Castle Bolton.
6th April 2024

Bolton Castle
Chris, Kathryn, Colin & Kate.

We began the night by welcoming the guests into the cafe area that would act as base camp for the night before moving into the armoury to carry out the white light protection and commence the evening’s activities.
Whilst in the armoury, we had experienced what we believed to be small stones skittering across the floor, though it was hard to see whether these were thrown or already there due to the nature of the flooring. Guests and team members thought they saw a shadow person standing in the shadows of the window area throughout our time in there. Several people also experienced seeing something flying by them in the room, however this was debunked as being a rather large bat who had joined us!
One of the guests picked up on the spirit of a gentleman called Alastair and we had a few direct confirmations via the cat balls when we addressed him by name. As the energy didn’t seem strong in the area, everyone formed an energy circle and placed a cat ball in the centre. As Kathryn called out to the spirit of Alastair again, the energy appeared stronger for a short while and the cat ball lit up in response to her questions.
After a quick break, everyone moved up to the main hall where activity was immediate. One of the guests had a sizeable stone drop at his feet and another guest confirmed he had felt this fly past his head! Movement could be heard at the far end of the hall by the main doorway and a door was heard slamming further down the hall. On checking to ensure this wasn’t Chris moving around, we could confirm that this wasn’t caused by anyone living in the castle!
As seemed to be the theme of the night, activity came in bursts and the energy calmed. A few hits on the k2 occurred sporadically as we called out, though we couldn’t connect with a specific spirit. We formed another energy circle and Kathryn played some music as this part of the castle was almost certainly used for parties and celebration. This prompted further hits on the k2 as though the lights were pulsing in time to the music. As Kathryn attempted to teach Chris basic dance steps, the k2 continued to respond (potentially laughing as much as we were at his two left feet!)
The group moved into the solar room and again, activity was immediate. We had placed a bear on the stairs leading into the nursery and a movement sensor in the bottom of the stairwell leading up to the bedrooms. The bear immediately began to light up in response to questions being asked and the movement sensor continued to alarm as though someone was standing at the foot of the stairs watching us. Through responses from the bear, it appeared that we were talking to a female spirit, but we weren’t able to get a response as to who she was or the role she’d had in the castle. As activity again became calmer in this area, the group decided to have a break before splitting down into smaller groups for the remainder of the evening.
Kate and Colin
Lord Scropes Room
K2, Cat Balls, Spirit Talker.

The guest spread themselves out and then the team started calling out, with the wind blowing really loud and the rain hitting the windows, it was hard to tell taps from inside the room or from the weather, the room did feel very calm, Colin put some cat balls out, one on the chair and one by the bag of coins. the guest took it turns to call out but with all the best efforts, the room still felt very calm, even the spirit talker was not saying nothing, we remained in the room for about 45 minutes and decided to move on.

Kate and Colin
Mary Queen of Scots Bedroom.
K2, Cat Balls, Spirit Talker.

Everyone made themselves comfortable and then the team started to call out, a cat ball was put on the bed and one on the chest, there was some movement but this could have been put down to the weather, with the windows letting in some breeze, one male guest said he could see a dark shadowy figure in the top corner of the room, with it noticing everyone, it came down the wall and stayed behind the bed, the male guest said it seemed to him that this shadowy figure was once human but now did not know how to communicate anymore, after a short period of time the male guest said he did not feel right and needed to take a break. A few guest was asking for the spirits to come forward and introduce themselves to us or throw something at us, some of the guest decided they would to take five minutes, so they left, now with only the team and three guest, the team was asking the spirits to come and talk to them, standing by the doorway was two team members and a guest, Colin was just moving forward to put down the K2 and Kate was still by the doorway with a female guest, when a coin was dropped or thrown and landed just behind Kate’s feet between the floorboard and the concert step, it was a one penny piece, at first we did not know where it came from but we found out later that was a penny from the trigger objects board which was down in the base room, we could not figure out how it made it’s way up to this room, when the other guest arrived back the team explained to them what had happened, we remained in the room for a while longer but nothing seemed to want to communicate was us, so we decided to have a break.

Kate and Colin
Archers Garrison and Dungeon.
K2, Cat Balls, Heat senser Gun.

The team gathered the guest inside the garrison and then started to call out, but being outside the weather made it very difficult to decide what was making the noises, but we carried on, one the male guest was using the heat senser gun, when he pointed it at the windows, there was heat around them, instead of being a blue colour there was a slight red colour around them, the guest asked the team what does this mean, but we could not explain this and had no idea why this was happening, we spent about half an hour in the garrison and thought we would try our hand in the dungeon, the team tried to entice the spirits out but it just seemed so calm, a few guest tried to call out but nothing seemed to want to communicate with us in the dungeon and what with the weather getting worse we decided to call it a night.

Castle Bolton, what an amazing place and each investigation is always different, the weather did not help but that did not dampen their spirits and each and every one of the guest seemed to have enjoyed themselves,

Chris and Kathryn’s group.
The Kitchen:
Equipment: Ouija board and REM pod.
Kathryn opened the board and we put it in the bar and began to call out to the spirits in the room, unfortunately no one came forward to communicate with us, and after about 10 mins it was closed. During this time a dark shadow was seen dashing past the lit and open doorway and up the stairs by a member of the group.
Chris then joined the group and we all sat at the Kitchen table and made an energy circle by touching pinky fingers together.
We began to call out and there were lots of taps, creaks and bangs around the room, some seemed to be in response to questions others we had to out down to the weather conditions.
We ventured out into to wind and rain to explore the outer buildings.

The Dungeon.
Equipment: REM pod, K2, and spirit box.
Our little group packed itself into the dungeon room and we decided to conduct a human pendulum in this space.
One of our guests Jenny was chosen by spirit to go into the middle of the circle and we continued to call out.
Chris set up the spirit box to try and increase the activity in the area but we didn’t get any noises or voices through it during this part of the investigation.
We began communicating with a male spirit who had been put down and eventually died down in the Oubliette. At first he said he was innocent of his crime and didn’t deserve what happened to him, but when Chris asked if he crime had involved a little boy then he admitted his involvement and that he was guilty. Jenny said she kept feeling pressure in her right leg while taking part in the experiment, and we asked if this was from a injury he got from going down into the hole, but he did not confirm this.
During this Chris also felt as if he was being oushed back against the wall numerous times, sometimes even in time with the response to the questions.
We decided to try a different area and mover to the archers garrison.

Archers Garrison.
Equipment: REM pod, K2 and spirit box.
We spread out in this area and out the REM pod in the middle of the bunks in the middle of the room.
We began to talk about the importance of the work that these men did in the castle, defending it and its land aswell as fighting on the battlefield too.
We talked about the English long bow and how it was an amazing piece of weaponry in hopes this would stir up some activity in the room as we weren’t getting any responses on the equipment.
We decided to take a short break and warm up before we went up into the towers and the bedchambers.

The Lords bedchamber.
Equipment: REM pod and table.
The group made its way to the top floor of the tower and we placed the REM pod on the small table next to the chess board.
When Chris joined the group he moved it to one of the corners at the back of the room.
We got some of the guests on the table and tried to encourage spirits to come forward and move the table but we didn’t have any luck and on either bits of equipment.

Mary’s Bedchamber.
Equipment: REM pod and table.

We put the REM Pod on the bed and called out to the spirits of the room. We got the table set up again and got the guests to try table tipping again but no energy came through so we decided to call an end to the investigation and get some sleep .