Castle Bolton
Halloween Special
Chris, Kathryn, Michael B and Michael F

Chris gave the welcome talk in the tea room and then completed the white light of protection with the group.
Once completed Chris went off to do his live and the team headed outside where the gallows were.

Kathryn, Michael B and Michael F
Call ball, spirit talker app

We placed a cat ball on the end he of the gallows and started talking as a group about the different punishments that would have been carried out in the courtyard and calling out to spirit, when the cat ball lit up. There was a shadow seen in the windows of bootcamp and we asked spirit to come down and join us and again we got a further light up of the cat ball.
One of the guests was using a sprint talker app and had gotten the word ‘swing’ through. We then asked if spirit had been hung and the cat ball lit up.
We asked spirit if it had done harm to someone, if they deserved their punishment but we didn’t get a response. We again started talking about different punishments he may have received again and a guest said that a person wouldn't be hung and have their head chopped off. Katherine explained that they could if they were hung drawn and quartered. The cat ball instantly lit up. The energy after that shifted and our callouts had no response so we decided to move on.

Katherine, Michael B and Michael F
Cat ball and Bear

We brought the guests inside to get warm. We placed cat balls on the table and a bear on the kitchen bench.
We didn’t get any responses on the cat ball but the bear started to respond to our questioning.
We were able to find out we were speaking with the spirit of a lady who worked in the castle.
She was authoritarian and pretty much in charge of everything although often overlooked.
She was not aware she had passed and was still carrying out her duties. A guest explained that she felt spirit thought we were in her way and making a mess.


Lords bedroom
Kathryn and Michael F
3 cat balls, touch bear

We positioned all of the guests around the room and asked Mark to sit on the stairs with the teddy bear. We placed a cat ball by the chess set, one on the bed and one on the writing desk and started calling out.

The bear went off pretty much went off straight away. A guest called Will got the name Jack through and we used this name and when calling out received positive responses to the name.
We started an experiment using the bear for yes and the ball next to chess set as no.
We were able to find out that Jack didn’t enjoy his life in the castle and when asking about his life a stone was through across the room.
The energy shifted and we were able to work out we had a lady with us.
The lady used the ball for yes and best for no.
The lady worked in the castle but was also the lords mistress. She was in love with the lord however she was kept a secret and her affections were not reciprocated. They never had any children however spirit wanted to be his lady.
She explained that she stayed in the room waiting for the lord to return and had been there many years. During this time the cat hall on the bed lit up a couple of times

Mary Queen of Scots Bedroom
Kathryn and Michael F
2 cat balls, touch bear, table

We set the bear up again at the entrance of the room and put a cat ball on the desk at the back and a cat ball on the bed. We had a guest, Holly sat at the entrance of the toilet.

We also set 3 guests up with the table for some table tipping and started calling out.

The table was unresponsive however the cat ball on the table started to flash. After a couple of flashes Holly started to feel angry, she felt that she wanted to hit another member of the group. Holly explained that she felt we did not have the right to talk to her. As she was explaining this there was flashes on the cat ball in front of her.

Kathryn and Michael F curtseyed and we asked are we addressing you in the correct way. Again a fourth response on the cat ball.
We ascertained we were speaking with Mary Queen of Scots and she was unhappy we were in her bed chamber.
Kathryn gave the guest a whistle stop tour of her life with all the highlights and during this there was multiple touch bear activity.
Holly also explained that her mood changed and she now felt respect for Kathryn. The energy moved on so we did also

Solar room
Kathryn and Michael F
Cat ball, music box, rem pod, touch bear

In this room we had two guests in the toilet room to the back with a bear. The guests were receiving constant responses their questions.
Meanwhile in the main room we decided to try the table tipping experiment again and another guest was in the corridor to to the main hall. We had little responses during this experiment and there was small movement on the table.

We gathered all guests back into the solar room and had set the music box on the side word behind us and the rem pod in the main doorway.
There was no reposes on the music box however the rem pod started to activate.
We established we were talking to a female very quickly and that one beep was yes, two beeps were no and three beeps was maybe.
We asked if we were speaking as Mary Queen of Scots as she used this room as a relaxing space whilst at the castle and she responded yes. She was a lot happier talking to us here as it wasn’t proper us being in her bed chambers.
She confirmed that she wasn’t angry for any of the information Kathryn had shared upstairs. She liked that people came to visit and try to talk to her and that she was still trying to figure us out.
When asked if her and Kathryn could be friends we received a very definite yes. This left the group with an ecstatic team leader. We tried a couple of selfies as Mary had agreed she would show herself however we didn’t get a picture.

She admitted that she tried to escape the castle and had been caught and brought back to the castle. Her time spent in the castle wasn’t pleasant and when asked if there was anyone in the group that reminded her of someone she responded yes. We brought Will forward but Mary did not like Will and quite aggressively dismissed him. Mark was warmly welcomed and invited to sit next to her.

During this time Michael F checked the REM pod regularly as the responses on this were unusually quick and precise.

We thanked Mary, bid her good night and asked if she would speak with our friends if they came to visit however she said no.

The responses in this room were so loud that the other group could hear and Chris came to check out what the noise was.

What a fab room this was.


Stair case behind base camp
Kathryn and Michael F
Ouija board, touch bear, Lantern, K3

We set up the ouija board because Holly and Michelle wanted to use this. We also had the lantern (red in colour) and a bear set at the stair cases.

Kathryn opened the board and started calling out, as soon as she started the lantern changed colour to green.
There was a big spike on the K2 and some activity on bear however the board was mostly unresponsive. This area seemed a little flat in energy so we moved to the lower part of the castle.

Chapel and Monks room
Kathryn and Michael F
Touch bear, cat ball, Wendy

There was no responses to any questions in the rooms however we had a cat ball on the font which lit up however no questions had been asked.

Kathryn and Michael F
Touch Bear

We set the touch bear up in a little alcove in the wall. We were able to establish we were speaking with a young man, a squire who was training to be an iron monger and he was from Germany.
He was happy he was still in the castle but when Kathryn started speaking German to him he didn’t understand what she was saying.
The responses started to get a little slower so we thanked him for talking to us and he lit the bear up one slats time to say goodbye.

Castle bolton
27th Oct 2023
Chris lvi and
Michael B group.

Room next to base camp next to the fire exit.
Equipment used Touch sensitive bear, table tipping rem pod.
Everyone got them self's settled, and Michael b started calling out to spirits to come and join them in the room it wasn't long before one guest saw a shadow figure moving about at the bottom of the stairs so we placed the touch bear in the door way, we asked the spirit to come to the top of the stairs, we waited a few minutes and the bears arm started light up we got the impression the spirit wasn't.alloud in the area and was just checking us out, Chris lvi rejoined the group after setting up the Facebook live feed. We decided to try some table tipping to incurage spirit to join us, Chris started asking question if we had the land owner with us the tablenwas quite but to some.of the questions we were asking the bear was lighting up we think we could of been talking to one of the architect of the castle but he wasn't entering the room.

Kitchen area with the food laid out on the table.
Equipment used cat ball k2 rem pod and one guest was using there own rem Teddy bear elephant.
We all sat around the table to build the energy up in the room we all joined little fingers around the table we herd some foot Stepps come from the other room and a light there was no one in that room Chris went to investigate and return and the footsteps couldn't be explained,
We started to invite spirit to join us around the table a few guest were getting cold breezes on there hands Chris asked if the was the Lord of the castle and we herd moment near the door and the room went dark dark.
One guest got an image of a biggish man in green cords and he had ginger her and he had a dog with him some guest were seeing shadow figures moving about in the other room but spirit dint wany to come.forwar and camunicate with us but the room it's self had a strange atmosphere we decided move into the gift shop.
Gift shop equipment used k2 we all joined hands to build the energy in the room around the model of the castle. We got the feeling that this was a mistuvous spirit we stayed in a circle for quite some time and one guest started to get the feeling as if there was someone pushing down on his shoulder and he had to leave the circle as the pressure was to much we ended the session there and went for a coffee.

Lord scrotes bedroom equipment used rem pod k2 cat ball vibration sensor red and green light witchbwas placed in the fire.
We got the guests to form a circle to build up the energy in the room we started to call out to spirits, and wasn't long before chris saw a shadow moving about in the bottom end of the bedroom, so we started calling out to this spirit to come forward and then don't need to be scared of us and we are just here to find out more about why you are still here we got the feeling this could of been a survent waiting for the Lord to come back we asked spirt to closer and join guests in the circle and make there presence knowing to the circle we had the green light in the fire place turn red as if spirit was comeing closer and checking us out we had a few taps and bangs in this room to response of some of our questions. Chris started to get a realy bad head and asked spirit why were they putting this impersion on him.
Michael B called put to this spirit to take this impersion of chris as they don't have permission to do this as we have full respect for spirit and don't mean you any harm this took about 5 mins before chris started to feel some sort of normal.
The room seems to go quite so quiet so we moved to the next location.
Queen Mary of Scots bedroom.
Equipment used,
Rem pod cat ball k2.
All guest spread out in the room we placed cat ball on one of the cushions, rem pod in the door way and a rem pod in the door way to the toilet in the bed room.
We talked among our self's for about 5 - 10 mins
We then got the guest to form a circle a gain and we started calling out to spirits we could here movement in the room Michael b and one guest was sat on the floor in front of the weven loom this room seemed to go very dark we asked if Queen Mary was still her we herd a tap from around the back of the bed so chris told the story of when she escaped from the castle and her shawl was found in the fields around the castle this seemed to hight activity up and we asked if there were any children present with us and one guest and
Michael B Felt something walk past them as the floor boards moved and both of them jumped at the same time we thanked the spirits for there camunication and moved to the next area the time was 02:30 am in the morning.
Monks room with the chapel at the side of it.
All the guests split in different areas and smaller groups Michael B stayed with a few guest in the Chapel room. We just used our self no equivalent was used in this room we just sat and talked amongst our self's in the dark, Ann wasn't long before a few guest could see a small shadow popping there head above the wooden to castle in the room next to the window so Michael b placed a cat ball down on the window sill this spirit seemed to be of a child size and seemed to be just checking us out and didn't want to camunicate with us it was 3 am before we new it Michael b and chris decided to call it at and thanked the spirits for there camunicate and we left the guest that wanted to carry on investigating and chris and
Michael B went back to base camp and got there heads downpour some sleep.
Castle bolton is a very active place and the spirits what remain there are starting to build trust up with us.
Overall, we had a pretty active night

What an amazing venue and the activity on the rem pod is something we will never forget.