (Had Enid been with us all night and this was her preferred method of communication)
We reassured Enid that she was safe with use and we would protect her from the Lord.

When we did this the shadows lifted and communication with the Lord stopped.

We thanked Enid for coming with us and facing her fears and said goodnight to the spirits of Bolton Castle.

A quieter night than usual at this venue but still interesting build to the story we are uncovering here.